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Hammer Crusher

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Hammer Crusher

ico 1 Processing ability: 5–55 t/h

ico 2 Power: 11–90 kw

Applied material : limestone, granite, cobble, dolomite, bluestone, iron ore, construction waste, glass, cement clinker, etc

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The introduction of hammer crusher

Hammer crusher is a single-stage crushing machine that can directly crush the materials whose maximum granularity are from 600-180 mm to 25 mm or below.

It is suitable for crushing medium hardness and brittle materials in industries such as mining, cement, coal, metallurgy, building materials, highways, and combustion.

It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high production capacity and uniform product size.

Application areas of hammer crusher

Application areas of hammer crusher

Hammer crusher design characteristics

  • With advanced design technology, hammer crusher has a compact structure and shock resistance;
  • The structure of the body is sealed, which solves the dust pollution of the crushing and the problem of body leakage;
  • With advanced and reasonable design, the feed port of hammer crusher has a large crushing ratio, and a uniform granular shape of the finished products;
  • The internal structure design is more scientific, thus, the operation efficiency is high with characteristics of the continuity work, excellent performance, reliable stability and large later creation benefits;
  • The hammerhead and the sieve plate are made of manganese alloy with strong shock resistance and abrasion resistance.

Hammer crusher advantages

Advantages of hammer crusher

Advantages of hammer crusher

  • Hammerhead has advantages of wear-resistant and impact-resistant, which is an upgraded product with less wearing parts and easy to maintain;
  • The discharge port is adjustable, so the required particle size can be adjusted according to the requirements of the customer;
  • The hard and excellent material is selected to make the machine, so it is durable and has a long service life;
  • It adopts high dust-proof and dust-removing technology, which meets the requirements of green environmental protection standards;
  • Its operation cost is low with the short return period and the production efficiency is high;
  • It has Lower investment cost with advantages of small particle size, wide applications, and large handling material.

Hammer crusher parts

The main working parts of the hammer crusher is a rotor with a hammer (also called a hammer head). And the rotor consists of a main shaft, a disc, a pin and a hammer.

The hammerhead is the most important working part of the hammer crusher. The quality, shape and material of the hammerhead determine the production capacity of the hammer crusher.

The size of the kinetic energy of the hammerhead is proportional to the weight of the hammerhead. The least hammerhead is 15 kg and the maximum hammerhead can reach 298 kg. The weight of the hammer head can be customized according to the customer's needs.

Hammer crusher working principle

Working principle of hammer crusher

Working principle of hammer crusher

The hammer crusher machine crushes materials depending on its impact power. When it works, the motor drives the rotor to spin at a high speed which makes materials enter the crushing cavity evenly, and the high speed spinning hammerhead impacts, cuts and tears materials till they are completely crushed. Meanwhile, the gravity of materials forces them to crash the baffle and grate bars on the frame from the high speed spinning hammerhead.

At the bottom of the rotor is the sieve plate. Materials whose particle size are smaller than the screen size will pass the sieve plate while those with bigger particle size are stopped on the plate and will continue to be impacted and ground by the hammer until they have the required discharging particle size, and then they will be discharged from the hammer crusher through the sieve plate.


Fote Heavy Industry(FTM) is a comprehensive enterprise integrating research and development, processing and manufacturing, equipment installation and commissioning services. The company specialize in the production of various types of crushing, ore beneficiation, building materials, and grinding equipment.

In the process of design, manufacturing, installation and commission, the company has strict requirement, fundamentally guaranteeing the high quality of the products to ensure the vital interests of the customers.

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Hammer crusher produced by Fote

Hammer crusher produced by Fote


  • Hammer Crusher
  • PCZ Heavy Hammer Crusher
Specification Capacity(m³/h)
Motor Power
PCΦ400×300 5-10 4P 11KW
PCΦ600×400 10-22 4P 22KW
PCΦ800×600 18-40 6P 55KW
PCΦ1000×800 25-50 8P 75KW
PCΦ1000×1000 30-55 8P 90KW
Specification Capacity(m³/h)
Motor Power
PCΦ400×300 5-10 4P 11KW
PCΦ600×400 10-22 4P 22KW
PCΦ800×600 18-40 6P 55KW
PCΦ1000×800 25-50 8P 75KW
PCΦ1000×1000 30-55 8P 90KW
Model Rotor diameter×length
Feed opening Length×width
Feeding size
Total weight
PCZ1308 1300×790 910×890 ≤400 100-160 132 2880×2130×2390
PCZ1410 1400×1000 1020×750 ≤500 180-230 4P   160/2×90 2830×2100×2485
PCZ1610 1600×1000 1150×1000 ≤600 260-350 132×2 3370×2415×2750
PCZ1615 1600×1500 1400×1000 ≤600 380-550 200×2 3370×2925×2750
PCZ1716 1700×1600 1640×1300 ≤650 600-850 250×2 3520×3000×3210
PCZ1720 1700×2000 1980×1300 ≤650 700-1000 400×2 3670×3390×3330
PCZ1920 1900×2000 1850×1600 ≤800 900-1500 500×2 3729×3300×4450
PCZ2225 2200×2500 2100×2300 ≤1200 1500-3000 1250 4620×5380×4780
Model Feeding size
PCZ1310 ≤400 100-160
PCZ1410 ≤500 180-230
PCZ1610 ≤600 260-350
PCZ1615 ≤600 380-550
PCZ1716 ≤650 600-850
PCZ1720 ≤650 700-1000
PCZ1900 ≤800 900-1500
PCZ2225 ≤1200 1500-3000
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