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FTM Machinery Leads in Efficient Construction Waste Utilization

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Construction waste, which mainly includes old concrete, bricks, and steel bars, has long been a challenge for urban management. These wastes not only occupy a large amount of land resources but can also cause severe environmental pollution.

Construction waste is a problem for urban management

Traditional methods of landfilling and dumping not only waste resources but can also lead to groundwater pollution and soil degradation.

With the increasing acceptance of the circular economy concept, the resource utilization of construction waste has gradually become a new trend in industry development.

FTM Machinery actively responds to the call for green development. Through technological innovation, it has developed mobile crushing stations that provide efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for the treatment of construction waste.

FTM Machinery's Solution

The mobile crushing station, also known as the mobile crusher, is the core product developed by FTM Machinery for efficient construction waste treatment. It utilizes advanced international crushing and screening technology.

The mobile crusher is the core product for efficient construction waste treatment

The mobile crushing station can quickly enter construction sites and directly crush and screen construction waste, transforming it into reusable aggregates and recycled materials.

It has the following advantages:

  • High flexibility: The equipment can quickly move to different construction sites, flexibly meeting various operational needs.
  • Efficient processing capability: Equipped with high-performance crushers, it has a large processing capacity, meeting the needs of large-scale construction waste processing.
  • Environmental design: Features low noise, low vibration, and dust suppression technology, reducing environmental impact.
  • Intelligent control: Equipped with an intelligent control system for automated operation, reducing labor costs and improving operational efficiency.

Remarkable achievements in construction waste treatment

FTM Machinery's mobile crushing stations have achieved excellent results in numerous construction waste treatment projects.

A construction waste treatment plant in Malaysia faced increasing demand for processing urban construction waste. To improve processing efficiency and achieve resource recycling, the plant purchased two mobile crushing stations from FTM Machinery, with an hourly output of 120-150 tons.

A construction waste treatment plant in Malaysia

Project results:

  • Significant economic benefits: Recycled aggregates and materials can be widely used in road construction, building construction, and other fields, reducing raw material costs and improving economic benefits.
  • Significantly improved resource utilization rate: Through the mobile crushing stations from FTM Machinery, the resource utilization rate of construction waste exceeds 90%, effectively reducing the extraction of natural resources.
  • Greatly reduced environmental impact: Noise and dust generated during the treatment process are effectively controlled, reducing the impact on the surrounding environment.
  • Outstanding social benefits: Promotes the green transformation of the construction industry, enhancing public awareness and participation in environmental protection.

In the future, FTM Machinery will continue to innovate in construction waste treatment technology, continuously improving equipment performance, promoting the widespread application of construction waste resource utilization, and contributing more to the sustainable development of cities.

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