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Characteristics and Comparison of Four Types of Jaw Crushers

Author : Jordan | Last Updated :

There are many advantages of the 4 types of jaw crusher machines, such as high productivity, simple and reliable structure as well as easy to operate and maintain. Therefore, it is commonly used in projects of crushing stones with various hardnesses that is less than 320 MPa.

Henan Fote Heavy Machinery(FTM) has launched various types of jaw crushers, including PE jaw crusher, HD German jaw crusher(HD), CJ series European jaw crusher and Mobile jaw crusher, all of which have their own outstanding advantages and functions.

These outstanding advantages and their performance comparison will be introduced next.

different types of jaw crushers

Different types of jaw crushers

1. PE jaw crusher

PE jaw crusher is a kind of compound pendulum jaw crusher which has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, uniform product size, simple structure, reliable operation, simple maintenance and economical operation.

PE jaw crusher

PE jaw crusher

Outstanding advantages and characteristics

  • Crushing chamber: Its crushing chamber is deep without any dead zone, which improves the feeding capacity;
  • Crushing ratio: It has a large crushing ratio which helps to produce uniform particle size;
  • Discharge port device: The gasket type adjusting device of the discharge port is reliable and convenient with large adjustment range, greatly increasing the flexibility of the machine;
  • Lubrication system: It is safe and reliable, making the wear parts easy to be replaced, thus reducing the maintenance time;
  • Structural design: Simple structure designed for reliable operation and low operating costs.
  • Energy-saving: Energy saving of the single machine is 15% to 30%, and the system is more than twice;
  • Adjustment range: Large discharge port adjustment range can meet the different requirements of the users;
  • Dust and noise proof: It has advantages of low noise and less dust.

Main types and parameters

Max.feeding size
Adjusting range of discharge opening
Processing capacity
PE-150×250 125 10-40 1-3
PE-200×300 180 15-50 2-6
PE-200×350 180 18-70 3-10
PE-250×400 210 20-60 5-21
PE-400×600 340 40-100 16-64
PE-500×750 425 50-100 40-110
PE-600×750 500 150-200 80-240
PE-600×900 500 65-160 50-160
PE-750×1060 630 80-140 110-320
PE-800×1060 640 130-190 130-330
PE-830×1060 650 160-220 150-336
PE-870×1060 660 200-260 190-336
PE-900×1060 685 230-290 230-390
PE-900×1200 750 95-165 220-380
PE-1000×1200 850 195-265 315-500
PE-1200×1500 1020 150-350 400-800
PE-1500×1800 1200 220-350 500-1000
PEX-150×750 120 18-48 8-25
PEX-250×750 210 25-60 13-35
PEX-250×1000 210 25-60 16-52
PEX-250×1200 210 25-60 20-61
PEX-300×1300 250 20-90 16-105

2. HD German jaw crusher(HD)

HD German jaw crusher produced by Henan Fote Heavy Machinery is characterized by the large crushing ratio, which can crush large pieces of raw ores at a time to meet the grinding particle size.

Compared with traditional crushing equipment, it can save investment by 45% and reduce the ore crushing cost by about 40%. It is relatively economical and reliable at present as the large-scale mining machine.

European type jaw crusher(HD)

HD German jaw crusher(HD)

Outstanding advantages and characteristics

  • Eccentric shaft: The eccentric shaft has higher strength and greater passing capacity after being treated by heating and forging; it is equipped with super large bearings at both ends, with strong bearing capacity and durability.
  • Flywheel: It can effectively balance the unbalanced force generated by the eccentric operation; it also closely cooperates with the counterweight to reduce the vibration level and make the operation more stable and reliable.
  • Frame: E-type frame structure reasonably distributes the reinforcing ribs, strengthening the intensity and stability of the machine with low vibration and noise; side bolt fixing system is convenient and quick to control.
  • Jaw plate: Optimized curve shape design increases productivity and reduces abrasion of the jaw plate; manganese steel alloy increases the thickness of the machine which becomes more sturdy and durable, and the plates are symmetrical at two ends which can be adjusted for secondary use.
  • Bearing seat: Optimized structure is more stable when operating, reducing damage to bearings due to deformation; special placement way effectively eliminates crushing force.
  • Adjustment device: The jaw crusher is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder or a screw, thus it is convenient to adjust the discharge port.
  • Lubrication system: The centralized lubrication system adopts a universal lubrication joint which is efficient to lubricate; the labyrinth seal can effectively prevent dust.
  • Crushing chamber type: Optimized design, accurate eccentricity calculation and reasonable dynamic trajectory design increase the yield by 30%-50%.

Outstanding advantages of HD jaw crusher

Outstanding advantages of HD jaw crusher

Main types and parameters

Model Feeding
HD72(57) 460×720 425 50-120
HD86(59) 580×860 500 60-210
HD98(751) 680×980 630 110-330
HD110(912) 850×1100 750 230-450
HD125 950×1250 900 280-750

3. CJ series European jaw crusher

CJ series jaw crusher is a kind of jaw crusher with excellent performance introduced by Fote according to the needs of customers.

Compared with the traditional jaw crusher, there are significant improvements in the motion parameters, structural forms and adjustment methods of the crusher.

CJ series European jaw crusher

CJ series European jaw crusher

CJ series jaw crusher has advantages of small space, larger crushing ratio and more stable operation. It has more advantages in transportation, installation and maintenance and is particularly suitable for fixed crushing lines and mobile crushing plants.

