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Single-cylinder Cone Crusher

Single-cylinder Cone Crusher

Applied materials: gravel, granite, limestone, quartz, dolomite, basalt, iron ore, gold ore, copper ore, etc. FTM Cone Crusher is designed to make your operations run more smoothly and easily.

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Model: SC(S)100

Max Feeding size: 250 mm


Capacity: 85-170 t/h

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Model: SC(S)250

Max Feeding size: 450 mm


Capacity: 225-605 t/h

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Model: SC(S)315

Max Feeding size: 560 mm


Capacity: 318-1050 t/h

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A single-cylinder cone crusher can effectively crush the rock material into products with uniform particle size and beautiful grain shape. It is commonly used in the secondary and tertiary crushing stages for aggregate production, concrete recycling, and mining operations.

The secondary crushing equipment is designated as standard cone crushers and short-head cone crushers. The former ones have stepped liners, and the latter ones have smoother crushing faces and steeper cone angles of the breaking head.

The sing-cylinder crusher is suitable for various rocks no matter it is hard, soft, or abrasives. With proper operation, the running cost of the cone will be much lower than the impact crusher and will produce a less fine powder.

Crucial parts design enables the cone crusher to crush all types of rock

Crusher chamber design

Steep crushing chamber: It can realize trouble-free operation when the feed material is thick, smooth and wet, while also providing maximum throughput for the high-quality product required.

Adjustable crushing chamber: It allows easy adjustment of the crusher throughput to work in harmony with the rest of the crushing plant.

Single-cylinder cone crusher head

The cone crusher head has a maximum volumetric discharge. When a large amount of material is discharged, the maximum discharging volume makes the crusher process more material in each cycle and fill more material into the void left by the crushing head as it retreats.

Large head angle: It ensures trouble-free operation with high reduction ratios under varying feed conditions. It benefits continuous process and crusher control, therefore helping to perform high availability and reach optimal production levels of the desired product.

Automation design of single-cylinder cone crusher

Automatization design of single-cylinder cone crusher

  • Automatic system continuously monitors crusher loads and operating parameters to ensure optimal operating conditions and maximum availability.
  • The system has multiple functions such as control maintenance, setting modification, production tracking, and data extraction.
  • By the way you can adjust a single-cylinder cone crusher from a distance, thus reducing risks and improving the safety of plant personnel.
  • It can monitor the feed and automatically change settings based on load or liner wear.
  • It also can select the product size distribution by itself based on your preference for coarse or fine aggregate production.

The feed size can be adjusted to the required material size

A single-cylinder cone crusher can process raw materials into small or oversize because the feed opening can be adjusted according to changes in feed size and flow rate. That is why the feed size of the material can be between ultra-coarse and ultra-fine.

The large feed opening can prevent clogging and allow the primary crusher to operate with a large opening port and closed side setting. The constant feed opening and wear compensation minimizes the need to adjust coarse crusher parameters during operation.

Changeable stroke

The adjustable stroke makes it easy to adjust the throughput to work in harmony with the rest of the crushing plant. The function creates proper throttle feed conditions and optimizes crusher settings to ensure maximum throughput for the desired product size.

How does a single-cylinder cone crusher work?

When the cone crusher starts, the motor drives the belt pulley, and the coupling turns around, and then the strong driving force makes the concave move back and forth from the mantle surface installed in the adjusting sleeve.

When materials like metal bulks fall into the crusher cavity, the spring will shrink, and the materials will be discharged out of the crushing cavity to protect the machine from being damaged.

How does a single-cylinder cone crusher work

The space between the crushing liner, the concave surface of the top frame, and the spindle cover are called the crushing chamber. Material is impacted, squeezed, bent, and is gradually crushed to the required product size in the chamber.

By moving the plunger position, the hydraulic cylinder can adjust the discharge setting between the housing and the concave to lower the spindle position when unbroken materials fall into the crusher cavity.

Cone crusher internal structure and wearing parts

Inner structure of a single-cylinder cone crusher

Inner structure of a single-cylinder cone crusher

The main parts of the cone crusher involve concave, mantle, bowl-type bearing, copper bush, main shaft, etc.

Main shaft

It is supported by self-aligning It is supported by a self-aligning bearing which is designed to cater to the eccentric movement generated by the swing shaft. The feed materials are crushed by an eccentric movement of the main shaft.

Eccentric drive and bushing

The eccentric movement generates from the lower eccentric bushing and the driving device located at the bottom of the main shaft.

The eccentric bushing is made of high-carbon steel with a bronze inner wear-resistant sleeve. It is possible to adjust the eccentric throw by installing sleeves of different sizes.


Concave is also known as the fixed cone because it is stationary in a single-cylinder cone crusher. It is made of new composite material with features of high anti-abrasion, high quality, reasonable prices, wide application field, etc.


The mantle is also known as the movable cone. When a single-cylinder cone crusher runs, the mantle closes to or leaves the surface of the concave to squeeze and crush materials.

Pinion and intermediate shaft assembly

The alloy steel pinion is mounted on the pinion drive shaft. The external motor pulley device provides power to the pinion shaft, and the pinion shaft rotates the main shaft through the pinion and crown gear device.

Big gear copper sleeve

The copper bush of the cone crusher is used for sliding. There is a straight copper bush inside the large gear assembly, and the whole clearance available is less than 5 mm.

The main shaft of the movable cone inserts the cone copper bush, creating a gap of about 3mm and a low of about 8mm. The gap can be measured by the thick fuse when installation.

