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Learn more about the repair and maintenance of the jaw crusher

Author : Fote | Published : Aug 15, 2019

Jaw Crusher is one of the essential machines of stone production line; its performance has reached the leading level of international crushing equipment industry. It is a practical and reliable stone crushing equipment. If you want the machine to work and extend its service life, its maintenance is a problem we must pay attention to. Jaw crusher mainly has eccentric shaft, pulley, frame, flywheel and reset spring, elbow plate, fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate and other important components.

Due to the bad jaw break working environment, there are various faults in the operating process. In order to ensure the stable operation of equipment, improve equipment performance, you can start from the following:

1. Preparation for jaw crusher before use

  • 1 Carefully check that the lubrication of the bearing is good and that there is sufficient grease at the joint of the thrust plate.
  • 2 Carefully check that all fasteners are tight.
  • 3 Carefully check that the belt is good. If any damage is found, it should be replaced in time. When there is oil on the belt or pulley, wipe the oil with a rag.
  • 4 Check whether the protective device is good, found that there is an unsafe phenomenon, should be promptly excluded.
  • 5 Check if there is no ore or sundries in the broken cavity. If there is ore or debris, it must be cleaned up to ensure that the crusher cavity start.
  • 6 Check whether the top bolts are returned, whether the gasket group is pressed tightly and whether the T-type bolts are tightened. Crusher driver must be trained to achieve "three things to understand" (understand structure, understand performance, understand the principle), "Sihui" (will use, will maintain, will maintain, will deal with the fault), after the training test qualified, obtain a certificate, before the induction operation.

2. Jaw crusher lubrication

  • 1 regular attention and timely lubrication of the friction surface can ensure the normal operation of the machine and extend its service life.
  • 2 the lubricating grease used in jaw crusher shall be determined according to the place and temperature of use. Generally, calcium base, sodium base and calcium base grease shall be used.
  • 3 The grease added to the housing is about 50% of its space volume and replaced every 3-6 months.Use clean gasoline or kerosene to clean roller bearing raceway when changing oil.
  • 4 The jaw crusher before starting, the thrust plate and the thrust plate should be injected between the appropriate amount of grease.

3. Maintenance of jaw crusher

In order to ensure the normal operation and proper operation of the jaw crusher, scheduled maintenance must be carried out, including routine maintenance inspection, minor repair, medium repair and major repair.

  • 1 minor repair mainly includes inspection and repair of adjustment device, adjustment of discharge gap, adjustment or replacement of worn liner plate. Check the drive part, lubrication system and follow up the lubricating oil timely. The period of minor repair is about 1~3 months.
  • 2 The middle Repair Department carries on the minor repairs work, also includes the replacement thrust plate, the liner board, examines and repairs the bearing and so on.The period of the repair is generally about 1-2 years.
  • 3 The repair department in the middle of the work, but also include and replace the turning eccentric shaft and jaw shaft, casting the upper part of the rod of the Babbitt alloy, replace or repair a wear.Overhaul of the cycle is generally about 5 years. In a word, maintenance management plays a very important role in the whole operation of jaw crusher, and completes daily maintenance to achieve the optimal performance of the equipment.

Henan Fote Heavy Machinery has a wealth of jaw crusher maintenance and maintenance experience, the production of jaw crusher superior performance, affordable, welcomed the consultation.

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