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Ball Mill

Ball Mill

ico 1 Processing ability: 0.5–500 t/h

ico 2 Feeding size: ≤25 mm

Applied materials : cement, silicate, new-type building material, refractory material, ore dressing of ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal, glass ceramics, etc.

Logistics diagram

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A brief introduction of ball mill

The ball mill is the key equipment after the stone or ore materials has been crushed. This type of grinding machine is equipped with a certain number of steel balls as grinding media in its cylinder.

The ball mill is widely used in the production of cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, black and non-ferrous metal dressings and glass-ceramics, dry or wet grinding various ores and other grindable materials. Besides, it is widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industries. And according to different discharging methods, it can be divided into two types: lattice type and overflow type.

Wide range of applications of ball mill

Wide range of applications of ball mill

Outstanding advantages of ball mill

Save energy: Fully hydraulic operation helps to realize automatic operation, greatly improving reliability and longevity of the machine;

The flexible design of the discharge port: The discharge port is designed reasonably, and customers can choose the iron remover according to their needs;

Turning part: The cylinder, lining, medium, compartment board and discharge raft of the turning part are all made up of high-quality original parts;

Large feeding unit: Reasonable feeding port design greatly increases feed volume;

High grinding efficiency and good quality of the liner: The lining and grinding body are made of alumina ceramic, quartz, SILEX or special materials, and it is designed with no iron pollution when crushing hard materials;

Closed system to reduce dust: Ultra-fine ball mill and classifier form a closed system with advantages of negative pressure delivery, low dust, reducing damage to the human body; Besides, the ball mill has higher product quality and cheaper operating prices.

Advantages and features of ball mill

Advantages and features of ball mill

How does a ball mill work

Materials evenly enter into the first storehouse from feeder through the empty tube in a spiraling way. There are stepped lining plate and corrugated plate in this house which is equipped with different kinds of steel balls. And the steel balls are lifted at a certain height under the influence of centrifugal force generated by running tube and then fall down. During such process, the moving steel balls hit and grind materials. Actually, the materials are coarse crushed in the first storehouse, then they enter into the second storehouse through single-wall partition for further grinding under the help of steel balls and a plane liner in the second storehouse. Finally, the powder material is discharged from discharge plate.

Working process of ball mill

Working process of ball mill

The main parts of ball mill

Ball mill accessories include big gear, pinion, hollow shaft, ring gear, big ring gear, steel ball, compartment board, transmission, bearing, end lining and so on.

Structural diagram

Structural diagram

Big gear is an important part of ball mill, so the choice of big gear is a crucial process when produce a ball mill. According to the working conditions of the big gears, they are usually manufactured as follows:

  • 1.Medium carbon structural steel
  • 2.Medium carbon alloy steel
  • 3.Carburized steel
  • 4.Nitrided steel

The structure of the ball mill big gear has various shapes due to different requirements, but from the technical point of view, the gear can be regarded as composed of two parts: a ring gear and a wheel body. According to the distribution form of the teeth on the ring gear, it can be divided into straight teeth, helical teeth, herringbone teeth and the like.

Detailed parts of ball mill

Detailed parts of ball mill

Purchasing tips of ball mill

  • 1.Guarantee the production capacity of the ball mill
  • The selected ball mill should realize the specified output while ensuring the required fineness of grinding.
  • 2.The production capacity should be higher than design
  • The designs should take the change of hardness and fineness of the ore into account. Generally, while the deep ore of the ore deposit becomes hard or thin, the selected grinding machine should be able to adapt and ensure that the initial operation runs well.
  • 3.Grinding test is a must
  • When there is no actual data in the designs, the grinding test must be required. Especially for large-scale mines, the grinding machine selection calculation and proportional enlargement should be carried out from the basic data obtained.
  • 4.Due consideration of large-scale equipment
  • The large-scale equipment is the trend since the 21st century because of its advantages of light in total equipment, small in area, few in operators and auxiliary systems, and correspondingly low in investment and production costs. However, the operation and management level of large equipment is high, and the production of the concentrator will be greatly reduced if the operating rate is slightly reduced.
  • 5.Select equipment with high operating rate
  • There are also good and bad points in the same type of equipment. Rod mills and self-grinding machines sometimes have lower operating rates but are still suitable under certain conditions. Generally, equipment with high operating rates should be used to reduce maintenance and pause time.
  • 6.Understand the hardness, grade and other properties of minerals and try to choose energy-saving ball mill.
  • 7. Know about the fineness required for mineral grinding, and select the aperture and bin position of the closed plate according to the fineness required by the mineral.
  • 8. According to the requirements of production, choose the suitable diameter and length of the ball mill.
  • 9. Choose a new updated ball mill, preferably choose the professional ball mill manufacturer corresponding to your minerals.
  • 10. Select the modulus of the large teeth and small teeth of the ball mill. According to the price of the ball mill, customize the material of the liner and the thickness of the steel plate.

