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Vibrating Screen

Vibrating Screen

Processing Materials: sandstone, pebble, limestone, granite, quartz, iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, basalt, etc.

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Model: 2YK1225

Max.feeding size: 200 mm


Capacity: 8-60 m³/h

product image

Model: 2YK1848

Max.feeding size: 200 mm


Capacity: 22.5-162 m³/h

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Model: 3YK3072

Max.feeding size: 200 mm


Capacity: 230-800 m³/h

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The vibrating screen is sieving equipment that can be used for classifying, dehydrating, desilting, disintegrating, and sorting. The main function of the vibrating machine is to screen and sort material through the vibration of the sieve body.

The screening process is not only important to improve the value of products after but has a direct effect on the next mining operation.

Circular vibrating screen

The working principle

The motor drives the eccentric block of the vibration exciter to rotate at a high speed through a triangle belt, which will generate a large centrifugal inertial force driving screen box to make a circular movement.

The material is subjected to the impulse of the screen box on the inclined screen surface to produce a continuous throwing movement. When the moving material moves to the screen surface, the particles smaller than the screen mesh will fall down to the next layer until the final classification is completed, and the desired product size is obtained.

Structure and characteristics of circular vibrating screen screen

screen mesh

long service-life screener surface

The screen surface

The screen surface of the circular vibrating screen is inclined at 15° (20°). That design is very simple, practical and economical for coarse crushed stone materials in the quarry field. The arc-shaped screen surface increases the effective area of the screening, thereby improving its screening capacity.

vibration exciter

vibration exciter of vibrating screen

The vibrating exciter is installed above the center of gravity of the screen box, and the upper end of the elliptical long axis at the feeding end faces the discharging port direction, the design of which is beneficial to the rapid spreading of the material.

While the upper end of the elliptical long axis at the feeding end is opposite to the direction of discharge, which reduces the speed of material movement, and is conducive to material sieve.

main shaft

For materials that are difficult to screen, the circular vibrating screen can reverse the main shaft so that the vibration and the material keep moving in reverse, which can reduce the speed of material movement along the screen surface to improve screening efficiency.

Advantages of circular vibrating screener

Adopt cylinder-type eccentric shaft exciter and eccentric block to adjust the amplitude, which make the machine easy to use and maintain.

Spring steel braided screen or punching screen have long service life, and are not easy to block the meshes.

Rubber vibration isolation spring adopted by the circular vibrating screen has long service life, low noise, and make the machine run smoothly.

Linear vibrating screen

Working principle of linear vibrating screen

Motor as the vibration source, throws the material up and down on the screen, and at the same time, making the material move forward linearly. During the process, material enters the feed port of the screening machine evenly from the feeder, and passes through the multi-layer screen to produce different-size final products which are discharged from their respective outlets.

structures of linear vibrating screen

different parts of linear vibrating screen

Structure and characteristics of linear vibrating screen

screen surface

Due to the small inclination of the screen surface, the height of the screen is reduced, which is convenient for process layout.

screen box

The linear vibrating screen box adopts a fully enclosed structure, and there is no dust spillage, which is more conducive to protecting the environment.

vibration motor

The rotational speed of the vibration motor is close to the operating frequency, and the maximum excitation force is within the range of the motor excitation force.

Multiple-feed method

Multiple-feed method is equivalent to increasing the width of the screen surface. It reduces the material thickness on the screen surface, which is helpful for the fine-grained materials to quickly pass the screen mesh. At the same time, multi-feed methods make full use of the screen surface, reducing unnecessary transportation of coarse particles, thereby improving the screening efficiency.

Advantages of linear vibrating screen

  • Continuous production is achieved through single-layer or multi-layer screening, eliminating manual classification screening
  • Fully enclosed structure, no dust overflow
  • Energy-saving and low-noise with vibration motor
  • Able to start and stop the machine quickly
  • Simple installation, easy operation and maintenance
  • The accuracy of screening and classification exceeds 96% with large capacity

Unique design of the Fote vibrating screen

Cylindrical roller bearing

The bearing has the advantages of double-row spherical roller bearing with large load capacity and cylindrical roller bearing with high speed limit.


  • The bearing capacity of dynamic and static loads is 21% which is higher than that of ordinary bearings, and the service life is increased by 90%
  • The limit speed is 88% higher than ordinary bearings
  • The friction torque in the entire speed range is very small, and 25% smaller than the general bearings
  • Low running noise due to static optimization of rolling elements
  • Adopt integral cage, which shows high reliability
  • The thermal stability is good because the heat dissipation is optimized. (Within 800 degrees)

The multi-layer screendesign

multi-layer screen

The multi-layer screen means that itcan be composed of 1 to 5 layers of screen in which upper layer is a fine mesh screen, the middle layers are second fine mesh screen while the bottom layer is a coarse mesh screen.

