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4 Things Must Be Noticed in Mineral Processing Experiments

Author : Jordan | Last Updated :

The beneficiation test provides the direct scientific basis for the transformation of the existing beneficiation plant and solves many problems such as low concentrate grade, high impurity content, low recovery rate, high production cost, inappropriate equipment selection, etc.

Please don't think of technology only when your mine is losing money! Have you ever done the beneficiation test?

Why do you need a mineral processing experiment?

beneficiation test

Through the beneficiation test, you can fully understand the properties of the ore to provide more favorable guidance and help for the later geological ore prospecting.

The property of ores in different regions is ever-changing and their beneficiation process flow and technological conditions are also different. Therefore, before each ore development, it is necessary to carry out mineral processing tests, rather than apply the processes of other processing plants mechanically.

The beneficiation test can provide the basis for the design and construction of the ore dressing plant.  Only through the beneficiation test can you determine the best technological process and the details about the dressing plant.

the construction of the beneficiation plant

The construction of the beneficiation plant

Through the beneficiation test, you can also choose the most reasonable equipment for the construction of the beneficiation plant, find the sweet spot of input, cost, index and economic benefits, thereby reducing the initial investment and production costs after commissioning, so as to obtain the maximum economic benefits and reduce the waste of resources.

the sweet spot of input, cost, index and economic benefits

The sweet spot of input, cost, index and economic benefits

It can even be said that after the mine resource conditions are determined, the beneficiation test is the key to the benefit and survival of the mine.

When should you do the beneficiation test?

It should be done:

before you buy the ore to verify whether it is profitable.

To verify whether it is profitable to buy the mine

To verify whether it is profitable to buy the mine

before the detailed geological investigation to determine whether it is necessary to invest in it and reduce the risk in geological investment.

mining license

before applying for the mining license, which is required by the Ministry of Land and Resources, for handling environmental assessment reports, and for construction feasibility reports.

before establishing a factory to determine the best process flow, production cost and investment amount.

when determining the best equipment for mine, the best product solution, the final recovery rate, and determining how to adjust the technology in the production process.

after the ore properties have changed to determine the process adjustment scheme so as to reduce the economic loss.

when the product is not up to standard.

when the recovery rate is low.

when the cost is high.

when utilizing backwater.

when determining the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

every production year to check the nature of the ore, the quality of the reagents, the operation of the workers and management conditions.

What types of tests should be done?

You can do many types of tests such as:

Simple exploration of beneficiation test

It is practical to meet the investment analysis and reduce the initial value assessment of investment risk before the purchase of mineral rights.

Feasibility test of ore

It applies to detailed geological survey and analysis to meet the requirements of evaluation and certification, and to determine the reasonable process and technological indicators.

Research and test of technical breakthroughs

Research and test of technical breakthroughs

System process flow test

It is used to satisfy the design decision and find out the rules to determine the optimal process indicators before plant construction.

Research and test of technical breakthroughs

It's applicable to unsolved mining technology to improve the product recovery rate and reduce cost so as to improve benefits.

Process flow verification test

It is used for the comparison of ore properties to meet the choice of the reagents and determine the adaptability of different ores in mines.

Process flow examination test

It is actually used in the concentration plant that has been put into operation to conduct an on-site investigation including physical examination and analysis of the factory.

What exactly does the ore test do?

  1. 1 Determine the type of ore. Spectral analysis and rare element analysis are required.
  2. 2 Identify the specific nature of the ore. The multi-element analysis is required to determine the content of valuable and harmful elements.
  3. 3 Find out the relationship, content and composition of various minerals in the ore. Identification of rock and minerals is required, which is of great guiding significance to the ore dressing.
  4. 4 Determine the specific existence form and distribution of elements in the ore. Physical phase analysis is required, which has guiding significance for beneficiation.
  5. 5 Concentrates and tailings test. The analysis of valuable elements and harmful elements is needed.
  6. 6 Determination of moisture and ore proportion of raw ore and concentrates. Be applied to the actual measurement of beneficiation.
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Author : Jordan Jordan is the writer of the blog with a broad knowledge of this industry. Most importantly, he hopes to help you in your projects sincerely.


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