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Advantages and Disadvantages of 4 Types of Stone Crusher Machines

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As the key material for infrastructure, natural stones are generally large and not suitable for construction, so we need suitable equipment for crushing the stones into small sizes or changing their shape.

At present, the equipment used in the stone crusher plant is divided into fixed stone crusher machines and mobile or portable stone crusher machines. Based on this, two types of crushers are developed, namely semi-mobile or semi-portable stone crusher machines and semi-fixed stone crusher machines.

Natural stones

So what are the differences between these four types of stone crushers, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Mobile (portable) stone crusher machines

Mobile (portable) stone crusher machines, also called mobile or portable crushing plant, are generally composed of crushers (jaw crusher machine, impact rock crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher machine, roll crusher machine), screening machine, feeder, conveyor, control system, etc.

Combining primary crushing, secondary crushing and sand making into one, the mobile crushing plant adopts self-driving method so that the components can be fixed on a whole frame. It moves by crawler or tire type track to crush the materials in a mobile manner.

The feeder feeds the stone into the crushing chamber. After being crushed and sieved, the qualified finished products are transported to the finished product warehouse, and unqualified can be crushed again.

Advantages of mobile (portable) stone crusher machines

Advantages of mobile(portable) stone crusher machines

  • The whole machine adopts all-wheel drive, which can realize in-situ steering with small floorspace. It is especially suitable for some narrow sites and complex areas, which can reduce transportation costs by 50%-70%;
  • It integrates feeding, crushing, conveying and other processes with the more powerful and more worry-free operation, replacing dump trucks to reduce procurement costs;
  • With optional and flexible configuration, it can be combined with different models to form a powerful crushing operation line and complete multi-demand operating process to reduce the cost of spare parts;
  • It can realize the in-situ treatment of stones, which not only can reduce the input cost of raw material transportation and the labor cost, but also reduce the generation of pollution during transportation;
  • Built-in noise absorption system and dust removal system can achieve green production well.

Because it is a Trinity equipment, and the continuous transportation equipment connected is belt conveyors, the crawler type mobile crushers are suitable for large-scale open mining and large-scale and continuous mining processes.

Disadvantages of mobile (portable) stone crusher machines

  • The equipment is complicated and expensive, and the one-time investment is too large, which is economically unbearable for some users;
  • The equipment that can be carried is limited, and large-scale open mining need more than one portable crushing station to meet the large capacity.

Semi-mobile stone crusher machines

The semi-mobile stone crusher machines are also called semi-portable stone crusher machines. It is to place the body in the appropriate working level in the open pit. With the advancement of the working steps, it can be pulled and transferred by a crawler truck or other traction equipment with its whole set configurable machines.

The most typical feature of semi-mobile crushing stations is that they are connected to the concrete-free foundation. Their service life ranges from a few months to several years, and the migration time usually is less than 48 hours.

The difference between the semi-mobile stone crusher and the mobile stone crusher is the location of the equipment in addition to the resetting time.

The semi-mobile stone crusher is usually placed on the working slope, and the transport distance should be less than 3 km. When the mining steps extend to the outside of the reasonable transport distance and climbing height of the vehicle, the next shift should be performed.

Advantages of semi-mobile stone crusher machines

Advantages of semi-mobile stone crusher machines

  • It not only has the advantage of being able to move, but also overcomes the shortcomings of semi-fixed construction and long-distance construction, without having to build a large foundation;
  • It can be flexibly arranged on the working slope or non-working slope;
  • The equipment is relatively small, light in weight, easy to disassemble and hoist, so the transfer is more flexible and convenient;
  • The shift is more frequent, and the time of one shift is short, which can ensure the continuity of mine production.

Disadvantages of semi-mobile stone crusher machines

  • Because its transitional movement relies on traction, it is not as good as movable crushing station;
  • The equipment is small, suitable for the size reduction of small and medium-sized production, but not large-scale mines.

Semi-fixed stone crusher machines

Semi-fixed stone crusher is a transition from semi-mobile stone crusher station to fixed crusher station.

