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200 TPH Pebble Mobile Crushing Station for Price Analysis

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What is the use of river pebbles?

River pebble is a kind of pure natural stone naturally formed after a long period of river water impact, extrusion, friction, etc. It has the characteristics of smooth appearance, no corners and high hardness, and is used as a higher quality material in the field of construction.

With the further expansion of its research, it can also be applied in the chemical, decoration, engineering and other industries.

River pebbles

River pebbles

There are many types of river pebble crushing equipment, including fixed production line and mobile production line, as well as supporting feeding, screening and conveying equipment. The detailed configuration of the stone crushing line is based on the actual hardness, output and finished product specifications of the users.

With the continuous updating of technology, the stone crushers that meet the needs of users are emerging one after another. The river pebble mobile crushing station which is also called portable crushing station is chosen by more and more users because of its unique technical advantages.

Mobile crushing station

Mobile crushing station

Next, we will introduce the river pebble mobile crushing station through different aspects.

5 major advantages make its benefits higher

1. Modular design with high adaptability

The modular design can be flexibly combined with various crushers(jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, etc.), feeders and conveyors. It can be operated under any environment and has strong adaptability.

2. High mobility for reducing cost

The movement of the transition is more convenient, which can effectively save short-distance transportation costs of raw materials, thus reducing investment costs.

3. Low consumption

Each component of mobile crushing plant is made of advanced high-quality materials with stronger wear resistance and less frequency of inspection, and its service life is 3 times that of ordinary crushing plant.

The advantages of pebble mobile crushing station

The advantages of pebble mobile crushing station

4. Energy conservation

The high-quality and energy-saving motor device is configured. The total energy consumption and power consumption during the operation are very low, which can save the processing plant a cost of $7000-$12700 per year.

5. High crushing efficiency

The new optimized power group is configured on the machine, the processing capacity of cobblestone is larger in unit time, and the crushing efficiency is increased by more than 2 times.

How to choose a high-quality river pebble mobile crushing station?

1. The choice of manufacturers

As we all know, professional manufacturers can develop equipment that users are satisfied and assured. Under normal circumstances, the overall credibility of such manufacturers is quite high, with strong production strength, so that they can produce high-quality crushing equipment.

When selecting equipment, the strength and basic conditions of the manufacturers are the primary considerations.

2. The choice of quality

The service life of high-quality equipment will last longer. In the process of manufacturing equipment, only the higher the quality of the equipment, the higher the responsibility to the user.

It is necessary for users to strictly compared the quality of the portable crushers from different manufacturers, so that high-quality machine can be purchased.

The factors affecting the choice of mobile crusher

The factors affecting the choice of mobile crusher

3. The choice of sale price

The price of mobile crushing station is also one of the problems that users often consider in the process of purchasing. Reasonable price can improve market competitiveness and equipment sales for manufacturers. For users, it means economic investment.

Users should follow their actual demand to select suitable equipment, making the best use of the product, and the cost-effective advantages of the machines can be fully reflected.

4. The choice of service situation

High-quality service can not only reflect the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer, but also play a key role in the improvement of the credibility of the manufacturers.

The service concept of different manufacturers is not the same. The services provided by some manufacturers are lifelong which fundamentally eliminate all the troubles and worries of users in the process of use.

For the users, it is the best choice to choose a manufacturer who has a complete and comprehensive services.

What is the price of the river pebble mobile crushing station?

The price of the river pebble mobile crushing station is mainly based on the cost investment, configuration and regional factors, and next, we will focus on these main reasons that affect the prices of the portable crushers.

1. Production cost investment of the manufacturers

The production cost investment of the manufacturer directly affects the sales price of the mobile crushing station, and it is also closely related to the quality of the crushers.

Generally, high-quality equipment will introduce advanced technology in the production process of the machine, using raw materials which are of high quality, and the investment in manpower and time is relatively high.

2. Various configuration of the mobile crushers

The difference between the river pebble portable crushing station and other crushing machines is that the mobile one can be configured different crushers and screens according to the actual production needs of the users. Therefore, the price is also different.

3. Regions of the mobile crushers

Different regions have different levels of economic development and consumption, so the investment in raw materials and labor costs will be different. In addition, in different regions, the market competition is different.

In some areas, the machinery industry is more developed, and the manufacturers of river pebble mobile crushing stations are more concentrated, which means that the competition in the market is relatively fierce, and the price of equipment will be affected. Generally, it will be lower than other regions.

4. External factors

Some external factors, such as market conditions, supply and demand, industry rules and economic dynamics, will also cause large fluctuations in equipment prices, so users need to have a deep understanding and research of the market before purchasing equipment, so that they can buy a more cost-effective device.

After buying the suitable machine they need, the users should also consider how to maintain and give full play to the maximum value of the machine.

And next, we will introduce a detailed river pebble mobile production line purchased by one of our customers as a reference.

200 TPH of river pebble mobile production line configuration

Project Name: 200 TPH stone crushing production line

Production time: 200 T/H (1m^3=1.6T)

Material: River Pebble

Raw material hardness: Hard

Feeding size: ≦500 mm

Production line type: Mobile crushing station

Several finished products: 4

Finished product specifications: 0-5, 5-10, 10-20, 20-30

Estimated investment: $112000-$210000

River pebble mobile production line

River pebble mobile production line

Introduction: The crawler-type river pebble mobile crushing station produced by our company is used for on-site treatment of river pebble. The equipment can produce up to 200 tons per hour with a high crushing ratio.

It can process river pebbles with a particle size of less than 500 mm, and directly enters the on-site field operation, which is convenient and quick. The equipment is easy to transport with short installation time, suitable for work in some remote places such as cities, quarries, and open pit mines.

Manufacturer guarantees your profits - Fote Heavy Machinery

Through the sales volume, turnover rate and credibility of the equipment, Henan Fote Heavy Industry is a well-known manufacturer of the river pebble mobile crushing station, which have also been highly praised and highly recognized by customers and seniors.

We have independent research and development departments, service departments and sales departments, and you can see the unique advantages of Fote from the perspective of its institutional setup.

1. R&D department

The R&D department can fully demonstrate the importance stressed by Fote in scientific research, especially in terms of equipment innovation, which can highlight the specific strength of the Fote river pebble mobile crushing station.

2. The service department

The service department is an organization specially set up for customers and por products. We have a comprehensive and complete services which have been highly evaluated by many users and has a greater impact on the sales of equipment.

Different departments of FTM

Different departments of FTM

3. Sales department

The soundness of the sales department is closely related to the price of the river pebble mobile crushing station. Fote sales department use the principle of "less profits but more sales" and "self-production and sales" to sell our equipment.

It means that there is no bad phenomenon that the middlemen maliciously raise the price. Therefore, the price of the Fote River Pebble Mobile Crushing Station is relatively reasonable and affordable.

As a professional mining equipment manufacturer, Fote is very proficient in the mobile crushing station with mature matching schemes and design drawings. If you have any questions, you can directly ask the customer service staff through the contact form on the right. You can also send the equipment configuration and design to the manufacturer and get a quote directly.

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Author : Jordan Jordan is the writer of the blog with a broad knowledge of this industry. Most importantly, he hopes to help you in your projects sincerely.


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