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9 Mistakes in Lubrication of Machine You Need to Get Rid of Now

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All machines cannot work without lubrication. And correct lubricating ways can not only improve the performance of equipment but also expand its service life. During the production process, operators will suddenly drown in misdirection because of various causes.

For example, some operators think that all kinds of oils can be applied for lubricating, and the more viscous the oil is, the better the lubricating effects becomes.

Lubrication is an important maintenance part

Lubrication is an important part of maintenance

To avoid such damage brought by lubricating mistakes, the article introduces 9 mistakes and lists some advice about the lubrication of machines for your reference.

mistake 1Lubrication helps the machine work faster

Frictions are anywhere. The contact surface of relatively moving parts in any machine will produce friction and wear during its running process.

According to statistics, more than 1/3 of the energy in the world is consumed in the friction process. If the wear exceeds the allowable range of machines, the normal operation and its service life will be directly affected.

Lubrication helps the machine work faster

Lubrication helps the machine work faster

Therefore, lubricants are added to form a film between gears and other contact surfaces to reduce the degrees of friction and wear. And lubricants can also play a role in cooling, buffering, vibration absorption, sealing, and so on.

The lubrication makes the machine run faster but more importantly ensures the normal operation and prolongs the service life of the machine.

mistake 2All kinds of oil can be used for lubrication

To make the machine get reasonable lubrication, different lubricating oils and additives should be applied in different working conditions by different oil supply methods.

There are different lubricating oils with different working performances. In order to maximize its performance, corresponding additives should be added to the lubricants.

Therefore, it cannot be considered that all oils can be used for lubrication. What's more, the improper applications of lubricating oil will also cause lubrication accidents, which account for a large proportion of the equipment failure.

mistake 3The more lubricating oil being used, the better the lubrication effects

If the bearing is lubricated too much by grease, that will bring more resistance, resulting in bearing heat, and grease leakage, especially in heavy-duty machines.

Proper lubricating oil is more effective

In general, the lubricating oil indicator is equipped to show the amount of the lubricating oil and remind operators if the machine needs to lubricate. But if there is no indicator equipped, the amount of oil can be checked by other references.

For example, the amount of lubricating oil filling of the gearbox should be 1-2 gears higher to prevent the bearing from poor lubrication and reduce the running resistance and oil temperature.

The grease filling amount of the rolling bearing is generally not more than 1/3-1/2 of the bearing space.

Over and under lubrication will bring more damage to the machine. How do we know when just the right amount of grease has been added? By monitoring the friction level with ultrasound as new grease is applied.

mistake 4The more viscous lubricating oil, the better the lubrication effect

Viscosity is the main index of lubricating oil, and its standard is usually determined at the temperature of 100℃. The higher the standard, the thicker the lubricating oil film.

The selection of lubrication should be also considered according to the temperature of working conditions, the speed of bearing, and other factors.

The friction on the surface reduces, but the resistance increases, resulting in more power loss and wasting more energy.

At the beginning of the running process, the temperatures of bearing and lubricating oil are low as the normal condition. With time passing by, too much lubricating oil has been lost to form the effective lubricating oil film, and the temperature of the bearing is also increasing.

The high-temperature lubricants cannot effectively protect the surface of the bearing while leading to greater wear of parts. It has been shown that if the viscosity of lubricating oil has been reduced by 1mm2/s, 15% of energy can be saved.

mistake 5Strictly follow the regulations of lubricating oil selection

Most equipment managers believe that the oil prescribed by the equipment manufacturer is the law. In fact, the oil prescribed in the specification is made under the general working conditions, which may not be suitable for the actual working conditions.

If the actual working conditions are more severe than the prescribed conditions, it should choose a better lubricating oil, or appropriately shorten the replacement cycle of oil.

mistake 6The dark lubricating oil is equal to the deteriorated oil

Dark lubricating oil can be recycled

It is a partial idea that dark lubricating oil is a bad oil. For example, it is a normal phenomenon that the lubricating oil adding with purification dispersant got dark after short-term service.

The lubricating oil with additives often produces a dark protective oil film on the bearing surface. And it is not necessary to remove the blackening lubricant.

Therefore, if you want to determine whether the lubricating oil is deteriorating, you should comprehensively analyze the lubricating oil.

Check if the lubricants deteriorate, please consider the following aspects:

  • Check the viscosity of lubricating oil.
  • Check the water contained in the lubricants.
  • Examine the impurities in the lubricants.
  • Check if there is an oxidizing reaction.

mistake 7The used oil cannot be used for a second time

In fact, in addition to the metamorphous oil, there are more lubricants can be used. If the displaced oil is mixed with impurities, it can be reused after precipitation and filtration.

The heavily polluted oil can be used as a lubricant for rough processing equipment for anti-rust of outdoor equipment, or the waste oil can be collected for recycling after simple treatment.

The oil difficult to recycle can be burned off as fuel oil after simple treatment.

mistake 8The lubricating oil can be optionally replaced by other oils

The lubricating oil in different types and standards are totally different, and different oils apply in different conditions, bearings, and surfaces. Lubricating oil cannot be optionally replaced by other oils under normal circumstances.

Special lubricants should be used

Special lubricants should be used

The equipment with high rotating speed should choose the lubricating oil with low viscosity.

When the load in the friction surface of the equipment is large, the lubricating oil with high viscosity and good oil quality should be selected.

When the working environment has a high temperature, it should choose the lubricating oil with high viscosity.

Lubricants for different equipment should be selected strictly according to the above principles and experimental results.

mistake 9Replace and replenish lubricating oil after a long time

Change lubricating oil regularly

After a period of time, the performance of the lubricating oil will decrease or change.

With the decrease of the oil quality, if the lubricating oil is not replaced or supplemented in time, the lubricity will be poor and the high-temperature phenomenon of the machine will be easily caused.

To judge whether the lubricating oil is seriously oxidized or deteriorated, you can take the sediment at the bottom of the oil tank and rub it between your index finger and your thumb.

If you feel a lot of colloids and strong adhesion, it means that the oil has been seriously oxidized or deteriorated.

** Suggestions for equipment lubrication

  • Make a reasonable lubrication regulation and working standard.
  • Try to use lubricating oil with high quality. The high-quality lubricants may have a higher price, but it can effectively reduce the maintenance times of equipment in the actual operation process.
  • Dare to innovate and reasonably improve the lubrication design requirements of the original equipment.
  • Use high-quality lubricating oil to reduce wear and friction.
  • Try to use solid lubricants. The correct understanding of equipment lubrication and reasonable and scientific lubrication ways will guarantee the normal and safe operation of equipment and effectively improve production and economic benefits.
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Author : Jordan Jordan is the writer of the blog with a broad knowledge of this industry. Most importantly, he hopes to help you in your projects sincerely.


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