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Sharp Tool Makes Good Work—Choosing Right Sand Making Machine

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Natural sand, especially the high-quality natural river sand, has always been the most needed resource in the construction industry. However, with the increasingly depleting of it, the output of high-quality natural river sand is unable to meet the needs of the construction industry any more.

At the same time, artificial sand, with the advancement of sand making technology, has unparalleled unique advantages in terms of whether performance, particle size or shape compared with natural sand.

Therefore, using artificial sand instead of natural sand has become an inevitable trend for the sustainable development of construction industry.

In this article, we will analyze:

Using artificial sand instead of natural sand

Using artificial sand instead of natural sand

Types of sand making machines

As the saying goes: "Sharp tool makes good work." Thus, it is very essential to have an understanding of sand making machine before engaging in the artificial sand making industry.

So far, the types of sand making machines in the market can be divided into four types roughly: hammer-type sand making machine, roller-type sand making machine, impact sand making machine and vertical shaft impact crusher.

Hammer-type sand making machine contains two kinds: hammer crusher and compound crusher. It is mainly used for crushing various hard and abrasive materials with moisture content being less than 15%.

And its principle is mainly to use a high-speed moving hammer to strike, shock, shear, and grind the material and then obtain artificial sand in certain size.

Picture of hammer crusher and compound crusher

Picture of hammer crusher and compound crusher

Roller-type sand making machine is also called roller crusher. It usually processes artificial sand by using the squeeze force between two rollers.

Due to the frequent malfunction and difficult repair, it is not suitable for crushing materials with hardness and abrasiveness. Instead, it is used for crushing coal or raw coal (including coal gangue) more often.

Impact sand making machine is impact crusher. It is mainly used for processing medium-hard materials with side length from 100mm to 500 mm.

The finished grain shape of the artificial sand crushed by it is in cubic shape. Without tension and cracks, impact crusher is much better than the two types above.

Vertical shaft impact crusher crushes the material through collision between stones or between the stones and inner wall when impeller whirl at high speed. This artificial sand making principle is also called "stone hitting stone" or "stone hitting iron".

This sand making machine is widely used for fine crushing of river pebble, rock, ore, etc. Especially, it has more outstanding performance in the processing of medium, hard materials and abrasive materials than any others.

Therefore, until now vertical shaft impact crusher is the most popular and effective mainstream equipment for artificial sand making in the market.

This article is also based on this type to analyze the factors when choosing a right artificial sand making machine.

Picture of roller crusher, impact crusher and vertical shaft impact crusher

Picture of roller crusher, impact crusher and vertical shaft impact crusher

Advantages of different sand making machines

Besides knowing the principles, in order to choose the right one, we still need to collect more information about the sand making machines.

Sand making machines manufactured by Fote Heavy Machinery (FTM) have three types: FTM vertical shaft impact crusher (FTM sand making machine), VSI sand making machine, and HVI sand making machine.

Apparances of FTM, VSI and HVI sand making machine

Apparances of FTM, VSI and HVI sand making machine

All of these three types have superior performance in artificial sand making since they are designed by outstanding engineers from both China and Germany. Then what are the differences among them?

Material granularity

Although the output particle size of the artificial sand made by these three kinds of sand making machines are all within adjustable range, the inquiry of the sizes for feeding particle is slightly different.

  • FTM sand making machine has the largest feeding particle size: no more than 60mm
  • Followed by HVI sand maker, which does not exceed 55mm
  • And the smallest feeding particle size is the VSI sand maker, whose feeding particle size needs to be within 50mm.

It is worth mentioning that HVI sand making machine can not only make artificial sand with certain particle size, but also has the function of shaping.

Thus, if you have requirements on the shape of the artificial sand during the sand making processing, then HVI sand making machine will be your best choice.


The capacity of FTM vertical shaft impact crusher is in the range of 12-160t/h, which is more suitable for the sand making project with small capacity.

VSI sand making machine capacity is 60-520t/h, and capacity of the HVI sand making machine can meet 70-585t/h. From this point of view, the capacities of these two machines are comparable.

While HVI sand making machine, adopts a design of deep cavity impeller, improves the throughput by 30%, so it is more competitive than the VSI.

Types FTM sand maker VSI sand maker HVI sand maker
Input size ≤60mm ≤50mm ≤55mm
Capacity 12-160t/h 60-520t/h 70-585t/h

Manufacturing Technology

Sand making machine working principle

Sand making machine working principle

FTM vertical shaft impact crusher, introduced the principle of "stone hitting stone" from Barmac Company of the America. The design of small capacity makes the equipment in tiny size, easy to install, operate and maintain.

Differently, VSI sand maker introduces German advanced technology and is designed by "stone hitting iron" working principle, which makes the efficiency of artificial sand making higher than FTM sand making machine.

Also, VSI sand making machine is designed with deep cavity, which makes it possible to ensure greater throughput during the sand making processing.

HVI sand making machine, introducing the German technology and advanced technology at home, combines the working principle of both "stone hitting stone" and "stone hitting iron". Therefore, the finished artificial sand has better quality in terms of particle size and shape.

