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Sand Making Machine-Matters Needing Attention

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With the development of the global economy, the infrastructure construction and building industry have developed rapidly, and there are fewer and fewer natural river sand that can meet the current construction needs.

Especially since 2019, the depletion of river sand has made the advantages of artificial sand more and more obvious, further expanding the market of sand making machines. The sand making machine is the core equipment for the production of artificial sand.

In order to ensure the efficient production of the artificial sand, it is a prerequisite to properly install, operate and maintain the sand making machine. The artificial sand making machine is a kind of heavy equipment, and its installation and maintenance have certain rules and instructions.

This article will provide you with the techniques from the three aspects of installation, operation and maintenance, and hoping to help you.

In this article, we will introduce:

Matters needing attention for sand making machine installation

Matters needing attention for sand making machine operation

Matters needing attention for sand making machine maintenance

Matters needing attention of sand making machine

Matters needing attention of sand making machine

Matters needing attention for sand making machine installation

  • 1 All dirt should be removed from the frame of sand making machine before installation.
  • 2 Bfore installing the sand making machine, check the sand making machine parts according to the packing list, and check whether the parts are damaged during transportation, and whether the parts and spare parts are well-prepared.
  • 3 Before installation, check the size and relative position of the anchor bolt holes to match the equipment on site. When it is not consistent, measures should be taken to correct them timely.
  • 4 The fixed sand making machine is installed on the concrete foundation, and the foundation should bear 4 times the weight of the whole machine. Depending on the sand making site, it can be installed in the factory or installed outdoors.
  • 5 Lifting equipment should be installed above the sand making machine. There should be space for lifting above the sand making machine, and appropriate space should be reserved on the side of the sand making machine for testing.
  • 6 The main engine of the sand making machine is hoisted on the foundation, and the positions of the feeding hopper and the discharging hopper are adjusted to meet the requirements.
  • 7 When installing the sand making machine, after all parts of the equipment are adjusted, perform secondary cement grouting.
  • 8 A thorough inspection should be carried out after installation at the sand making site. Check whether the lubricating oil pipe of each component is firmly connected.
  • 9 Before the test run, re-add the lubricating oil once, and check whether there is any dirt on the impeller.
  • 10 Check whether the direction of motor belt and the rotation of the motor are correct. If the direction is opposite to the direction of the sign, adjust the motor wiring so that the direction of rotation is the same as the direction of the sign. Do not rotate in the opposite direction.
  • 11 After all inspections, the fixed sand making machine can be put into production. Before the production, the empty-load test is carried out firstly. After the test machine confirms that there is no problem, it can be officially produced.

Fixed sand making machine in the working site

Fixed sand making machine in the working site

Matters needing attention for sand making machine operation

  1. Check whether the vortex chamber is closed when the sand making machine is turned on to prevent the material from rushing out from the vortex chamber.
  2. Generally, the empty-load running time of the machine is about 4 hours. The material should be fed uniformly and continuously, and the water content should not be lower than 10 to 15% (according to the material characteristics, materials have different water contents).
  3. The starting sequence of the sand making machine and the conveying equipment is: discharging equipment → sand making machine → feeding equipment. The sand making machine must be started at an empty load and can be fed after it is running normally. The order of shutdown is the reverse of the starting sequence.
  4. The normal operating temperature of the bearing box is 40°C to 60°C, the maximum allowable temperature is 70 °C, after running for half an hour, if the temperature exceeds 70 °C, the bearing box should be checked whether there is any problem.
  5. The feeding size of the sand making machine is strictly in accordance with the regulations. It is strictly forbidden to enter the sand making machine larger than the specified materials. Otherwise, the unbalance of the sand making machine impeller and the excessive wear of the impeller may be caused, and even the impeller and the center feeding pipe may be blocked.
  6. When the sanding machine is initially fed, there will usually be an unbalance phenomenon of about 30 to 60s which is normal.
  7. When the size of the feeding material is larger, intermittent vibration will occur and then the sand making machine returns to the normal state in seconds, which is also normal.
  8. Before turning off the main engine of sand making machine, the feeding should be stopped first, or the impeller and motor would be damaged.
  9. During the running time, the current of motor should be checked. If the motor current is too large and the motor is overloaded, the feed rate should be reduced until the current value is normal.

VSI sand making machine working site

VSI sand making machine working site

Matters needing attention for sand making machine maintenance

Check the condition of wearing parts

The sand making machine should be turned off regularly to observe the internal wear of the impact crusher through the observation door.

The wear degree of the center inlet pipe, cone cap, impeller upper and lower runner liner, circumferential guard plate and wear block should be checked carefully so that the wearing parts can be replaced or repaired in time.

It is forbidden to open the observation door during the working process of the sand making machine to observe the internal working conditions so that to avoid danger.

In particular, it is strictly forbidden to make the impeller yourself without the manufacturer's consent.

Keep the V-belt tensioned at all times

The tension of the V-belt of the sand making machine should be adjusted appropriately to ensure that the V-belt is evenly stressed. When driving with two motors, the V-belt on both sides should be grouped and matched so that the length of each group is as uniform as possible to ensure energy saving and high efficiency of the sand making machine.

Lubricate the bearings regularly

The shaft of the sand making equipment bears the full load of the machine. Regular lubrication affects the service life and running speed of the equipment directly. Therefore, it requires regular lubrication.

The injected lubricating oil must be clean. The oil must be used strictly in accordance with the instructions' standard.

  • When the sand making machine runs for 400 hours, the lubricating oil should be added in an appropriate amount.
  • When the machine is running for 2000 hours, It should demount the bearings and clean them.
  • If the machine is running for 7200 hours, the new bearing must be replaced to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

How to maintain the sand making machine

How to maintain the sand making machine

Remove the rust from the chamber

There are three ways to remove the rust:

  1. Chemical reaction with acid and metal oxides to remove rust products from the surface of the sand making machine (this method is only suitable for shop operation).
  2. Use the impact of the high-pressure water jet (plus the abrasive grinding action) and the water raft to remove the rust and coating on the sand making machine.
  3. Apply anti-oxidation paint to form a dense oxide film on the metal surface to avoid rust on the machine surface from the inside.

Maintain the impeller

The impeller is one of the most important parts and the most vulnerable parts of the sand making machine. Protecting the impeller and improving its stability can not only effectively improve the working efficiency but also prolong the service life of the sand making machine.

The rotating direction of the impeller should be counterclockwise from the angle of the material inlet. Replace the wearing impeller in time to ensure the normal operation of the production.


The installation, operation and maintenance of the sand making machine are inseparable from the production efficiency of the sand making machine. Guaranteed correct operation in all aspects is the prerequisite for ensuring efficient production of the sand making machine.

Fote Heavy Machinery

Fote Heavy Machinery

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We also have professional engineers who can solve all kinds of problems in your whole producing process. Looking forward to your consultation.

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