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Description of New-type Spiral Sand Washing Machines

Author : Fote | Published : Aug 15, 2019

Spiral sand washer as a new type of sand washing machines, is conducted on the basis of ordinary sand washer on the technical innovation and structure transform, its performance will be more consummate and the production efficiency of spiral sand washing machine will get great improvement. The new-type sand washer is mainly used for cleaning, grading and decontaminating the materials with different particle sizes in highway, water&electricity, architecture and other industries.

sand washer

Working principle of new-type spiral sand washing machines

During the operation of equipment, the spiral device of spiral sand washer continuously stirs the sand and gravel materials to make the soil in the material mixed with water, and then discharge from the spout of sand washing machines, while the remaining sand and gravel materials are stepwise selected under the action of the spiral device, and discharged from the outlet top of sand washer, so as to realize the cleaning and screening effect of sand and gravel materials.

Special performances of new-type spiral sand washer


  • Low power consumption
  • Cleaning and screening simultaneously
  • Good sealing structure
  • Fully enclosed transmission
  • Adjustable weir board
  • Made up of durable material
  • Fine grain products remain stable
  • Good cleaning and selecting effect


  • Lower the operational costs
  • The materials after being washed with high cleanliness
  • Lower capital investment in secondary cleanup equipment
  • More reliable process controls
  • Less wear and longer life on the system
  • Lower maintenance costs

Advantages of New-type spiral sand washing machine

Advantages of New-type spiral sand washing machine

Operation and maintenance of new-type spiral sand washing machines

  • 1When the spiral sand washer works, it will produce great vibration. It is recommended that the machine and the embedded weldments is installed on the concrete foundation, so that the equipment can be easily welded on the foundation. The depth and area of foundation should be calculated separately according to soil conditions, it is suggested that the base bearing weight roughly is three times that of the sand washing machines; the machine installation dimensions can refer to the foundation drawing.
  • 2After the equipment installation is in place, check whether the reducer and gearbox are shifted, whether the water tank is consistent with the big spiral gap, after adjusting well, fixing and welding the equipment on the foundation.
  • 3The lubricating oil should be added to adjust the height of oil surface. Generally, it is advisable to make the height at the line under 50% of shaft center.
  • 4After the installation and adjustment of the spiral sand washing machines, the test operation shall be carried out, and the no-load test shall be achieved:
    • Continuous operation for 2 hours
    • All parts should be firm and free of looseness.
    • The reducer and gearbox without the abnormal sound
  • 5The load test shall meet the following requirements in addition to meeting the requirement of no-load test.
    • When feeding the materials, don't make the material strongly impact the water tank, don't have the partial feeding or the stack feeding phenomenon in the water tank, to avoid damaging the machine.
    • The feeding material size should meet the design requirements of spiral sand maker.
  • 6In the normal operation of the machine, the staff should observe its operation situation, and find out the abnormal phenomena in time, then check up the reasons and remove failures immediately.

If you are interested in the new-type spiral sand washing machines produced by Fote Machinery, please contact FTM customer service staff online, or call FTM inquiry hotline: 0086-0371-69606666

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