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  • Three-drum Dryer

    Three-drum Dryer

    product parameter ico 1Processing capacity : 25-30t/h

    product parameter iApplied materials : Mineral ores, sand, ores powder, metal powder, gypsum powder, clay, coal slime, coal powder, sawdust, wood, fertilizer, animal manure, coconut shell, palm shell, etc.

  • Sand Dryer

    Sand Dryer

    product parameter ico 1Length : 6-8.5 (m)

    product parameter iProcessing capacity : 20-99 (t/h)

  • Gypsum Dryer

    Gypsum Dryer

    product parameter ico 1Inlet temperature : ≤800 (℃)

    product parameter iProcessing capacity : 2-30 t/h

  • Rotary Drum Dryer

    Rotary Drum Dryer

    product parameter ico 1Volume weight : 4-230 t

    product parameter iProcessing capacity : 0.5-50 t/h

  • Coal Briquetting Process

    Coal Briquetting Process

    product parameter ico 1Theoretical yield : 2-28 (t/h)

    product parameter iFinal Shape : oval, pillow, bread shape, or other shape can be customized

  • Coal Briquetting Machine

    Coal Briquetting Machine

    product parameter ico 1Theoretical yield : 2-28 (t/h)

    product parameter iApplied materials : coal power, iron powder, coking coal, aluminum powder, iron slag, oxide scale, carbon powder, etc.

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