River Sand Dryer

Processing capacity:10-30t/h Feeding material:20±3 (%)

River sand dryer is mainly used for drying particle materials with certain humidity, such as all kinds of sand in foundry industry and dry-mixed mortar industry, clay with small particle size in building materials and cement industry,

Industrial Dryer

Motor power:7.5-75(kw) Processing capacity:2.5-36(t/h)

Industrial drying machine is commonly used in dressing, metallurgy, construction, road, etc. There are many kinds of industrial drying equipments, such as slag drier, the three-cylinder dryer, river sand dryer, rotary dryer, etc.

Lignite Dryer

Motor power:6-45(kw) Processing capacity:2.5-50t/h

Under the unchanged condition of the quality of dried lignite, lignite dryer adopts low temperature four class drying process to make the moisture content of lignite evaporated below 13%.

Rotary Dryer

Processing capacity:10-30t/h

The rotary dryer as a material heating and drying device realizes drying process by making materials inside the coaxial rotary drum move back and forth between the inner and external wall driven by the spiral vane and interrupted spiral raising plate.

Chicken Manure Dryer

Processing capacity:0.5-50t/h Volume weight:4-230t

Chicken manure dryer machine is suitable for large, medium and small chicken house and developed regions of farming industry. According to the drying requirements of product, different heat sources can be used,