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6 Granite Crushers to Maximize Granite Crushing Efficiency

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Granite crusher is the ideal equipment for crushing hard granite stones. 

The best-selling granite crushers in the market include granite jaw crusher, granite cone crusher, granite impact crusher, granite sand making machine, granite mobile crusher, and granite portable crusher.

This article will share with you the pros and cons of these crushers to help you pick the right one.

The reason for the popularity of granite crushers is the wide application of granite products. Granite products are often used as raw materials or combined with other aggregates for construction, including houses, apartments, commercial spaces and public buildings, bridges, roads.

Applications of granite sand and gravel aggregates in different sizes

Applications of granite sand and gravel

Applications of granite sand and gravel

  • 80-150 mm (gravel in over-large size): mainly used for large water conservancy and hydropower construction
  • 40-80 mm (gravel in large size): mainly used for the construction of road, road base, and railway
  • 20-40 mm (gravel in medium size): mainly used for civil construction
  • 5-20 mm (gravel in small size): mainly used for large concrete buildings
  • Under 5 mm (sand): used for various building and road construction project

Granite Jaw Crusher

Due to the large feeding inlet and strong crushing capacity, jaw crushers are often used to crush bulky granite (above 450mm) into smaller sizes. It is an efficient and popular primary crusher for granite. In addition, the fine crushing jaw crusher developed by Ftmmachinery can also meet the fine crushing needs of granite.

Granite jaw crusher

Feeding size ≤1, 200 mm
Discharging size 10-350 mm
Capacity ≤2, 200 t/h

Video of granite jaw crusher

Advantages of Granite Jaw Crusher

  • Having a deep crushing cavity with no dead zone improves the granite crushing efficiency. The large jaw crusher can crush 1,000 tons of granite per hour.
  • Due to its simple structure and small size, the price of jaw crusher is much cheaper than other crushing equipment.
  • The granularity of finished products can be adjusted to produce finished products of various specifications to meet the different production needs of users.
  • Stable operation and low failure rate can reduce maintenance costs.

Disadvantages of Granite Jaw Crusher

  • Granite stone is very hard and easy to wear the blow hammer and impact plate of the jaw crusher. Periodic replacement of blow hammers and impact plates is required.
  • The granite gravel and aggregate produced by the jaw crusher have poor particle shape and a high proportion of needle-like materials.

Granite Cone Crusher

Granite stone has high hardness and is easy to wear the wear-resistant parts of the crusher. Therefore, the crusher adopted the lamination crushing principle should be selected as much as possible to reduce the loss of wear-resistant parts.

The cone crusher breaks granite stone by extrusion. The wear and tear of the equipment wear parts is relatively low, and the wear costs can be kept to a minimum.

Therefore, it has become a popular granite crusher with the advantages of wear resistance, large output and uniform cubical products, and is often used in the secondary crushing process. If the granularity of the granite feed is small, the cone crusher is also used in the first crushing process.

granite cone crusher

Feeding size ≤450 mm
Discharging size 4-41mm
Capacity ≤2, 181t/h

Video of granite cone crusher

Advantages of Granite Cone Crusher

  • The cone crusher has large output and stable production, and can be used in large-scale, high-output granite crushing production lines.
  • More than 90% of the granite gravel is in perfect cubical shape, achieving low amount of needle and flake particles.
  • The modular design enables the conversion of primary, secondary and tertiary crushing by changing the cavity type.
  • The cone crusher is also equipped with a complete dust collection and dust reduction device and an advanced noise treatment device to solve dust and noise pollution.

Disadvantages of Granite Cone Crusher

  • The price of granite cone crusher is relatively expensive.

Granite Impact Crusher

The impact crusher has the dual performance of crushing and shaping. Its product shape is better than that of cone crusher.