Wearing parts of a cone crusher

The main wearing parts of the cone crusher are:

  • Mantle
  • Bowl lining
  • Concave
  • Feed cone
  • Main frame liner
  • Protection cone
  • Bushing
  • Pinions and gears
  • Adjustment rings and bowls

After long-term work of a single-cylinder cone crusher, the wearing parts will inevitably wear out. It is necessary to know what the wearing parts are, and then do some regular repair and replacement to stabilize production and avoid unexpected downtime.

Applications of a single-cylinder cone crusher

Ore mining industry

A single-cylinder cone crusher suits all types of rocks

Over the past 20 years, the crushing and grinding requirements of the mining industry have changed dramatically. In order to reduce costs, increase production and energy efficiency, more and more people tend to purchase cone crushers.

Crushing is the first step in the processing of ore. A single-cylinder cone crusher suits the specific production requirements of any type of ore because the machine can be adjusted by changing the chamber, eccentric stroke, counter shaft speed, and different control methods.

The high manganese steel liner plate and unique cavity design of a single-cylinder cone crusher can accommodate ores with different hardness, abrasiveness, and moisture content, etc.

Quarrying and aggregates industry

Single-cylinder cone crushers dominate the hard rock crushing the market and the aggregate industry with their automatic controls multiplying throughput.

They produce high-quality aggregates and sub-base materials with beautiful cubic shapes. Due to its hydraulic release capability, unbreakable material can be safely removed from the chamber without affecting the function of the cone crusher.

One machine for multiple applications provides the versatility required by the mining and quarrying industry.

Cone crusher for concrete and asphalt recycling

Cone crusher for concrete and asphalt recycling

Asphalt recycling

Traditionally, people regard old asphalt as waste material while cone crushers can separate the asphalt from the aggregate and reuse it as new asphalt.

Modern asphalt plants can make new asphalt mixes from 70% of the recycled material. In addition to fixed cone crushers, there are also mobile cone crushers with two types- portable ones and mobile ones. Both of them perform well when crushing materials in the city or other arduous environments, thus saving a lot of transportation costs.

Concrete recycling

Concrete waste always mixes with road cement blocks, waste materials, waste stones, and garbage. Traditional management plans, such as landfill, Incinerating, pilling up cause safety hazards, huge pollution to water, land, and air resources, occupying a large land area.

A single-cylinder cone crusher can ideally recycle concrete wastes and turn them into recycled aggregates (RCA). The RCA nowadays has become a "new pillar" in the field of road, construction, and new material, realizing its economic value.

Main features and advantages of Fote single-cylinder cone crusher

  1. 1The use of durable, optimized parts extends the life of the equipment, reduces cost, and optimizes capacity and performance.
  2. 2 With advanced crushing technology, Fote cone crusher helps customers improve crushing efficiency and has a wide application range.
  3. 3Our cone crusher wear parts are designed to the same specifications and standards as the cone crusher equipment, ensuring equipment compatibility for reliable and safe operation.
  4. 4Heavy parts can be removed from above and lifted for maintenance.
  5. 5The reasonable support structure and conveying system make the installation height of the crusher low, thus reducing the installation cost.
  6. 6High degree of automation, no need for manual operation.


Technical parameters of SC series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher:

Model cavities Maximum Feeding Size(mm) Minimum Discharging Size(mm) install Power(kw) capacity(t/h)
SC(S)100 C1 250 22 90 85-170
C2 200 19 90 70-130
SC(S)160 C1 360 25 160 125-345
C2 300 22 160 108-305
SC(S)250 C1 450 35 250 267-605
C2 400 29 250 225-515
SC(S)315 C1 560 41 315 349-1050
C2 500 38 315 318-892

SC-S series of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher parameters:

Model cavities Maximum Feeding Size(mm) Minimum Discharging Size(mm) install Power(kw) capacity(t/h)
SC100 F1 150 10 90 45-135
F2 90 10 90 43-118
F3 50 6 90 36-71
SC160 F1 200 13 160 69-215
F2 115 10 160 57-184
F3 75 8 160 63-126
SC250 F1 215 16 250 116-396
F2 140 13 250 97-328
F3 70 8 250 95-252
SC315 F1 275 16 315 177-662
F2 175 16 315 162-552
F3 85 13 315 195-401
SC560 F1 300 22 560 448-1512
F2 195 19 560 380-1373
F3 90 13 560 357-912
SC750 F1 370 25 750 394-2181
F2 300 19 750 342-2020
F3 230 16 750 267-1814
F4 120 13 750 248-1165
F5 85 10 750 185-1170

SC-S series of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher parameters:

Model cavities Maximum Feeding Size(mm) capacity(t/h)
SC(S)100 C1 250 85-170
C2 200 70-130
SC(S)160 C1 360 125-345
C2 300 108-305
SC(S)250 C1 450 267-605
C2 400 225-515
SC(S)315 C1 560 349-1050
C2 500 318-892

Technical parameters of SC series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher:

Model cavities Maximum Feeding Size(mm) capacity(t/h)
SC100 F1 150 43-135
F2 90 43-118
F3 50 36-71
SC160 F1 200 69-215
F2 115 57-184
F3 75 63-126
SC250 F1 215 116-396
F2 140 97-328
F3 70 95-252
SC315 F1 275 177-662
F2 175 162-552
F3 85 195-401
SC560 F1 300 448-1512
F2 195 380-1373
F3 90 357-915
SC750 F1 370 394-2181
F2 300 342-2020
F3 230 267-1814
F4 120 248-1165
F5 85 185-1170


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