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  • Circular Mold Granulator

    Circular Mold Granulator

    Circular Mold granulator, (also known as: ring die pellet feed machine), belongs to the feed pelleting equipment, which can directly suppress crushed corn, crushed soybean meal, crushed straw, crushed rice husks and other crushed materials into pellet fee

  • Wood Pellet Mill

    Wood Pellet Mill

    The finished products of the machine made by Fote Machinery-one of China famous wood pellet mill suppliers is dried without drying (The moisture of raw material is not less than 13% of the national export standards).

  • Sawdust Pellet Machine

    Sawdust Pellet Machine

    This machine is the process of making waste materials into solid fuel or animal feed which is used for burning purposes or feeding animals and this machine can be widely used in animal husbandry and aquaculture, and medium farms, feed mills, and brewing,

  • Biomass Pellet Plant

    Biomass Pellet Plant

    The biomass pellet plant is used for making wood pellet biomass fuel which is low cost, high fuel value, clean and environmental.

  • Wood Pellet Making Machine

    Wood Pellet Making Machine

    This machine is the most suitable and ideal equipment to press crude fiber materials into biomass pellets which can bring you a warm winner for fireplace or supply as fuel for cooking, heating etc.

  • Stalk Pellet Mill

    Stalk Pellet Mill

    This machine is widely used to make pellets from light substance, such as wood chips, sawdust, straw, pasture, chrysanthemum, palm leaf and so on.

  • Shell Pellet Mill

    Shell Pellet Mill

    This machine can be widely used for wood chips, sawdust, stalk, straw, rice husk, peanut shells, paper, rubber and so on. The density of pellets made by our pellet mill is around 1.0-1.4.

  • Straw Pellet Mill

    Straw Pellet Mill

    This machine can be used to make the pellet which can be burned for fuel. and it can be also used to make feed pellet as the food of animals, such as cows, sheep, etc.

  • Biomass Briquetting Machine

    Biomass Briquetting Machine

    The raw materials of this machine can be wood material like sawdust, wood branches, leaves, bamboo, and some agricultural waste such as sugarcane, bagasse, rice husk, corn stalk, corn cob, grain stems, and some fruit shells including peanut shell, coconut

  • Wood Chipper

    Wood Chipper

    This machine is used for processing wood logs or tree branches into 20mm-40mm wood chips for various wood products industries and plants. This machine is also known as wood cutting machine, which belongs to wood processing equipment series.

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