In addition, its throwing head adopts a method of combination: once there is a problem, only the worn parts need to be replaced, which can reduce the maintenance cost by 30% during the artificial sand making. Understood the principles and characteristics of different kinds sand makers, then how to choose the right one?

How to Choose the Suitable Sand Making Machine

In general, the aspects we need to consider when selecting a right sand making machine can be roughly divided into five parts: quality of the machine, project requirement, manufacturer strength, after-sale service and funds investment.

5 aspacts for choosing sand making machine

5 aspacts for choosing sand making machine

Quality of the machine

To choose a right sand making machine, you must first determine whether the machine is in good quality or not, and then get aware of its crushing efficiency. Both of the two points can directly affect the overall progress of artificial sand making.

In addition, operation design of the machine also needs to be considered.

The three sand making machines, produced by Fote Heavy Machinery (FTM), introduce many kinds advanced technology domestic and foreign, realize a higher throughput in the artificial sand making.

Moreover, most of the wearing parts inside are made by high-quality alloys, which makes the machine not wear out easily. By using this way, it achieves a greatly reduce of the subsequent maintenance costs.

Wearing parts made by high-quality alloys

Wearing parts made by high-quality alloys

Project requirement

Usually, the choice of sand making machine is influenced by the project information such as types of material, capacity, the input and output size, etc.

The hardness and moisture content of the materials are the decisive factors in choosing the specific type of sand making machine.

  • FTM vertical shaft impact crusher is widely used for medium and fine crushing (grinding) of various hard and brittle materials such as rocks, abrasives, refractory materials, cement clinker, quartz stone, iron ore, concrete aggregate, etc.
  • The finished sand in cube shape, VSI sand maker is more suitable for providing high-quality artificial sand for high-rise building, highway (railway) construction, municipal engineering, large water conservancy facilities, concrete mixing stations etc.
  • With function of both crushing and shaping, HVI sand making machine is more applied to the crushing and shaping of metal and non-metallic ore, construction material, artificial sand making and various metallurgical slags.

Wide application of sand making machines

Wide application of sand making machines

The choice for specific models of the sand making machine is more reflected in different requirements for the capacity, input size and output size, etc.

Manufacturer strength

Strength of the manufacturer is one of the important factors to consider when choosing the right sand making machine.

Large-scale equipment manufacturers are usually capable to research and design more advanced machines. Moreover, years of manufacturing experience makes the quality of the machines more guaranteed.

As a large factory with more than 30 years of mining machinery manufacturing experience, Fote Heavy Machinery (FTM) has always restrained ourselves with high standards and strict requirements.

Being excellence in product design, all products have passed ISO9001, CE and GOST international quality system certification. Providing customers with high-quality machines is always our aim.

In addition, having more than 300 high-level technical engineers, we are here to tailor the most suitable project plans for customers.

Quality guaranteed by more than 300 high-level technical engineers

Quality guaranteed by more than 300 high-level technical engineers

After-sale service

After-sales service is also one of the factors being considered when choosing the right sand making machine. Complete after-sales service is a powerful guarantee for making sure the project progress in order.

With a term of more than 100 people for overseas after-sales service, our Fote Heavy Machinery (FTM) can provide you with equipment installation, maintenance and subsequent repair timely.

More than 100 people for overseas after-sales service around the world

More than 100 people for overseas after-sales service around the world

Besides, we provide clients with one-year guarantee period for maintenance and replacement of parts, which makes nothing to worry about your project.

Funds investment

Different types of sand making machines have different prices, the prices of different models are not in the same either.

How to choose the highest quality and most economical sand making machine within your funds is the necessary work before artificial sand making. Take Fote's three types sand making machines as example:

Price of FTM sand maker is the lowest among the three on account of its small output and simple structure.

Besides, a small number of its easy-wear parts are made of ultra-hard and wear-resistant materials, which reduces the replacement cost effectively.

Therefore, this type of sand maker is much suitable for clients who are under limited funds. While on the basis of abundant funds, both VSI and HVI sand making machines are good choices.

VSI sand making machine adopts the design of deep cavity rotor, which achieves a larger throughput during the artificial sand making.

On account of its unique advantages, VSI sand maker is a wise choice to provide high quality sand aggregate for concrete mixing stations.

HVI sand making machine, as one of the most advanced sand making equipment, has the most initial investment.

While it is designed not only by deep cavity rotor to increase the throughput, but also using the combining throwing head to reduce 30% of maintenance costs. As a result, although the initial investment is large, the economic benefits of this sand making machine are still considerable in the long run.

Specific analysis of differences among FTM, VSI and HVI sand making machine

Specific analysis of differences among FTM, VSI and HVI sand making machine


The large demand of artificial sand has stimulated the prosperity of the sand making industry. To engage in the artificial sand making industry and obtain economic benefits, selecting the right sand making machine is the most important step.

Fote Heavy Machinery (FTM), as one of the three biggest mining machine manufacturers in China with 37 years' experience, we are always ready to provide you with the high-quality sand maker and best service.

Fote Heavy Machinery (FTM) with 37 years manufacturing experience

Fote Heavy Machinery (FTM) with 37 years manufacturing experience

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