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Asphalt Crusher | Accelerate Waste Recycling

Author : Jordan Last Updated :

Are you looking for an efficient solution for handling old asphalt pavements?

FTM Machinery's asphalt crusher has extensive experience in asphalt recycling and crushing. It can easily crush old asphalt pavement or asphalt mixture into smaller particles or fragments to form high-quality recycled asphalt pavement (RAP).

Benefits of asphalt crushing and recycling

Asphalt crushing and recycling are essential in modern road construction and maintenance, serving as crucial steps in recycling asphalt waste.

Asphalt crushing and recycling

Recycled asphalt materials reduce the demand for new raw materials, saving on material and transportation costs.

By reusing old asphalt, you can decrease landfill waste, lower environmental impact, and maintain or improve the durability and performance of new pavements.

Choosing the right asphalt crusher

FTM Machinery offers a variety of asphalt recycling machines, including mobile crushers, impact crushers, and jaw crushers. All our machines utilize efficient asphalt crushing technology, effectively recycling asphalt waste into useful raw materials.

Our machines are designed to help you increase profits while minimizing downtime.

1. Mobile crushers

Mobile crusher is the best choice for asphalt crushing and screening.

Mobile crusher is the best choice for asphalt crushing and screening

It consists of a mobile production line consisting of a crusher, vibrating feeder, screening equipment, conveying equipment, etc., which is suitable for short-term or frequent moving projects.

Advantages of mobile crushers:

1. On-site asphalt crushing

Whether wheel-mounted or track-mounted, mobile crushers can be transported to various construction sites and temporary projects at any time.

This flexibility saves transportation costs associated with moving asphalt to a crushing plant, making our equipment popular with asphalt demolition contractors and paving companies.

2. Rapid asphalt separation and grading

The crushed asphalt can be quickly screened through our efficient screening machine, ensuring the final product meets the size and quality requirements for paving and road construction.

Crushed asphalt is screened through efficient screening machines

3. Quick installation and disassembly

Our mobile asphalt crusher adopts a modular design, which enables you to start asphalt crushing operations faster after the equipment arrives on site, greatly reducing the foundation preparation time.

4. Flexible main machine configuration

Different main machines can be configured according to your different needs, such as impact crusher, jaw crusher and cone crusher, etc. This flexible configuration can meet the material processing needs of your different projects.

If you want to know more about mobile crushers or customized services, please feel free to contact our product manager. Contact us

2. Impact crushers

Impact crushers are stationary asphalt crushers suitable for long-term operations.

Impact crushers are suitable for long-term operations

FTM Machinery's impact crushers can meet your one-time asphalt crushing needs. CI1213 and CI1316 are popular models for asphalt impact crushers.

Model Maximum Feeding Size (mm) Power (kW) Capacity (t/h) Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)
CI1213 300 200 80-280 2903×2530×2411
CI1316 300 250 100-350 3320×2770×2535

Advantages of impact crushers:

1. Asphalt crushing only once

Impact crushers have a crushing ratio of over 50. Equipped with high-chromium cast iron hammers (superior to high-manganese steel), they achieve the desired particle size in a single pass, reducing your operating costs.

2. High-quality aggregate output

The crushed asphalt particles are cubical in shape, offering the best quality. You can control the output size based on actual needs, improving the bonding between asphalt and aggregates, ensuring road construction quality.

The asphalt particles after crushing have good shape

3. Machine cleaning time reduced

The impact crusher has no grate at the bottom, and the high-speed rotating plate hammer and crushing chamber design can more effectively prevent asphalt from sticking and clogging the crushing chamber, reducing your time to maintain the machine.

In addition, the impact crusher occupies a small area and has a low failure rate, which can ensure long-term normal operation.

For more information about models, please click on impact crusher or contact our product manager. Contact us

3. Jaw crushers

Jaw crushers are stationary equipment suitable for the primary crushing of asphalt, breaking it into larger pieces. For finer granularity, a cone crusher is needed for secondary crushing.

Jaw crushers are suitable for the primary crushing of asphalt

Jaw crushers are the preferred choice for high-capacity asphalt crushing production lines. CJ160 and CJ200 are popular models for asphalt jaw crushers.

Model Maximum Feeding Size (mm) Power (kW) Capacity (t/h) Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)
CJ160 960 4P 250 430-1145 5780×3460×3580
CJ200 1200 6P 400 630-1590 6600×3000×4400

Advantages of jaw crushers:

1. High-capacity asphalt crushing

Jaw crushers can crush up to 1590 tons of asphalt per hour, 25% more than similar crushers. They also save 15%-30% in energy, ensuring efficient asphalt crushing.

2. Large-size asphalt crushing

With a maximum feed size of up to 1200 mm, jaw crushers are ideal for handling large chunks of asphalt, increasing production efficiency and reducing pre-processing steps.

3. High-hardness material handling

The jaw plates are made from high manganese steel or other wear-resistant materials, capable of handling high-hardness materials, including stones and gravel mixed in asphalt. They are durable, reducing the frequency of replacements and maintenance costs.

For more information about models, please click on jaw crusher or contact our product manager. Contact us

What Our Users Say

"We are deeply impressed by FTM Machinery's mobile crusher! It really makes our asphalt crushing and screening work more efficient. Its high flexibility and powerful performance have brought significant improvements to our projects."

Customers come to visit our mobile crusher

FTM Machinery is an industry-leading asphalt crusher manufacturer, selling small asphalt crushers and large asphalt crushers to meet your different needs and help you achieve more efficient production and more considerable economic benefits. Welcome to consult for more information.

Author : Jordan Jordan is the writer of the blog with a broad knowledge of this industry. Most importantly, he hopes to help you in your projects sincerely.

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