Impact crushers can be used for primary, secondary and tertiary crushing processes. In view of the serious wear of granite to the impact crusher, we do not use the impact crusher to coarsely crush the granite, but use its shaping function to obtain granite products with perfect grain shape. It is often placed after a jaw crusher or a cone crusher.

granite impact crusher

Feeding size ≤800mm
Discharging size 10-80mm
Capacity ≤800t/h

Video of granite impact crusher

Advantages of Granite Impact Crusher

  • The impact crusher has a large feeding port, a deep crushing cavity and a large crushing ratio, which can effectively complete the fine crushing of granite.
  • The gap between the impact plate and the hammer can be easily adjusted, which can effectively control the granularity of the finished granite.
  • The high chrome blow hammer is resistant to impact and wear.

Disadvantages of Granite Impact Crusher

  • Impact crusher is more suitable for crushing medium-hard and brittle materials such as limestone and dolomite. Hard granite rock can severely wear blow hammers and require periodic replacement of blow hammers.
  • The impact crusher produces more noise and dust.

Granite Sand Making Machine

Granite sand making machine has dual functions of sand making and shaping.

The shaping effect of the sand making machine is better than that of the impact crusher. If the market has high requirements for the grain shape of granite products, the finely crushed granite can be sent to it for further shaping.

Sand making machine is a high-efficiency fine crusher with finer discharge product size. It is often used in the last process of granite sand making production line and is also the core equipment.

The granite sand produced by it has uniform particle size, high compressive strength, strong adhesion and long durability, and is widely used in highways, railways, bridges, airports, real estate and other fields.

granite sand making machine

Feeding size ≤50mm
Discharging size 2-20mm
Capacity 120-650t/h

Video of granite sand making machine

Advantages of Granite Sand Making Machine

  • The advanced stone-on-stone or stone-on-iron crushing principle makes the granite sand with uniform particles and a shape comparable to natural sand. It is also possible to shape the sand with an unsatisfactory shape to make it into cubical shape to meet the high requirements of machine-made sand and gravel in some fields.
  • The design of the large discharge port ensures smooth discharge, prevents material blockage, avoids abnormal equipment damage, and improves crushing efficiency.
  • The wearing parts of the granite sand making machine are made of high-end wear-resistant materials, which can improve its wear resistance, compression resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. And the lighter weight is convenient for transportation and installation.
  • The adoption of water seal ensures good sealing performance of the system, preventing dust from overflowing and reducing environmental pollution.
  • It is equipped with a safety protection device. When any problem occurs in the equipment, it can automatically cut off the power and start the protection system to ensure the safety of the equipment and personal safety.

Disadvantages of Granite Sand Making Machine

  • The output of granite sand making machine is smaller than other granite crushing machines.

Granite Mobile Crusher

Granite mobile crushers are track-mounted granite crushing machines that are easily movable on and between production sites. Thanks to complete mobility, mobile crushers can move to a new processing site and put into production as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is very suitable for large-scale open-pit granite quarries.

Based on the crusher installed, mobile crushers include mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher, mobile impact crusher, mobile sand making machine, etc.

If you combine hopper, feeder, screener with these crushers, you will get a mobile crushing plant that integrates feeding, crushing, screening and conveying.

Granite moble crusher

Feeding size ≤1, 000mm
Discharging size 2-180mm
Capacity 100-700t/h

Video of granite mobile crusher

Advantages of Granite Mobile Granite Crusher

  • Based on self-propelled and compact value, mobile crushers can directly be stationed at the quarry or the aggregate site, thereby offsetting additional logistics costs in terms of conveyor belt or larger number of dump trucks support to the unit to haul the granite products.
  • It consumes less lead time than stationary crushers.
  • It leaves no civil works and wastage in plant structural and electricals.

Disadvantages of Granite Mobile Crusher

  • Granite mobile crushers are compact in structure but have many components, making maintenance difficult.
  • The mobile crusher equipment has limited space between the crusher discharge and the conveyor belt, and the feed opening is also slightly smaller, reducing the throughput of the mobile equipment.

Granite Portable Crusher

Granite portable mobile crushers are transportable and can be moved from one production site to another with a tractor. The time and labor required for the transfer is relatively higher than that of a self-propelled mobile crusher. It is often used in granite mines and granite quarries where raw materials are relatively concentrated, and usually there is no need to transfer production sites for a period of time.

