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Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt

ico 1 Processing ability: 78–2195 t/h

ico 2 Belt width: 500–1600 mm

Conveying speed : 1.3–2.0 m/s

Logistics diagram

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The Category and Handling Materials of Belt Conveyor:

Belt Conveyor can be divided into belt conveyor, conveyor belt, conveyor belt system, which are materials handling machines transporting materials in a certain line. They can convey materials in horizontal, inclining and vertical directions and can be arranged as space conveying lines. Usually the conveying lines are fixed.

Conveyor belt in the factory

Advantages and Benefits of Belt Conveyor:

Conveyors have large delivering capacity and long delivering distance. They can also finish several technological operations at the time when they are delivering materials, so they are used in many fields. A conveyor can work alone, and can also work as a horizontal or inclining conveying system together with more conveyors or other conveying machines, in order to meet different requirements of the operating line.

Conveyor belt in crushing site

Why Choose Us?

The Belt Conveyor adopts the motorized pulley with high efficiency, simple structure, adjustable height and easy maintenance. There are universal wheels installed at the bottom of the conveyor, which makes it flexible to move. Customers can directly drive the conveyor in and out of the warehouse, changing its practical length and lifting height according to the actual field condition.


The Belt Conveyor is driven by the motorized pulley, and the lifting and running of the whole set is non-motorized. It is suitable for loading and unloading, delivering bulk materials or integrated items in short distance. The steel tube structure is light, pleasing and with good mobility. The transmission device is a motorized pulley equipped with pneumatic tire and steel wheels, and the dip angle can be adjusted if the conveyor length is more than 10 m.


Belt width(mm) Converying speed(m/s) Concerying amount(t/h)
400 1.25-2.0 30-60
500 1.25-2.0 40-80
650 1.25-2.0 80-120
800 1.25-2.0 120-200
1000 1.25-2.0 200-320
1200 1.25-2.0 290-480
1400 1.25-2.0 400-680
1600 1.25-2.0 600-1080
1800 1.0-2.0 800-1500
2000 1.0-2.0 1000-2000
2400 1.0-2.0 1500-3000
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