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How to Maintain Ball Mill?

Author : Fote | Published : Jul 18, 2019

The ball mill brings convenience to many manufacturers and large factories. It is an important process in both cement equipment and mineral equipment. It is widely used in the cement industry, mining industry and power industry. Most of the ores must be ground to 0.1~0.074mm or even finer, so that the useful minerals can be dissociated from the monomer and sent to smelt after sorting. Therefore, the market prospect of the ball mill is still very great. Its work intensity is heavy, and the wear is also serious, which directly affects the operating rate and service life of the ball mill. So, the daily maintenance of the ball mill is obviously very important. Today, Henan Fote Heavy Machinery gives everyone a talk about the maintenance knowledge of the ball mill:

Ball Mill

  • 1 All lubricants should be fully discharged after operation for one month, and then we need to clean it thoroughly and change the new oil in it. In the future, we need change the oil for every 6 months.
  • 2 Lubrication points and oil level of each lubrication point shall be inspected at least once every 4 hours.
  • 3 When the mill is running, the temperature of the main bearing lubricating oil does not exceed 55°C.
  • 4 When the mill is in normal operation, the temperature of transmission bearings and speed reducers does not exceed 55°C, and the maximum temperature does not exceed 60°C.
  • 5 The transmission of the big and small gears is stable and not noisy. If necessary, we need to adjust the clearance in time.
  • 6 The ball mill runs smoothly without strong vibration.
  • 7 The motor current should have no abnormal fluctuations.
  • 8 Connection fasteners without looseness, joint surface without oil leakage.
  • 9 The steel ball is added in time according to the wear condition.
  • 10 The mill liner should be replaced when it is 70% worn.
  • 11 If the liner bolt is damaged and the liner is loose, it should be replaced.
  • 12 The main bearing should be replaced when it is worn seriously.
  • 13 When the gear surface of the large gear is worn to a certain degree, it can be turned over for continued use.
  • 14 The serious wear of the pinion should be replaced.
  • 15 Incoming and outgoing screw wear should be repaired in time, and wear should be replaced when it cannot be repaired.
  • 16 Loose or damaged anchor bolts should be repaired in time.

The quality of the ball mill can be improved by the manufacturers. We have also made great achievements in this area in our company. However, it is necessary to maintain during use for the user.

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