Customers from all over the world

Customers from all over the world

Why FTM ball mill

FTM is a manufacturer specializing in the production of ball mill equipment with 40 years of rich experiences. We have won unanimous recognition and welcome from domestic and foreign customers because of our continuous progress in the development of ball mills which has superior performance and efficient production capacity. Ball mill produced by our company is the ideal mineral processing equipment for users. In order to ensure smoother production, FTM has set up a strong after-sales service to maintain on-site production and provide users with 24-hour online service.

Why choose us

Why choose us

Customer case - Cement ball mill sold in India

India is a populous country in the world and one of the “BRICS” countries. It has good cooperation and win-win relationship with China. For machinery processing enterprises of China, the business opportunities contained in India are limitless, and mining equipment from China is entering deeply in India market. The layout has been quietly deepened.

With the gradual recovery of the mining market, the market position of mineral processing equipment is more stable with the increasing position. The cement ball mill produced by Fote is more prosperous in the Indian market.

So what is a cement ball mill?

The cement ball mill is mainly used in the grinding of finished products and raw materials of cement plants for open-flow grinding, and also for circulating circulation grinding with the powder separator.

It has the characteristics of strong adaptability to materials, continuous production, large crushing ratio, and easy to adjust the fineness of the milled product. The cement ball mill can be produced either dry or wet, or both at the same time as grinding and drying.

In February 2018, an Indian customer contacted us and hoped to purchase a large ball mill equipment for his ore dressing line. Because our company has a large number of ball mills exported to India, the customer finally chose us to provide with a little investigation.

According to the information provided by the customer, Fote engineers recommended a ball mill suitable for him, the specific data is as follows:

Use location: India

Capacity: 100T/H

Material Name: Cement

Raw material hardness: Soft

Feeding size: ≦25 mm

Production line type: Fixed

Specific model: Ф4000×5000

Fote has been quietly researching and making progress, producing higher quality ball mill equipment, better serving customers, and achieving friendly cooperation with Indian companies. The quality and characteristic equipment of “Made in China” will be more favored and recognized by Indian customers.

Ball mill on working site

Ball mill on working site


Model Feeding
Ф900×1800 <20 0.65-2
Ф900×3000 <20 1.1-3.5
Ф1200×2400 <25 1.5-4.8
Ф1200×3000 <25 1.6-5
Ф1200×4500 <25 1.6-5.8
Ф1500×3000 <25 2-5
Ф1500×4500 <25 3-6
Ф1500×5700 <25 3.5-6
Ф1830×3000 <25 4-10
Ф1830×4500 <25 4.5-12
Ф1830×6400 <25 6.5-15
Ф1830×7000 <25 7.5-17
Ф2100×3000 <25 6.5-36
Ф2100×4500 <25 8-43
Ф2100×7000 <25 12-48
Ф2200×4500 <25 9-45
Ф2200×6500 <25 14-26
Ф2200×7000 <25 15-28
Ф2200×7500 <25 15-30
Ф2400×3000 <25 7-50
Ф2400×4500 <25 8.5-60
Ф2700×4000 <25 22-80
Ф2700×4500 <25 26-90
Ф3200×4500 <25 As per process
Ф3600×4500 <25 As per process
Ф3600×6000 <25 As per process
Ф3600×8500 <25 45.8-256
Ф4000×5000 <25 45-208
Ф4000×6000 <25 65-248
Ф4000×6700 <25 75-252
Ф4500×6400 <25 84-306
Ф5030×6400 <25 98-386
Ф5030×8300 <25 118-500
Ф5500×8500 <25 148-615

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