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Cement Ball Mill - Market Development Trend

Author : Fote | Published : Sep 05, 2019

Cement ball mill is an important fine grinding equipment. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and large production capacity.

Cement ball mill is the core equipment in the production of the cement industry and also suitable for power, metallurgy, chemical and other industrial enterprises to mill various ores and other grindable material.

Applied applications: Cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical and other working conditions enterprises to grind various ores and other grindable materials.

Specification model: Ф2400×4500

Production capacity: 8.5-60 t/h

Feeding size: <25 mm

Discharge size: 0.074-0.4 mm

Cement ball mill

Cement ball mill

Working principle of cement ball mill

The cement ball mill is a cylinder rolled by a steel plate, and the supporting device is installed at both ends; the inner wall of the cylinder is installed with a liner with different specifications of grinding medium.

When the tumbling mill is driven by the transmission device, the material is attached to the liner and rotates together with the grinding medium under the action of centrifugal force and friction force.

When the material is brought to a certain height, it is thrown by gravity, and continuously passes through the cylinder, thereby being continuously impacted and ground by the grinding medium, finally, it becomes the standard finished product.

Working principle of cement ball mill

Working principle of cement ball mill

Structure and composition of cement ball mill

The cement ball mill is mainly composed of a feeding device, a discharging device, a grinding cylinder and a moving device (including a reducer, a transmission pinion, a motor, and an electric control system).

Parts of cement ball mill

Parts of cement ball mill

  • 1 The feeding device is composed of a feeding slipper and a feeding spiral cylinder, and the feeding slipper is equipped with a liner to prolong its service life.
  • 2 The end cap and the hollow shaft are divided into two parts. The former is made of high-quality carbon steel, and the latter is cast and molded to ensure safe and reliable operation.
  • 3 There is a reserved gap in the hollow shaft of the feeding end, which can reduce the errors caused by the telescopic expansion and installation of the cylinder to ensure the correct meshing of the gear.
  • 4 The tubing mill liner is designed in combination, and the different liners are adopted for different stages in the mill, which greatly improves the grinding efficiency.
  • 5 The main bearing adopts sliding bearing which has good strength, plasticity, polymerizability, friction-reducing, wear resistance, lubricity and heat transfer. The replacement is simple and convenient, which meets the requirements of hollow shaft lubrication. The bearing is suitable for the low-speed, heavy-duty, dusty work environment.

The market trend of cement ball mill

Compared with other grinding machines, the ball mill has been widely used, mainly because of its simple operation, low installation cost and high-efficiency of grinding medium. The ball mill has a wide range of applications and is suitable for all hardness materials with the ability of mass production and continuous operation.

With the advancement of technology, the maintenance of the ball mill has been greatly improved, and the micro-motion driving device can slow down the rotation speed of the rolling mill, enabling maintenance personnel to safely replace the liner in the rolling mill.

This mode makes maintenance quicker, easier and saves energy because it avoids restarting the mill multiple times. In addition, the integrated drive system in the ball mill is extremely energy efficient, helping the operator to produce finished materials at the lowest cost, which makes the ball mill a choice for more users.

Outstanding advantages of cement ball mill

Outstanding advantages of cement ball mill

It also has other outstanding advantages

  • 1 Compact structure, stable operation, simple maintenance, large production capacity, large crushing ratio, and can adapt to different conditions.
  • 2 The liner is made of high-quality wear-resistant material with long service life. The product is fine and uniform with the easy adjustment of particle grading and high product qualification rate.
  • 3 It has strong adaptability to fluctuations in physical properties (such as particle size, moisture, hardness, etc.) with good sealing performance, low dust pollution, high milling efficiency, low energy consumption, and low metal consumption per unit product.

Development trend of cement ball mill

Due to the continuous investment in global infrastructure, the demand for ball mills in the cement industry will continue to grow. Technical improvements have made ball mills widely used in the cement industry to grind materials to the required dimensions.

If the device is not operating at optimal efficiency, it will result in increased downtime and reduced throughput, which might result in loss of production targets and operational economy. The grinding process in cement plants requires precise speed control to accommodate changes in grinding, or it would increase electricity usage.

Through the continuous updating of products, the use of more efficient ball mill drive systems in the cement industry enables the plant to optimize its production while reducing the electricity costs of cement manufacturers.

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