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  • Raw Material Mill

    Raw Material Mill

    product parameter ico 1Processing capacity : 4.5-210 t/h

    product parameter iFeeding Granularity : φ1.5×5.7~φ4.6×10.5 m

  • Cooling Machine

    Cooling Machine

    product parameter ico 1Feeding Granularity : Φ1.5×15 m-Φ3.3×40 m

    product parameter iProduction Capacity : 2-36 t/h

  • Briquetting Machine

    Briquetting Machine

    product parameter ico 1Theoretical yield : 3-40 TPH

    product parameter iApplied materials : iron powder, coal powder, urea powder, copper ore powder, aluminum powder, mill scale, manganese powder, fluorite powder, steel powder, ferrosilicon powder, nickel alloy powder, etc.

  • Electrostatic Separator

    Electrostatic Separator

    Electrostatic separator has the following characteristics: low-energy, low noise and high capacity. It is a dry-type environmental-friendly separating machine.

  • Circular Mold Granulator

    Circular Mold Granulator

    Circular Mold granulator, (also known as: ring die pellet feed machine), belongs to the feed pelleting equipment, which can directly suppress crushed corn, crushed soybean meal, crushed straw, crushed rice husks and other crushed materials into pellet fee

  • Biomass Briquetting Machine

    Biomass Briquetting Machine

    The raw materials of this machine can be wood material like sawdust, wood branches, leaves, bamboo, and some agricultural waste such as sugarcane, bagasse, rice husk, corn stalk, corn cob, grain stems, and some fruit shells including peanut shell, coconut

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