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13 Common Faults of Sand Washing Machine and Solutions

Author : Jordan Last Updated :

The sand washing machine is one of the washing equipment especially designed for artificial sand and natural sand. In general, there are two kinds of the sand washing machine: spiral sand washing machine and wheel type sand washing machine.

Sand washing machines and their working sites

Sand washing machines and their working sites

The sand washing machine can be widely used in the industries such as sand and aggregate plant, building materials, chemical engineering, high way, railway, water conservancy, and hydropower.

It can remove the impurities that covered in the surface of sand and aggregate and destroy the vapor layer wrapped around the sand particles, so as to high-efficiently clean and dry the sand and aggregate.

During the operation process, users will inevitably encounter a variety of faults. Fote Heavy Machinery shares some solutions to the common faults of the sand washing machine, hoping you can get help.

1. The sand product contains impurities

The sand product contains impurities.

Fault causes:

A. The water supply is insufficient.

B. The raw sand supply is excessive.


During the sand washing process, the flush pipe should be opened first, then the raw sand is sent into the sand washing machine.

The water supply should be moderate to keep clean of sand and to prevent sand from overflowing.

The raw sand supply should be uniform, thus guaranteeing the quality of the sand product.

2. The lower proportion of sand product or sand leakage

Fault causes:

A. The sand washing screen is damaged.

B. The bolts of the sand washing screen are broken off.


A. Check, maintain, or even replace the sand washing screen.

B. Fasten the bolts of the sand washing screen.

3. The bearing is overheated

Fault causes:

A. The lubricating grease is mixed with impurities.

B. The lubricating grease is used incorrectly.

C. The bearing is damaged.


A. Change for a better lubricating grease.

B. The lubricating grease should be added moderately.

C. Replace the bearings.

4. Water is splashed during the washing process

Fault causes:

A. The speed of spiral washer is over fast.

B. The horizontal axis of the spiral disk is not fixed well.


A. Adjust the speed of the spiral sand washing machine.

B. Fix the horizontal axis of the spiral disk properly.

5. The discharging port is locked

The discharging port is locked.

Fault causes:

It is probably caused by the too-small sand particles and too much raw sand supply, which results in the lockage of discharging port.


Stop feeding and open all discharging ports first to avoid the lockage. Only after cleaning the sand washing machine with clean water, can the further operation be carried out.

6. The machine cannot be turned on

Fault causes:

A. The voltage is insufficient.

B. The belt is slipping.

C. The reducer is broken.

D. The motor is damaged.


A. Change the voltage supply.

B. Tension the belt.

C. Check the reducer.

D. Replace the motor for further operation.

7. There is much noise produced during the operation process

Wheel of sand washing machine

Fault causes:

A. The bearing is damaged.

B. The reducer is damaged.

C. There is friction between wheel and machine frame.


A. Replace the bearing.

B. Check and maintain the reducer.

C. Check and adjust the wheel.

8. The gear is damaged

Fault causes:

A. The gear isn't maintained in time.

B. The shaft of sand washing machine and reducing shaft of the reducer aren't placed properly.


A. The lubricating oil should be added regularly.

B. The shafts should be adjusted in a proper place.

9. The iron core is damaged and out of shape

Fault causes:

A. The bearing is overworn or installed poorly.

B. The surface of the iron core is corrosive by moisture.

C. The connection between the iron core and the frame is loose.


A. Remove burr with a fine file and other tools to eliminate short connection of silicon steel sheet. After cleaning, apply insulating paint and heat to dry.

B. Polish it by abrasive paper and apply insulating paint.

C. Tension the screw. If the positioning screw fails, drill another hole for fixing it.

10. The bearing is easily damaged

Bearing of sand washing machine

Fault causes:

A. The bearing lacks lubricating oil or the rubber sealing is damaged.

B. The machine is lack of maintenance and cleaning for a long time.


A. Lubricate it or replace the rubber sealing regularly.

B. Clean the bearing in time.

11. There is much noise produced in the bearing

Fault causes:

A. The rolling bearing produces noise for lacking of lubricating oil.

B. The bearing parts are damaged.

C. There is sand and other impurities mixed in the bearing.


A. The lubricating oil should be added.

B. The bearing should be damaged.

C. The bearing should be cleaned regularly.

12. The machine frame is vibrated

Fault causes:

A. The connecting bolts are loosened.

B. The bearing seat is loose.


A. The bolts should be tensioned.

B. The bear seat should be fixed.

13. There is much noise produced in the transmission system

Lubricate the gear regularly

Lubricate the gear regularly

Fault causes:

A. The gear is lubricated insufficiently.

B. The space between gears is changed.


A. The lubricating grease should be added sufficiently.

B. Adjust the anchor bolts of the reducer.

Author : Jordan Jordan is the writer of the blog with a broad knowledge of this industry. Most importantly, he hopes to help you in your projects sincerely.

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