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Mobile Crushing Station

The mobile crushing station integrates materials receiving, crushing, conveying, screening, and other equipment. Through the combination of different model, it forms a powerful crushing and screening production line to complete the processing operations with multiple needs.

The mobile crushing station mainly includes the crawler-type and wheel-type crushing stations, which can be equipped with different machines such as jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, sand making machines, screens, and conveyor belts.

Application of Mobile Crushing Station

The mobile crushing station is widely used in the crushing, screening, as well as the recycling of minerals, stones and other aggregates:

  • Crush river pebble, limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, and other materials. It is also used for making artificial sand.
  • Recycle and reuse coal mines, aggregates, and construction wastes to save costs.
  • Treatment of topsoil, separation of cohesive aggregates and other materials, and screening after crushing.

Mobile Crushing Station for Sale

A mobile crushing plant is a customized product. Its price is also customized according to the actual demand and budget. Ftmmachinery designs and configures different crushing and screening machines according to the different needs of customers.

1. Mobile Screening Plant

  • It is a high-performance mobile screening system.
  • Widely used in the screening and recycling of various ores.
  • Weight: 16-19 t
  • Tire configuration: Dual axle mounting
  • Price: Get Customized Price

2. Mobile Plant

  • Developed high-efficiency jaw crusher or cone crusher mobile plant, the equipment can be flexibly configured.
  • Weight: 28-35 t
  • Power: 120 kw
  • Price: Get Customized Price

3. Mobile Crusher

  • Various types of crawler mobile crushers can adapt to complex site conditions.
  • Weight: 39-62 t
  • Capacity: 70-650 t/h
  • Maximum feed size: 350-800 mm
  • Price: Get Customized Price

4. Portable Rock Crusher

  • Various types of wheel-type mobile crushers can move freely according to the project progress.
  • Capacity: 70-650 t/h
  • Maximum feed size: 350-800 mm
  • Price: Get Customized Price

Advantages of Ftmmachinery Mobile Crushing Station

1. Unit integration: The combination of mobile crushing and screening station is reasonable. The complete set has strong performance, and the requirements for the workplace are extremely low.

2. Strong maneuverability: The whole vehicle has a compact structure and low requirements for road transportation and installation conditions. It is convenient and quick to change, enter and exit the site.

3. Energy saving and high efficiency: The mobile crushing station can directly enter the site for processing, which reduces the transportation of materials and saves the transportation cost of raw materials.

4. Configuration diversity: According to the needs of materials and products, we can provide a variety of unit configurations to meet the customer's functional requirements such as single-unit crushing, multi-unit crushing, or screening.

5. Flexible combination: According to different process requirements, the wheel-type mobile crushing station can be composed of a "crushing before screening" or "screening before crushing" process. The crushers can also be combined into coarse crushing, medium crushing, and fine crushing systems according to actual needs, which has great flexibility.

6. Low cost and high performance: We can configure high-performance crushers at a low budget according to customer needs, which is more cost-effective than similar products. The machine adopts the latest technology, has low maintenance costs, and long life.

Classification of Mobile Crushing Station

1. According to the combination: Jaw crushing plant, impact crushing plant, cone crushing plant, impact crushing plant, screening plant, etc.

2. According to the materials: Ore mobile crushing plant, stone mobile crushing plant, coal mobile crushing plant, construction waste mobile crushing plant, etc.

3. According to the walking mode: Crawler mobile crushing station and wheel mobile crushing station. The wheel type adopts vehicle traction and is suitable for crushing sand and gravel materials in some construction waste, urban facilities, and road construction industries. The crawler type adopts a ship-shaped structure, which has good adaptability to mountains and wetlands and can realize climbing operations. It is used in some mining, open-pit coal mines, and other harsh operating environments.

Selection Basis of Mobile Crushing Station

What factors need to be considered when configuring a mobile crushing staion?

1. Feeding properties

Different equipment can handle different materials. You need to understand the hardness, humidity, size and other properties of the material to be processed before choosing the crusher model.

2. Capacity requirements

The capacity of the mobile crushing plant will affect the benefits brought by the station to the production plant. Therefore, capacity is an important indicator for customers to measure performance, so they can choose different combinations of crushing plants.

3. Energy consumption

Energy consumption refers to the electric energy consumed by the mobile crushing station when processing materials. Different types of equipment consume different energy for processing materials.

4. Budget

According to the requirements of feed properties, capacity, and energy consumption, the determined type of mobile crushing station may not be single. Different combinations require different budgets.

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