The design not only raises strength of the screen, and prolong the service life, but reduce the cost, and screens materials of different sizes.

Feeding funnel structure modification

Feeding funnel structure modification

Add a separator in the hopper of feed conveyor belt wheel to turn the material to fall in front of the screen,which is to avoid the material directly impacting the screen and causing partial damage.

Install rubber wear plate

In order to improve the service life of the liner board, we install a rubber wear-resistant lining board with a total thickness of 35mm at the tail of the vibrating screen. The bottom layer is a steel plate with a thickness of 5mm while the upper layer is a rubber layer with wear-resistant ceramic inlay with thickness is 30mm.

The rubber wear-resistant lining board is installed in two places at the tailing point of the vibrating screen which make it easier to be replaced when there is a problem.

The rubber wear plate improves the maintenance efficiency and reduces the cost.

Box-type exciter

The resin sand casting process can produce a precision casting box that consume small casting processing volume, and improves appearance and quality.

Non-metallic screens are available

  • Improve screening efficiency.
  • It improves the screening efficiency by 20% compared to the that of metal screen.
  • Good wear resistance and long service life.
  • Its average life span is more than 25 times that of metal screens.
  • Reduce installation time and improve equipment operation rate.
  • Reduced the number of times to replace the screen surface.
  • The equipment operation rate is generally 15% higher than that of the metal screen.
  • Reduce noise and improve working environment.
  • The non-metallic screen mesh and the entire screen plate are a whole, which has a certain buffering effect and can reduce noise by about 20dB(A).

Vibration screen production cases (project information and on-site pictures):

circular vibrating screen in India site:

circular vibrating screen in India site

crushing limestone to artificial sand in Indian site

  • Model:2YK1225
  • Layer: 2
  • Material: limestone
  • Production: 55 m³/h
  • Price(USD): 9,000
  • Warrancy:1 year for machinery warrancy
  • Product type: automatic
  • Width(mm):1860
  • Length(mm):2930
  • Sieving precision: 4-50mm
  • Power(KW): 6P 5.5KW
  • Annual profit:US$70,000

circular vibrating screen in Indonesia site:

circular vibrating screen in Indonesia site

  • Model:3YK1535
  • Layer: 3
  • Material: granite
  • Production: 120 m³/h
  • Price(USD):12,000
  • Warrancy:1 year for machinery warrancy
  • Product type: automatic
  • Width(mm): 2210
  • Length(mm): 4360
  • Power(KW): 6P 11KW
  • Annual profit: US$120,000

Linear vibrating screen in South Africa site:

linear vibrating screen in South Africa site

  • Model:4YK1548
  • Layer: 4
  • Material: concrete
  • Production: 900 m³/h
  • Price(USD):16 ,000
  • Warrancy:1 year for machinery warrancy
  • Product type: automatic
  • Width(mm): 2210
  • Length(mm): 6230
  • Sieving precision: 5-50mm
  • Power(KW): 6P 18.5 KW
  • Annual profit: US$120,000

Fote Vibrating Screen Supplier-your best choice to buy high-quality vibrating screen

different types of fote vibrating screens

Fote vibrating screen manufacturer is committed to providing multiple series and models of vibratory screening equipment such as circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen.

All vibratory screening machines are designed, produced, assembled and tested in accordance with ISO9001: 2000 international quality certification system standards.

Our customers come from more than 130 countries and regions around the world. We warmly welcome you to inquire about the price, model, solutions, working principle and technical parameters of the vibrating screen machine, or visit our company directly.

FAQs about circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen

What to do if the vibrating screen bearing becomes abnormally hot or damaged? (Cause and solution)

Unreasonable bearing selection: use special bearings

Commonly used vibrating screen bearings generally are cylindrical roller bearings and spherical roller bearings.

What is the difference between a circular vibrating screen and a linear vibrating screen?

The material on the circular vibrating screen moves circularly, and the material on the linear screen moves linearly forward.

How to do if the screen frame is broken?

Sieve frame breakage is generally caused by the seriously shaking of the vibrating screen frame.

The side panels can be thickened to enhance the rigidity of the entire screen frame.

How to deal with clogged of screen mesh?

The screen mesh of the vibrating screen is blocked mainly because the high mud and water content and make materials stick and block to the screen mesh.

Solution: First clean the sieve holes, and then adjust the water spray amount and the inclination of the screen surface appropriately.


