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Cement Mill

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Cement Mill

ico 1 Processing capacity: 6.5-135 t/h

ico 2 Product specification: φ1.83×7~φ4.6×14 m

Applied materials : cement and silicate products.

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What is the cement mill?

The cement mill is the most commonly used grinding equipment in cement plants. General cement refers to the cement used in civil engineering construction, such as Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement, slag Portland cement, portland-pozzolana cement, Portland fly-ash cement and composite Portland cement.

Cement mill

Cement mill

The raw materials such as limestone, fly ash, blast furnace slag and gypsum need to be ground by the cement mill to enter the next process.

The main shaft of the cement mill produced by Fote Heavy Machinery adopts self-aligning to ensure the normal operation of the rotary part. It is lubricated by oil spoon, oil ring or automatic oil station. The three lubricating forms can guarantee the cement to be well lubricated.

In addition, the bearings used in the cement mill are generally equipped with cooling water channels to ensure good working conditions of the bearings.

Advantages of cement mill performance

Cement mill advantages

Cement mill advantages

  • 1Fote cement mill adopts a conical grinding roller and flat grinding disc. The structure is simple and reasonable, and the service life of the equipment is relatively long.
  • 2The cement mill equipment is pressurized with a spring hydraulic system that runs smoothly to make a high safety factor ratio and low noise.
  • 3Cement mill adopts a new generation of high-efficiency cage type powder sorting machine, which can be frequency-controlled and can adjust the fineness of grinding according to the actual production needs of users.
  • 4The new graded lining plate is used inside the cylinder of the cement mill. The micro-grinding body is used for high-linear grinding of materials, which greatly improves the output of finished products.
  • 5Cement mill uses high-fine screening grinding technology, the built-in special structure of double-layer compartment equipment, active lining and grinding tail discharge device, to meet the user's requirements for material fineness.

Applied fields of cement mill

A cement mill is the key equipment for re-crushing the materials after they are primarily crushed. It is widely used for the dry type or wet type grinding of all kinds of ores and other grindable materials in cement, silicate product, new building material, refractory, fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metals and glass ceramic industry.

Cement mill working principle

Cement mill working principle

Cement mill working principle

This machine is a mill with the structure of a horizontal cylinder and two bins, and its outside runs along with gear. The material enters the first bin of the cement mill uniformly through the hollow shaft spiral from the feeding equipment. And there is a ladder lining plate or corrugated lining plate in the bin, which is filled with steel balls of different specifications.

The rotation of the cylinder generates centrifugal force to bring the steel balls to a certain height and then the balls fall down, causing a heavy impact on the materials and grinding them coarsely.

After the materials are grinding coarsely, it is conveyed into the second bin through the single-wall partition. There is lined with a flat lining with steel balls to further grind the material. The powder is discharged through the discharge raft to complete the grinding operation.

Cement mill internal design

The cement mill is made of a horizontal cylinder, a feeding and discharging hollow shaft, grinding head and other parts. The cylinder is a cylindrical tube with a grinding body in it.

Cement mill internal design

Cement mill internal design

The cylinder is made of steel and fixed by a steel liner and cylinder. Grinding body is generally steel which is installed in the tube according to different diameters and a certain proportion.

Installation and maintenance of cement mill

Maintenance of the machine is an extremely important and repetitive task. It should be closely coordinated with extreme operations and overhaul.

Cement mill working site

Cement mill working site

Cement mill installation and test

  1. The cement mill should be installed on a concrete foundation and fixed with anchor bolts.
  2. When installing, pay attention to the vertical direction of the main body.
  3. After installation, check whether the bolts in all parts are loose and the main door is tight.
  4. Configure the power cord and control switch according to the power of the device.
  5. After the inspection is completed, the empty load test should be carried out.

FTM cement mill

FTM cement mill

Cement mill maintenance

1. The shaft bears the full load of the machine, so good lubrication has a great relationship with the bearing life. It directly affects the service life and operation rate of the machine. Therefore, it requires that the lubricating oil must be cleaned and the seal must be good.

2. The newly installed tires are prone to loosening, so they must be inspected frequently.

3. It should be checked whether all parts of the machine work normally.

4. When the oil temperature of the bearing rises, the cement mill machine should be stopped immediately to check the reasons to eliminate.

