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Mini Jaw Crusher Price Analysis - the Reason for the Hot Market

Author : Jordan | Last Updated :

The jaw crusher is a primary rock crushing device. Because of its simple structure, firmness, reliable work, easy maintenance,it is still widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and electric power, transportation and other industrial fields.

Mini jaw crushers

Mini jaw crushers

Mini jaw crushers are hot in market

In recent years, the market for small jaw crushers has been hot, and the orders received by our company have continued to increase, which is larger than before.

So why is the small jaw crusher so popular? There may be a lot of answers, but from the perspective of users and the market, the reasons are not difficult to find.

1. Demand for sand and gravel has skyrocketed

We have learned that the global economy is developing rapidly, and the infrastructure facilities of countries, especially developing countries, are gradually improving. Construction projects such as road construction and road construction are continuously carried out, which is a clear demand for sand and gravel.

In this case, the demand for crushers continues to rise. In addition to the large-scale crushing production line, for the production line with strong mobility, low material reserves and low crushing output, mini-sized jaw crusher is indispensable.

At this time, the demand for the mini jaw crusher has risen due to its advantages of small footprint, powerful functions, convenient maintenance and other reasons.

2. Equipped with dust-proof and anti-noise device

With the continuous upgrading of production technology, the current mini jaw crusher equipment is equipped completely with anti-noise, dust-proof function.

It has a decisive advantage in both the production capacity and environmental protection. If a product has great competition in the market, its obvious advantages will bring high sales volume and high market share.

3. The increasing of small crushing plants

With the improvement of the economic level, the construction of large-scale projects has brought spring to the crushing industry. Besides, small projects such as repairing village roads and rebuilding houses have also led to the rise of small aggregates supplier.

In order to save costs, compared with the direct purchase of aggregates and resale, small suppliers are more willing to produce and sell themselves, which not only saves a lot of costs, but also eliminates the intermediate resale stage with cheaper price, thus is favored by end customers.

PE jaw crusher on working site

PE jaw crusher on working site

Types of mini jaw crusher

In the process of continuous improvement, various types of jaw crusher machines have appeared on the market, such as the PE jaw crusher, the PEX jaw crusher and the German version jaw crusher, etc.

Customers who don't know much about the machine will be easy to confound these machines. They don't know their respective functions, not to mention their market prices.

The following is a detailed explanation of the specific parameters and market prices of the three small jaw crushers for this point.

1. Mini PE jaw crusher

PE jaw crusher has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high output, easy maintenance and high productivity. It is the longest and most widely used jaw crusher.

Mini PE jaw crusher details and prices

Model Feed opening size (mm) Max feeding size (mm) Adjustment range of discharge opening(mm) Capacity (t/h) Rotation speed of eccentric shaft(r/min) Motor power (kw) Total weight (t) Market price($)
PE-150×250 150×250 125 10-40 1-3 250 4P 5.5 0.8 700-2800
PE-200×300 200×300 180 15-50 2-6 260 4P 7.5 1.2 1400-4200
PE-200×350 200×350 180 18-70 3-10 260 4P 11 1.5 2100-4900
PE-250×400 250×400 210 20-60 5-21 300 6P 15 2.8 3500-7000
PE-400×600 400×600 340 40-100 16-64 275 6P 30 7 7000-11200
PE-500×750 500×750 425 50-100 40-110 275 6P 55 12 14000-18200

2. Mini PEX jaw crusher

PEX jaw crusher can also be called PEX fine crusher whose crushing strength is below 250Mpa. It is suitable for metallurgy, mining, construction, chemical, water conservancy and railway sectors.

It has advantages of large crushing ratio, uniform product content, simple structure, reliable work, simple maintenance and economical operation cost.

Mini PEX jaw crusher details and prices

Model Feed opening size (mm) Max feeding size (mm) Adjustment range of discharge opening (mm) Capacity (t/h) Rotation speed of eccentric shaft (r/min) Motor power (kw) Total weight (t) Market price($)
PEX-150×750 150×750 120 18-48 8-25 320 15 3.8 4200-7000
PEX-250×750 250×750 210 25-60 13-35 330 30 5.5 5600-8400
PEX-250×1000 250×1000 210 25-60 16-52 330 37 7 8400--12600
PEX-250×1200 250×1200 210 25-60 20-61 330 45 8.5 9800-14000
PEX-300×1300 300×1300 250 20-90 16-105 300 75 11 12600-16800

3. Mini German version jaw crusher

The German version of the jaw crusher is a series of high-performance jaw crushers developed by Fote Heavy Machinery. It is a joint endeavor of Fote and German crusher experts, which brings great development of mining and crushing stone production lines.

Mini German version jaw crusher details and prices

Model Feeding opening size (mm) Max feeding size (mm) Adjustment range of discharge opening (mm) Capacity (t/h) Motor power (kw)
HD72(57) 460×720 425 45-100 50-120 6P 55
HD86(69) 580×860 500 50-150 60-210 8P 75

Analysis of mini jaw crusher price

The price of the above jaw crusher is the market price and is for reference only. Generally speaking, the price of jaw crusher is a hundred dollar and thousand of dollars, but due to various factors, the price of the mini jaw crusher will also fluctuate. Then what are the factors affecting the price?

Analysis of mini jaw crusher price

Analysis of mini jaw crusher price

1. The quality analysis

Quality is a key factor in determining a piece of equipment, which is mainly related to the choice of the manufacturer. Different manufacturers' production processes and manufacturing materials are different, which directly leads to different input costs of equipment, so the price is naturally very various.

2. Supply and demand analysis

The relationship between supply and demand is also an important factor affecting price fluctuations, which is also derived from the laws of the market.

When the supply exceeds demand, the price of the equipment will be lower; when the supply is less than demand, the price of the equipment will naturally be higher.

3. Manufacturer analysis

We all know that there are two main types of suppliers, one is a direct-supply manufacturer that combines production and sales; the other is an indirect supplier that sells and earns a speculative profit.

As a result, it is conceivable that the former has a price concession because it can provide the factory price, and the latter tends to increase the price on the basis of the ex-factory price in order to obtain more profits.

4. Regional analysis

According to statistics, more and more people have recently chosen to come to Henan, China to buy mini jaw crushers. Why? There are three reasons:

First, Henan has the largest number of manufacturers of crushing equipment. Most of the good manufacturers are concentrated in Henan, and space for users to inspect and compare is relatively large.

Second, Henan is located in the Central Plains, with developed transportation which is convenient, and the corresponding transportation costs will be reduced.

Third, the price level of Henan is relatively low compared to international cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, an Shenzhen, and the prices of equivalent equipment will be more favorable.

Manufacturer recommended - Fote Heavy Machinery

Fote Heavy Machinery has been engaged in the production of jaw crushers for nearly 40 years. After numerous technical upgrades and renovations, it has fully equipped to produce technologically advanced and exquisite equipment.

And from research and development, production to sales, we integrate a one-spot sales model, saving time and effort.

Fote has always adopted the idea of small profits but quick turnover, low-profit sales model, the price of each equipment is much lower than the market, make every effort to reduce costs and reduce profits.

If you don't know which model to choose at this time, you can submit the basic conditions of the materials and the requirements for production and grain size. Then technical manager of Fote will provide you with tailor-made production processes with ideal efficiency and low cost.

For detailed factory prices, please leave a message in the form on the right, and a professional will respond to you for the first time.

FTM Machinery

FTM Machinery

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