Portable crushers can also be combined with hoppers, conveyor belts, screening machines to form a crushing plant integrating feeding, crushing, screening and conveying.

granite portable crusher

Feeding size ≤800mm
Discharging size 2-150mm
Capacity 100-580t/h

Video of granite portable crusher

Advantages of Granite Portable Crusher

  • It can move flexibly without having to build concrete infrastructure. Mobile operations are often completed within 48 hours, ensuring continuous production in the quarry.
  • Compared with mobile crushers of the same scale, portable crushers have lower price, larger output and better economic benefits.
  • Portable crushers feature an open design for easier maintenance and minimal downtime.

Disadvantages of Granite Portable Crusher

  • Portable crushers are transported by a trailer and secured by a hydraulic support system at the production site. Therefore, the transfer requires more time and labor.

Tips: How to Choose the Right Granite Crusher?

The above is a brief introduction of the 6 popular granite crushers on the market. In order to obtain the best crushing results, the following factors should be considered when choosing a granite crusher.

1. Wear-resistance

Granite rock has high hardness and high silicon content. It is difficult to crush or requires relatively high crushing costs. The wrong choice of granite crusher will speed up the damage of wear parts, and even need to be replaced in a few days, increasing the operating cost.

2. Grain shape

Since granite is a brittle, improper crusher will increase the content of needle-like and flake-like materials and increase the internal cracks of the finished product, thereby reducing the scope of application and revenue.

3. Production

In the process of granite crushing, two or more types of crushers are applied, so the combination of crushers is of great importance. A good production line ensures a smooth granite crushing process, saving manpower and material resources while increasing the output.

4. Dust

Granite crushing inevitably produces dust. The spread of dust pollutes the environment, or worse, cause downtime if you are not careful. Therefore, choose a granite crusher with a sealing system and dust control measures.

5. Noise

In the context of environmental protection, reducing noise is also an important measure to achieve that. Therefore, when choosing a granite crusher, consider whether it has noise-reducing accessories.

Granite crushing process

As a professional mining equipment manufacturer, Ftmmachinery can provide you with efficient and solid crushers and help design a reasonable granite crushing production line according to your needs (output, grain shape, particle size, working site).

Taking the granite sand production line as an example, the crushing process is as follows:

  1. 1. Coarse (primary) crushing: Bulky granite stones are evenly fed into the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder.
  2. 2. Secondary crushing: The coarsely crushed granite stone is sent to the cone crusher by the belt conveyor.
  3. 3. Screening: The finely crushed granite stones are sent to the vibrating screen by the belt conveyor.
  4. 4. Sand making: The stones that meet the requirements of sand making are sent to the sand making machine, and those that do not meet the requirements are sent to the cone crusher for re-crushing.
  5. 5. Screening of finished products: Screening out various specifications of granite finished products and granite powder.
  6. 6. Sand washing: If there are many impurities in the sand, wash sand with a sand washing machine to improve the quality of the sand.

Granite stone crushing production line with an output of 200 tons per hour

Granite stone crushing production line with an output of 200 tons per hour (case)

Feeding size Finished product specification Device configuration
≤630mm 0-5mm
ZSW490*110 Vibrating Feeder
HD98 Jaw Crusher
HPM300 multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher
3YK1854 Vibrating screen
Several conveyors
Client feedback

Granite is hard, so I chose a cone crusher, which has an iron protection device inside. And it has a touch screen intelligent operating system that can adjust the output size. This makes it very convenient.

Granite stone crushing production line with an output of 500 tons per hour

Granite stone crushing production line with an output of 500 tons per hour (case)

Feeding size Finished product specification Device configuration
≤450mm 0-5mm
GZD1000*36000 Vibrating Feeder
CJ96 Jaw Crusher
SC560 Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher
VSI6X sand making machine
3YK2160 Vibrating screen
Several conveyors
Client feedback

I need granite sand with uniform grain size and good grain shape. The finished product of Ftmmachinery's VSI sand making machine meets the material requirements of my downstream users in terms of output and grain shape. I am very satisfied with this cooperation with Ftmmachinery.

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Author : Jordan Jordan is the writer of the blog with a broad knowledge of this industry. Most importantly, he hopes to help you in your projects sincerely.


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