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What Are the Advantages of Dry Sand Production Line

Author : Fote | Published : Aug 15, 2019

The artificial sand production line is divided into wet production line and dry production line. The raw materials are crushed into artificial sand by stone crusher. But at the same time, a certain amount of stone powder and mud powder are produced in the process, which would make concrete properties become worse. Therefore, sand production lines are often built near river to remove too much stone and mud powder.That is called wet sand production method, which washes artificial sand with river water. However, wet sand production method may be affected by location, environment and other factors. So, dry sand production line can just replace it.

sand maker

Dry sand production line is equipped with powder separator to remove powdery materials in sand rather than washes sand by water. Compared with wet sand production method, dry sand production method has following advantages:

1: Not subject to geographical restrictions

Traditional wet sand production line must be built in water-rich places. Otherwise, a large number of powdery materials contained in sand would affect sand quality. So it is always restricted by water shortage or cold season. However dry sand production line is not affected by water. This method can be used even in water-scarce areas.

2: Save energy

Sand needs to be washed with too much water in wet sand production process, which not only increases water consumption but also flashes a large amount of stone powder. In fact, the stone powder can be reused, this also increases raw materials waste. The sand produced by dry sand production line does not need to be washed. At the same time, the stone powder can be reused as raw materials, which also effectively save resource.

3: Reduce production costs

The sand produced by dry sand production line does not need to be washed, which not only save the costs of water but also eliminates sewage treatment costs.

The configuration of dry sand production line is similar to traditional sand production line except for sand washer. It is commonly composed of raw materials hopper + cone crusher + sand maker + vibrating screen. The 0-5mm finished product after screening enter into powder separator through bucket elevator. Then powder separator would remove too much stone and mud powder contained in sand and produce qualified sand product. Users can use powder separator to replace sand washer, which can save water resource and avoid sewage discharge, but also can eliminate the necessary sedimentation tanks or sewage treatment equipment.

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