5. If there is an impact sound when the rotating gear is running, it should be stopped and checked immediately and eliminated.

Cement mill suppliers

Cement mill suppliers

Cement mill suppliers

To ensure the high efficiency of the cement mill, customers should be careful to purchase on the basis of the above points. We introduce a cement mill machine manufacturer with professional production technology and a good reputation here--Fote Heavy Machinery (FTM). It produces cement grinding machines that are very popular among users:

  • 1Henan Fote Heavy Machinery is a direct sales manufacturer of cement mills. It is engaged in the production and sales of mills for many years and its products are sold all over the world. The cement mill produced by Fote Heavy Machinery has good wear resistance, stable operation and reliable performance.
  • 2The main bearing of FTM Cement Mill adopts a large diameter double row self-aligning stick bearing, which reduces friction and energy consumption.
  • 3The parts with displacement gears can eliminate the undercut phenomenon so that the gears with weaker bending strength can be strengthened more. In addition, the original parts of the FTM cement mill are provided to facilitate the replacement in post-production.

Customer case——cement mill for sale in Indonesia

Indonesian limestone resources are mainly distributed in the south and north of West Java, East Java, Papua in the east, Bali and Sumatra.

Rich limestone resources provide huge resources for the production of cement, while the Indonesian Ministry of Industry encourages domestic cement companies to increase investment and expand the cement plant on a large scale.

Cement mill working site in Indonesia

Cement mill working site in Indonesia

In March of this year, Mr. Adijaya of Indonesia left a message on our website expressing that he needed a cement mill. The product requirements are as follows:

Production: 60 tons per hour

Raw materials: limestone, clay, iron ore fines, gypsum, etc.

Feeding size: 25mm or less

Discharging size: 0.25mm

When receiving the message, our engineers contacted Mr. Adijaya for the first time. After communicating with him in detail, we recommended our Φ3.5×13 cement mill for him. After giving Mr. Adijaya the detailed data of the machine, he was very satisfied with the specifications. After a short visit to the factory, Mr. Adijaya reached cooperation with us.

Last month, we received feedback from Adijaya, who said that the equipment has been running smoothly and productively during the past several months and he is looking forward to cooperating with us again.

If you don't know how to choose a cement mill, the author suggests you come to Fote Heavy Machinery to have a visit. Please click on the consultation button on the right to learn more about FTM cement mill models.


Product specification
Milling form Transmission form Gear box Motor power
Production capacity
Total weight
Model Speed reduction ratio
Φ1.83×7 Open flow Brim ZD60 4.5 245 6.5-8 43.8
Φ2.2×7.5 Open flow Brim ZD70 5 380 8-10 64.8
Φ2.2×11 Open flow Brim D110 35.5 630 12-13 104.6
Φ2.2×13 Open flow Brim D110 35.5 630 16-18 114
Φ2.4×13 Open flow Brim D110 35.5 800 20-23 130.6
Φ2.6×13 Open flow Brim MFY100 19.5 1000 28-32 158
Φ3×9 Circle flow Brim D125 41.2 1000 28-36.5 167
Φ3×11 Circle flow Brim D140 42.8 1250 36-47 180
Φ3.2×13 Open flow Brim D140 36.5 1600 45-50 225
Φ3.5×13 Circle flow Brim JDX1000 5.84 2000 60-65 275
Φ3.8×13 Open flow Central shaft MFY250 16.5 2500 60-62 320
Φ4.2×13 Open flow Central shaft JQS3550 15.6 3530 85-87 380
Φ4.6×14 Circle flow Central shaft JSI160-C 14.6 4200 120-135 485
Milling form Production
Φ1.83×7 Open flow 6.5-8
Φ2.2×7.5 Open flow 8-10
Φ2.2×11 Open flow 12-13
Φ2.2×13 Open flow 16-18
Φ2.4×13 Open flow 20-23
Φ2.6×13 Open flow 28-32
Φ3×9 Circle flow 28-36.5
Φ3×11 Circle flow 36-47
Φ3.2×13 Open flow 45-50
Φ3.5×13 Circle flow 60-65
Φ3.8×13 Open flow 60-62
Φ4.2×13 Open flow 85-87
Φ4.6×14 Circle flow 120-135
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