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Global Use of Bauxite and Bauxite Reserves Left to Human

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Global bauxite resources reservation

According to USGS data, there are almost 30 billion tons of bauxite in the world, which can produce 37 billion tons aluminum for 100-year using.

Based on the abundant bauxite resources with 30 billion tons, global bauxite production will grow steadily. In 2019, global bauxite production was 3.7 billion tons, an increase of 13.15% compared with 3.27 billion tons in 2018.

2015-2019 Bauxite output data

Demand trends of the primary aluminum

Global primary aluminum demand is strong for it is expected to grow by more than 4% annually by 2030.The growth of primary aluminum demand will drive the continued growth of the alumina and bauxite market, and their markets are also expected to increase by 4%. The best thing is this trend is expected to continue until 2030.

2016-2023 global aluminum consumption

2019 global bauxite reserves distribution

From the perspective of the global bauxite reserves distribution, Guinea reserves account for the largest proportion with 24.7%, and its bauxite basic resource reserves are 7.4 billion tons.

Australia's bauxite reserves rank the second. In 2019, its bauxite basic resource is 6 billion tons accounting for 20%.

Vietnam is the third one accounting for 12.3%

proportion of bauxite basic reserves in major countries

2019 Global Bauxite Production

According to the output distribution, global bauxite output is mainly concentrated in Australia, Guinea and China. The output of the three major countries accounts for 69.5% of the whole world.

Australia is the world's largest bauxite producer whose production is about 100 million tons in 2019 and accounts for 27% of global output.

Guinea is the second largest producer, In 2019, its bauxite production is 82 million tons, accounting for 22.2% of the total output.

Although the bauxite reservation of China is seventh, its output rank third in the world. China's 2019 bauxite production is about 75 million tons, accounting for 20.3%.

2019 bauxite production in major countries

Production of primary aluminum and alumina in various countries in 2019

Primary aluminum

In 2019, global production of primary aluminum was 63.69 million tons.

  • North America has 3.809 million tons, accounting for 5.98%.
  • China has 35.797 million tons accounting for 56.20%.
  • Western Europe has 3.449 million tons, accounting for 5.42%.
  • Asia (excluding China) 4.395 million tons, accounting for 6.90%.
  • South America 1.079 million tons, accounting for 1.69%.
  • Africa 1.643 million tons, accounting for 2.58%.
  • Oceania 1.917 million tons, accounting for 3.01 %.

primary alunimum production

Global primary aluminum production in every month

Month Global production (in million metric tons)
Jan. 5.420
Feb. 4.927
Mar. 5.395
Apr. 5.240
May 5.410
June 5.261
July 5.418
Aug. 5.354
Sept. 5.222
Oct. 5.349
Nov. 5.259
Dec. 5.435
Total 63.69
Data from IAI


  • In 2019, 123.94 million tons of metallurgical grade alumina was produced, of which China's metallurgical grade alumina output was 67.715 million tons, accounting for 54.64%.
  • North America was 2.275 million tons, accounting for 1.84%.
  • Western Europe was 4.012 million tons, accounting for 3.24%.
  • Africa and Asia (excluding China) was 9.988 million tons, accounting for 8.06%.
  • South America was 1.005 million tons, accounting for 8.11%.
  • Oceania was 2001.0 million tons, accounting for 16.14%;

global alunima production in 2019

China is the largest alumina producer in the world

Top ten alumina producers in the world in 2019

top 10 alumina producer in the world

The global alumina production in different months

Month Global production (in million metric tons)
Jan. 10.711
Feb. 9.636
Mar. 10.306
Apr. 10.232
May 10.306
June 10.232
July 10.696
Aug. 10.340
Sept. 10.226
Oct. 10.539
Nov. 10.180
Dec. 5.435
Total 10.659

The world's largest bauxite producers (with bauxite mines and companies)

1. Guinea

Guinea has the largest bauxite reserves in the world
Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinea(CBG: The company owns the biggest bauxite mine-Sangaredi Mine or Boke Mine.

2. Australia

Australia is the world's second largest bauxite producer.
BHP Billiton- Boddington
Alcoa- Huntly and Willowdale
Rio Tinto- Weipa
Pacific Aluminium- Gove


Vinacomin -(Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Group)
United Company RUSAL – it has struck a deal with a Vietnamese firm to build an alumina refinery using bauxite from a deposit in the Bình Phước Province

Chalco-(Aluminum Corporation of China Limited)

4. Brazil

MineraçãoRio do do Norte(MRN)-Porto Trombetas(the biggest bauxite mining in the country)
Vale- Paragominas
Alcoa- Juruti

5. Jamaica

NJBP-Saint Ann bauxite mine
Jamalco- Olipan Mine

6. Indonesia

Kendawangan (14Mt / y)
Tangerang(12Mt / y)
East Kotawaringin(8Mt / y)

7. China

Jiakou Bauxite (6.4Mt / y)
Xiaoyi-Xingan(6Mt / y)
Xiaoyi -Shaoyi(5.9Mt / y)

8. India

Nalco- Panchpatmali (6.3Mt / y)
Hindalco- Baphlimali(4.5Mt / y)
Kolhapur(2.3Mt / y)

9. Russia

Severo-Uraisk(3Mt / y)
Sredne-Timan(2.4Mt / y)


Pahang — Malaysia's third-largest state and a key bauxite producer

All data from: https://www.statista.com/

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