From the perspective of the foundation, its crushing frame has a strong connection with the ground (the bedrock can be connected by anchor piles, and concrete foundation can be used in the loose area).

From the perspective of the position of the layout, it is generally fixed on the working slope to minimize the frequency of movement and improve the service life, especially for rock crushing and transportation.

When the semi-fixed stone crusher is moved, only the body of the device that is bolted to the foundation can be disassembled and moved for reuse, and the foundation buried below the surface is discarded.

Advantages of semi-fixed stone crusher machines

Advantages of semi-fixed stone crusher machines

  • It has a solid foundation, so it can be enlarged when it is selected. It is suitable for mines with large processing capacity and has a long service life;
  • Displaceable features enable the equipment to be used in different working sites to improve equipment utilization.

Disadvantages of semi-fixed stone crusher machines

  • Semi-fixed stone crusher also needs a fixed foundation, resulting in a long construction period and slower use;
  • When the transfer is carried out, the detachable equipment must be removed, the required amount of work is large, and the time for the transfer operation is long;
  • The fixing and relocation of the crusher need a fixed foundation, multiple times of civil construction, and the cost is high;
  • The frame of the crusher and the foundation buried in the ground are discarded, resulting in a large investment cost.

Fixed stone crusher machines

The fixed crusher machines are usually arranged outside the boundary of the stope, or placed in the interior of the stope and arranged in conjunction with the chute, which is not affected by the advancement and deepening of the stope. It has a permanently fixed foundation connection with the ground.

The feeding method is diversified. The automobile can directly discharge the materials, or the buffer silo can be set for feeding through the ore-mining device. The fixed crusher is generally in the crushing workshop, and has the same life as the mine.

Advantages of fixed stone crusher machines

Advantages of fixed stone crusher machines

  • The crushed ores have perfect particle shape in granulation, only a few of them are in the form of needle shape.
  • Suitable for crushing of various hardness rocks such as limestone, basalt stone, granite, pebbles, coal, etc;
  • It is relatively convenient to maintain and operate compared with mobile stone crusher machines;
  • It is suitable for high-grade highway, railway, water conservancy, concrete mixing station and other industries with qualified aggregates being provided.
  • The fixed stone crusher has a flexible configuration, large crushing ratio, high production efficiency and large processing capacity;
  • The wearing parts are currently made of high-strength and wear-resistant materials, with low loss and long service life, which can bring considerable economic benefits to customers;
  • It can be designed with high-capacity according to production needs, mainly used in factories where the stone is relatively concentrated and the supply of stones is relatively stable.

Disadvantages of fixed stone crusher machines

  • The fixed stone crusher requires a series of installations on the equipment, the design of the site, etc. In order to fix the equipment when installing, it is necessary to use concrete to lay the foundation, which is not convenient to disassemble;
  • Ore requires long-distance transportation, which increases the cost of transportation and labor.

Comprehensive analysis

  1. 1 The mobile or portable stone crushing plant is a self-driving machine. The typical walking mode is tire-type and crawler-type. From the perspective of the layout, it is generally located on the working site and needs to move flexibly with the advancement of the mining work.
  2. 2 Semi-mobile or semi-portable stone crushing plant does not have the walking function, needs to be transported with the whole or separate body by special transfer tools, without connecting to the ground.
  3. 3 The semi-fixed stone crusher needs to be installed on the effective concrete foundation or steel structure. Due to the topographic and geological conditions, there are some exceptions. These crushers, although need a relatively solid foundation, also belongs to the semi-fixed stone crusher.
  4. 4 The fixed crushing plant is the most uncontroversial type. It has a solid foundation and is used for a long time outside the stope. The transport distance is relatively stable and should not be adjusted.


The stone crusher machines are essential equipment in mining machinery, crushing the stone to meet the required size.

I believe that through the above specific introduction, users have understood how these four crushing stations crushing of a stone.

Even though different types of stone crushers have their advantages and disadvantages, it is best to choose the one that suits you best and give full play to the advantages of the crushers.

As for how to choose from these four types, users can choose according to their actual situation and the analysis and suggestions of professionals.

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