Performance and characteristics

  • Non-welded detachable frame: The detachable structure is convenient for transportation and installation, especially for underground installation and transportation;
  • Optimized motion parameters: Its bearing specifications are increased and the service life is extended; the four bearing specifications of the moving jaw and the frame are the same, reducing the uses of spare parts;
  • Wedge-type adjustment of discharge port: The wedge is used to adjust the discharge port, which greatly reduces the working intensity and downtime. The user can select the hydraulic adjustment device as needed;
  • Steel plate bracket: The bracket is made of high-strength steel plate material. When the crusher is overloaded, it will be bent and deformed to protect the major parts from damage. Compared with traditional cast iron brackets, it is light and easy to replace;
  • The overall steel frame base: The installation is easier and the space is saved. The whole machine is placed on the base of the steel frame, and the main engine and the base are connected by the shock pad, which has little influence on the foundation.

Outstanding advantages of CJ jaw crusher

Outstanding advantages of CJ jaw crusher

Main types and parameters

Model Max.Feeding size
Handling capacity
CJ96 480 120-450
CJ106 560 155-580
CJ125 760 290-840
CJ150 960 340-950
CJ160 960 430-1260
CJ200 1200 760-1590
CJ1511 850 385-1080
CJ1513 1040 480-1160

4. Mobile jaw crusher

The mobile crusher is also called the mobile crushing station, including tyre mobile crushing station and crawler mobile crushing station, which is a kind of rock crushing equipment newly developed by our company.

Unlike the traditional jaw crusher, this new type mobile crusher can be easily and flexibly moved to the crushing site, which eliminates the obstacles caused by the crushing sites and the conditions.

Therefore, it is widely applied in coal mining plants, infrastructure, road construction, and urban construction waste recycling which have more requirements on the mobility of the crushing sites.

Mobile jaw crusher

Portable jaw crusher

Outstanding advantages

  • Easy to move: Free walking, especially suitable for small sites with short construction period.
  • Saving transportation cost: The mobile jaw crusher is equipped with a driving device which can be directly used to carry out work on site, greatly reducing the transportation cost of materials;
  • Integrated set of units: Integrated unit installation form can eliminate the complicated site installation of separate components, and also reduce the consumption of materials and working hours, what's more, it occupies smaller space;
  • The configuration is flexible: This mobile jaw crusher can be operated independently by a single machine, or by a system-configured unit. Besides, it can be combined into other systems according to the site conditions for various demands of the users.

Outstanding advantages of mobile jaw crusher

Outstanding advantages of mobile jaw crusher

Main types and parameters

Model FTM938HD86 FTM1149HD98 FTM1349HD110 FTM1349HD125
Transportation Length(mm) 12600 13500 14500 15200
Transportation Width(mm) 2600 2700 2800 2900
Transportation Height(mm) 3870 4200 4450 4500
Maximum Length(mm) 12500 14000 16100 16700
Maximum Width(mm) 4100 4500 5100 5100
Maximum Height(mm) 4100 4900 5000 5300
Weight(t) 39 57 55 65
Tire Configuration Biax Fitted Triaxial Fitted Triaxial Fitted Triaxial Fitted
Jaw Crusher HD86 HD98 HD110 HD125
Maximum Feeding Size(mm) 500 550 660 800
Discharge Opening Size(mm) 50-150 75-175 100-200 125-225
Capacity(t/h) 85-275 110-350 215-510 280-650
Vibrating Model ZSW380×95 ZSW420×110 ZSW490×130 ZSW490×130
Main Belt Conveyor B800×8.5M B1000×9.5M B1000×11M B1200×11M
Side-opening Belt conveyor(Optional) B500×3M B650×3.5M B650×4M B650×4M
Genset(Optional) (kw) 200 250 270 400
Iron Separator (Optional) RCYD(C)-8 RCYD(C)-10 RCYD(C)-10 RCYD(C)-12

The comparison of the jaw crushers

Type PE jaw crusher European type jaw crusher(HD) CJ series jaw crusher
Price With low price With medium price Cost-effective
Feeding size 125-1500 mm 425-950 mm ≤800 mm
Capacity 1-2200 t/h 40-910 t/h 65-1250 t/h
Material quality High-quality steel welded frame (more reliable) High wear-resistant tooth plate (longer maintenance intervals and cost savings) High-strength steel brackets (lighter and corrosion resistance)
Unique design Unique flywheel design;
more convenient discharge port adjustment;
deep cavity crushing with energy efficient.
Large bearing and forged main shaft for greater crushing force; low suspension motion mechanism design provides greater crush ratio; Non-welded detachable rack;
overall steel frame base;
wedge type discharge port adjustment method.
Range of application Various large, medium and small stone processing production lines Various large, medium and small stone processing production lines, especially for hard materials such as basalt The better choice for large and medium stone production lines
Maintenance Simple structure and convenient maintenance Low failure rate and long service life of parts Long maintenance period and low maintenance cost latterly
Investment prospects Wide application ranges are attractive to most of users; the investment prospect is the best. Higher price means that it is suitable for investors with sufficient budget;
the investment prospect is pretty well.
Higher price means that it is suitable for investors with sufficient budget;
suitable for materials with high hardness and corrosivity;
the investment prospect is pretty well.

Mobile jaw crusher: High mobility determines that it is suitable for frequent conversion of crushing sites (like road construction, urban construction waste disposal, etc). Thus, its price is higher than other kinds of jaw crushers.


There are so many types and sizes of jaw crusher, so the selections and prices of the jaw crushers are estimated based on the actual uses of the customers. However, as a direct selling manufacturer, the price of the jaw crusher given by FTM is always a factory price with excellent value.

Jaw crushers produced by Fote(FTM)

Jaw crushers produced by Fote(FTM)

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