Model Sieve 
2YK1225 2 6 4-50 200 8-60 800-970 8 6P   5.5KW 20 1200×2500 2930×1860×870
3YK1225 3 9 4-50 200 10-70 800-970 8 6P   5.5KW 20 1200×2500 3070×1860×1210
2YK1230 2 7.2 4-50 200 12-78 800-970 8 6P   7.5KW 20 1200×3000 3430×1860×870
3YK1230 3 10.8 4-50 200 13-80 800-970 8 6P   7.5KW 20 1200×3000 3570×1860×1210
2YK1237 2 8.88 4-50 200 15-86 800-970 8 6P   7.5KW 20 1200×3700 4050×1860×870
3YK1237 3 13.32 4-50 200 16-90 800-970 8 6P   7.5KW 20 1200×3700 4270×1860×1210
2YK1535 2 10.5 5-50 200 20-125 800-970 8 6P   11KW 20 1500×3500 4120×2210×1230
3YK1535 3 15.75 5-50 200 21-125 800-970 8 6P   11KW 20 1500×3500 4360×2210×1610
2YK1545 2 13.5 5-50 200 22-150 800-970 8 6P   11KW 20 1500×4500 5120×2210×1230
3YK1545 3 20.25 5-50 200 22-150 800-970 8 6P   15KW 20 1500×4500 5360×2210×1610
4YK1545 4 27 5-50 200 22-155 800-970 8 6P   15KW 20 1500×4500 5930×2210×2060
2YK1548 2 14.4 5-50 200 22.5-162 800-970 8 6P   11KW 20 1500×4800 5420×2210×1230
3YK1548 3 21.6 5-50 200 22.5-162 800-970 11 6P   15KW 20 1500×4800 5660×2210×1610
4YK1548 4 28.8 5-50 200 22.5-162 800-970 8 6P   18.5KW 20 1500×4800 6230×2210×2060
2YK1848 2 17.28 5-80 200 25-206 750 8 6P  18.5KW 20 1800×4800 5420×2550×1420
3YK1848 3 25.92 5-80 200 32-276 750 8 6P   18.5KW 20 1800×4800 5660×2550×1780
4YK1848 4 34.56 5-80 200 32-285 750 8 6P   22KW 20 1800×4800 6290×2550×2160
2YK1854 2 19.44 5-80 200 32-312 800-970 8 6P   22KW 20 1800×5400 5960×2550×1420
3YK1854 3 29.16 5-80 200 32-312 800-970 8 6P   22KW 20 1800×5400 6260×2550×1780
4YK1854 4 38.88 5-80 200 32-336 800-970 8 6P  22KW 20 1800×5400 6830×2550×2160
2YK2160 2 25.2 5-100 200 50-475 970 8 6P   30KW 20 2100×6000 6720×2840×1530
3YK2160 3 37.8 5-100 200 50-475 970 8 6P  30KW 20 2100×6000 7030×2840×1910
4YK2160 4 50.4 5-100 200 50-497 970 8 6P   37KW 20 2100×6000 7300×2840×2380
2YK2460 2 28.8 5-100 200 65-550 970 8 6P   30KW 20 2400×6000 7020×3140×1530
3YK2460 3 43.2 5-100 200 70-620 970 8 6P   37KW 20 2400×6000 7300×3140×1910
4YK2460 4 57.6 5-100 200 80-680 970 8 6P   45KW 20 2400×6000 7600×3140×2380
2YK2870 2 39.2 5-100 200 120-680 750 8 8P   22×2KW 20 2800×7000 7600×4320×1620
3YK2870 3 58.8 5-100 200 180-720 750 8 8P   22×2KW 20 2800×7000 7800×4320×2120
2YK3072 2 43.2 5-100 200 200-700 750 8 8P   22×2KW 20 3000×7200 7800×4520×1750
3YK3072 3 64.8 5-100 200 230-800 750 8 8P   22×2KW 20 3000×7200 8000×4520×2300
Model Sieve 
2YK1225 6 8-60
3YK1225 9 10-70
2YK1230 7.2 12-78
3YK1230 10.8 13-80
2YK1237 8.88 15-86
3YK1237 13.32 16-90
2YK1535 10.5 20-125
3YK1535 15.75 21-125
2YK1545 13.5 22-150
3YK1545 20.25 22-150
4YK1545 27 22-155
2YK1548 14.4 22.5-162
3YK1548 21.6 22.5-162
4YK1548 28.8 22.5-162
2YK1848 17.28 25-206
3YK1848 25.92 32-276
4YK1848 34.56 32-285
2YK1854 19.44 32-312
3YK1854 29.16 32-312
4YK1854 38.88 32-336
2YK2160 25.2 50-475
3YK2160 37.8 50-475
4YK2160 50.4 50-497
2YK2460 28.8 65-550
3YK2460 43.2 70-620
4YK2460 57.6 80-680
2YK2870 39.2 120-680
3YK2870 58.8 180-720
2YK3072 43.2 200-700
3YK3072 64.8 230-800


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