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Sand Making Machine

Sand Making Machine

ico 1 Processing Capacity: 12-585 t/h

ico 2 Max Feeding Size:  30-60 mm

Applied materials : rock, aggregate, gravel, granite, limestone, quartz, basalt, cobble, dolomite, calcite, etc.

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A brief introduction to sand making machine

Sand making machine of Fote Heavy Machinery (FTM) is also called sand maker, which is jointly developed by the engineers of China and Germany. It is designed to be the crushing equipment with advanced technology and high efficiency which is based on the actual conditions of the sand making process.

Since the launch of the sand making machine, it has gradually replaced traditional equipment such as hammer crusher, roll crusher and rod mill, and has become the mainstream equipment in the sand making industry.

Sand making machine is applied to crush and shape soft, medium-hard and extra-hard materials such as minerals, cement, refractory matter, bauxite clinker, emery, glass raw materials, machine-made building stone materials and gold slag.

The main models and their applications

Sand making machine

Sand making machine

FTM vertical shaft impact crusher

FTM vertical shaft impact crusher (FTM sand making machine) is the high-efficient crushing equipment developed by FTM with the introduction of the principle and technology of the famous crushing principle of Barmac.

It is also the core equipment for the construction, mining, metallurgical industries as well as highways, railways, bridges, hydropower, mineral grinding and machine sand.

VSI sand maker

VSI sand maker (new type sand making machine) is the sand making equipment with high efficiency on the basis of the introduction of advanced German technology and several improvements in technology.

The equipment is especially suitable for high-rise buildings, highways, high-speed railways, municipal works, hydropower dam construction, concrete mixing plants and other fields to provide sand and gravel aggregates with high quality.

HVI sand maker

HVI impact sand maker is the advanced equipment used in the processing and production of raw materials for various construction, chemical, cement, highway, mining, etc. This equipment has two remarkable functions of sand making and shaping. The adjustment of grain shape is convenient, and the shape of the finished product is more beautiful.

The advantages of sand making machine

The advantages of sand making machine

The advantages of sand making machine

Less wear and long durability

The optimal impact angle of materials in the chamber is designed, and the wearing parts are not easy to wear and consume. During the sand making process, the stone material can form a protective bottom layer, and the materials are not directly in contact with the metal components, but are impacted, rubbed and pulverized with the material lining, thereby reducing the wear of the equipment and its components.

Low energy consumption and manufacturing costs

The size of the inlet and outlet is adjustable, and the materials can be crushed to different extents to reduce energy consumption. After the small materials are processed by the sand making machine, they can become qualified sand and gravel materials without secondary treatment, which will save cost.

Unique technique and simple structure

The hammer is made of high manganese steel with high wear resistance. Its impact resistance and toughness are very high. The frame is welded and stable, avoiding large vibrations in the work. The machine has a low failure rate and long service life.

High crushing efficiency

The production can reach up to 520 tons per hour and the particle size can be below to 20 mesh (0.85mm).

Excellent shape of the product

The product is cubic with good grain shape and adjustable fineness.

Good seal without pollution

The parts are sealed well, and the structure is reasonable and compact. The gap between the parts is reduced to prevent the machine from dust. The ingenious air circulation inside the chamber is circulated to reduce the dust and noise and realize environmental protection.

Working principle

Working principle

Working principle

The material enters the sand making machine from the feeding hole and is divided into two parts by the distributor system. And one part of materials enter the high-speed rotating impeller, which is rapidly accelerated, and ejected from the three flow paths at a speed of 60 to 70 m/s.

Firstly, this part of materials is crushed and broken with a part of the material falling from the distributor, and then impacts on the material lining in the chamber, rebounds by the material lining, impacts obliquely to the top of the chamber, and changes its moving direction.

The material emitted from the impeller flow path forms a continuous material curtain. Then crushed material is discharged from the lower discharge port and forms a closed circuit with the circulating screening system. Generally, the material can be crushed into 20 mesh ( 0.85 mm) or smaller after three cycles.

During the whole crushing process, the materials are crushed by each other, which makes the materials cleaner, and reduces pollution and wear of the machine. In addition, the inside of the chamber adopts the airflow self-circulation system, which eliminates dust pollution and has a better environmental protection effect.

Analysis of factors influencing the price

Working site

Working site

Cost investment

The input of cost is one of the fundamental factors determining the price of sand making machine. Reasonable design and production process can reduce the overall cost waste, thus ensuring a more favorable equipment quotation.

Technical content

The input of technical content is a measure of the quality of equipment. High-tech content and material cost investment, the quality of equipment is inevitably better. And the cost of capital is increased, which makes the price of equipment higher.

Model specifications

For sand making machines of different models and specifications, the different parameter information, including capacity, volume, weight, and motor configuration, will have an impact on the price. And the larger model will make the price higher.

Market economy

The main material of the equipment - the fluctuation of steel prices, will limit the quotation of equipment. The improvement of the economic level and the increase in steel prices will make the price of equipment higher.


HVI sand making machine

HVI sand making machine

Fote Heavy Machinery as a professional manufacturer of sand making machines has its production workshop and R&D organization. FTM has the strength and ability to help users make reasonable plans according to the needs of users and actual production conditions.

Choosing FTM one-stop shopping, you can get them for free:

  • 1. FTM can provide users with free guidance on the selection of sand making machines, and design more economical and reasonable sand production line solutions according to their needs until they are satisfied.
  • 2. When customers come to the factory for inspection, they can enjoy the free test of the sand making machine with their materials, visit the production workshop and working site.
  • 3. After the customer has reached a cooperation agreement with FTM, FTM will dispatch technical engineers to their working site to guide the installation and be responsible for training the operators and provide users with lifetime after-sales technical support.


  • Sand Making Machine
  • VSI Sand Maker
  • HVI Sand Making Machine
FTM-06 12-30
FTM-07 25-55
FTM-09 55-100
FTM-10 100-160
Model Capacity(t/h)
Feed both 
at center
 and sides
Feed at 
FTMVSI-7611 120-180 60-90
FTMVSI-8518 200-260 100-130
FTMVSI-9526 300-380 150-190
FTMVSI-1140 450-520 225-260
FTMVSI-1145 500-610 245-355
FTMVSI-1150 520-650 255-365
Model Sand Shaping
Sand Making
Motor Power (kw)
Max.Feeding Size (mm)
HVI 0815  <30 <35  2×75 
HVI 0818 <30 <35 2×90
HVI 0922 <35 <40 2×110
HVI 0926 <35 <40 2×132
HVI 1032 <40 <45 2×160
HVI 1040 <40 <45 2×200
HVI 1250 <45 <50 2×250
HVI 1263 <50 <55 2×315
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