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Maintenance Guidelines for Double Toothed Roll Crusher

Author : Jordan Last Updated :

The double toothed roll crusher is a stone crushing machine that uses the friction force of the roller surface to bite the material into the crushing area so that it can be squeezed or split.

Teeth are made on the roller surface to increase the splitting effect for coarse crushing or the need to increase the crushing ratio.

The double toothed roll crusher

If you want the double toothed roll crusher to work better for you, you must attach great importance to the double toothed roll crusher maintenance.

How to maintain the double toothed roll crusher?

How to maintain the double toothed roll crusher?

1. The bearings in the double toothed roll crusher bear all the load of the machine and the favorable lubrication influences much to the life and efficiency of the bearings' service. 

The lubricating oil must be clean and kept in good seal condition. The main oiling places are the gearbox, roller bearing, all chains, movable bearing, and movable surface.

2. The degree of wear of the roller skin has a great influence on the working efficiency of the double toothed roll crusher. Only when the roller skin is in good condition can a higher production capacity be obtained.

  • The material distribution should be uniform, otherwise the roller skin is easy to wear, and there will be ring-shaped grooves on the surface of the roller, and consequently, the particle size of the crushed product is uneven.
  • The length of the feeder should be equal to the length of the roller to ensure uniform feeding along the roller. At the same time, in order to continuously feed ore, the rotation speed of the feeder should be faster than the rotation speed of the roller, about 1-3 times faster.
  • During the operation of the crusher, attention should also be paid to the size of the ore block feeding. If the ore block is too large, it will produce severe impact and the roller skin will be seriously worn.

3. A reliable iron removal device must be provided to prevent other sundries from entering the crusher. Check the oil level in the main and auxiliary gearboxes to ensure sufficient oil supply.

4. The double toothed roll crusher must be started without load, and the remaining materials in it must be checked and removed before starting.

If the double-toothed roller crusher is not used for a long time or is started for the first time, the large pulley should be rotated 2-3 times before starting the motor. Only after the motor rotates in the correct direction can the double-toothed roller crusher be officially started.

5. Dust and other objects on the surface of the chassis on which the movable system is put on should be removed to avoid the movable bearing cannot be moved flexibly on the underframe when the machine encounters non-crushed materials, thus causing serious accidents.

6. Each roller of the double toothed roll crusher is driven by a single motor. Since materials change their property, they make the roller move from left to right. In this case, it's necessary for us to raise the height of the gear tooth in order to prevent the tooth from separating from the roller.

7. After the double toothed roll crusher has been running for a long time, due to the large wear of the roller surface, the product particle size will be too fine. At this time, attention should be paid to adjusting the ore discharge port or overhauling the equipment.

8. The corrosive also has effects on double toothed roll crusher lifetime. Because rain, snow and air pollution cause corrosion to double toothed roller crushers, users should take effective measures to reduce their impact.

9. Pay attention to the oil temperature of the bearing. Once the temperature is too high, it must be stopped immediately for inspection and correction. If there is a strong impact sound when the gear is rotating, it is also necessary to stop the machine for inspection and correction.

10. When it is necessary to change the crushing ratio and move the roller, the roller must be moved in parallel to prevent the roller from skewing, otherwise it will cause rapid and uneven wear of the roller skin, and in severe cases, it will cause accidents.

11. The gearbox must be replaced with new oil after one month of initial use, cleaned with kerosene, and filled with new oil. Under normal production conditions, the gearbox should be replaced with new oil every three months.

12. Check the wearing part frequently and change the worn parts in time.

13. The newly equipped tire tends to be loose, so it must be inspected frequently.

14. Pay attention to the fastening of the bolts of each component, and tighten them immediately if any looseness is found.

15. Before working, the double toothed roll crusher must be started first. After the speed is normal, the material is fed into the machine. The procedure is reversed when stopping.

16. The machine should not be overloaded, and electrical instruments should be paid attention to at any time.

17. When the material to be processed contains many large pieces, it should be noted that large pieces of ore are easily squeezed out from the crushing space to prevent injury to people or damage to equipment.

18. When the crusher is running, you should always pay attention to whether the particle size of the crushed product meets the requirements. The spacing of the crushing rollers can be readjusted if necessary.

Common faults and troubleshooting of double toothed roll crushers

Common faults and troubleshooting of double toothed roll crusher

1. Blockage

Many factors can cause blocking. For example, blockage of large sticky materials, slippage of the roller surface, accumulation of materials, etc. 

After the material is blocked, stop the machine immediately, adjust the amount of material and the larger material, and clean the inner cavity of the crusher.

2. Abnormal noise

When the double toothed roll crusher is working, the coupling may produce noise, which may be due to the serious wear of the bushing and coupling. 

If the internal parts are damaged, the damaged parts need to be replaced.

3. Vibration failure

The material block is too large, materials are not uniform, the base nut is loose, or the connection between the tooth crown and the tooth is loose.

Adjust the material block to ensure uniform conveying, after that carefully check the bearing seat or ground nut, and tighten it in time.

4. Oversized crushed materials

The roller skin of the crusher is severely worn, the spring rigging has poor compression force, the base plate is thin, or the discharging gate is too big.

The roller skin of the crusher should be replaced or the worn part should be filled with surfacing, the force of the spring should be strengthened, the thickness of the base plate should be increased, or the size of the discharging gate should be adjusted.

5. Decreased output

The crown is worn or the damaged gap between the roller and the base is too large. If the crushing tooth is worn, it should be repaired or replaced.

6. Roller bearing bushing causes roller overheating

Incorrect position of roller bearing bushing and shaft, or poor lubrication. It is necessary to adjust the bearing bushing and re-lubricate.

7. The roller does not rotate

During the production process, the motor rotates normally, but sometimes the roller does not rotate. 

The accident may be caused by severe wear and failure of the reducer gear. In this case, the roller must be replaced.

8. High bearing temperature

This is usually caused by abnormal uses of the lubricating oil (such as insufficient or dirty lubricating oil) or bearing damage. 

The lubricating oil needs to be refueled or replaced, but when the bearing is damaged and the bearing temperature is too high, the bearing must be replaced.


The above is the solutions provided by FTM Machinery engineers for the maintenance of the double toothed roll crushers. It should be noted that to maintain long-term safe operation, regular maintenance and timely repairs are important and necessary.

Author : Jordan Jordan is the writer of the blog with a broad knowledge of this industry. Most importantly, he hopes to help you in your projects sincerely.

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