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Biomass Charcoal Briquettes Machine: Waste to Energy

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In response to deforestation, the energy crisis, and environmental pollution, there is an increasing call to replace traditional wood charcoal and coal charcoal as fuel energy with biomass charcoal briquettes made from coconut shell, sawdust, bamboo, rice husk, etc. The hotness of biomass charcoal briquettes drives people to search for biomass charcoal briquettes machine!

biomass charcoal briquette

Why is biomass charcoal briquette a good alternative fuel choice?

Bio charcoal briquettes can now be used as an alternative fuel with a huge market potential for the following reasons:

  • The raw material is mostly waste biomass. It has the characteristics of easy acquisition, low cost, and wide sources. At the same time, this can help improve the recycling rate of agricultural biomass waste.
  • Reasonable bio charcoal making process can be pollution-free. And the briquette charcoal emits less smoke and toxic chemicals like sulfur when burned.
  • Biomass charcoal briquettes can be processed into many shapes and sizes for easy storage and use.
  • Biomass charcoal is rich in carbon elements and has high calorific value.
  • The demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources is growing in the Philippines, the government has implemented policies and initiatives to support the development and application of renewable energy sources, including biomass charcoal.

What are the biomass materials for charcoal briquettes in the Philippines?

As an agricultural country and a tropical rainforest country, the Philippines has large and abundant supplies of biomass resources, including agricultural wastes, forest residues, animal wastes, and municipal solid wastes.

At the Filipino charcoal market, you will buy charcoal briquettes made from sawdust, rice husks, sugarcane bagasse, coconut shells, bamboo, corncobs, and more.

Therefore, the popular raw materials for bio charcoal briquettes include sawdust, rice husks, sugarcane bagasse, and coconut shells.

biomass charcoal raw material in the Philippines

Although the charcoal making process of these materials is slightly different in some details, the general production process is the same. Here we will take sawdust as an example.

How to make charcoal briquettes from sawdust?

Sawdust has a low ash content and high carbon content (50% w/w), making it ideal for making charcoal briquettes for residential cooking. Here is the sawdust charcoal briquettes making process:

sawdust charcoal briquette
  • 1 Collect sawdust:

    Collect sawdust from wood processing plants, furniture manufacturing factories, or other sources.

  • 2 Drying

    Dry the sawdust in the sun or a sawdust rotary dryer to remove extra moisture. Sawdust with a high moisture content will not carbonize properly and may produce low-quality charcoal.

  • 3 Carbonization:

    The dried sawdust is then carbonized at a temperature about 300°C to 500°C for several hours until it turns into charcoal.

  • 4 Crush and sieve the charcoal:

    The charcoal is then crushed into small pieces and sieved by a 60 mesh filter.

  • 5 Prepare the binder:

    Mix the tapioca with water in a pan and then heat on the stove until the mixture coagulates.

  • 6 Mix the charcoal with the binder:

    The charcoal is mixed with the binder at a ratio of 1:3 (charcoal to binder).

  • 7 Briquetting:

    Compress the mixture with a charcoal briquette machine to obtain briquettes with desired shape and size.

  • 8 Drying:

    The briquettes are then dried in the sun or using a dryer to reduce their moisture content and make them easier to handle and store.

  • 9 Packing and storage:

    The final step is to pack the briquettes in bags or boxes and store them in a dry place away from moisture and direct sunlight.

Note: To increase the calorific value of biomass charcoal briquettes, you can mix in coal powder, charcoal powder, carbonized coconut shells, carbonized straw, etc.

Biomass charcoal briquettes machine for sale in the Philippines

Charcoal briquettes machine determines the shape, size, and density of charcoal briquettes. Therefore, choosing a suitable charcoal briquetting machine is the prerequisite for a profitable biomass charcoal plant.

The charcoal briquetting machine has won the market with its low price, large production capacity, solid structure, and simple maintenance.

biomass charcoal briquette machine

Learn more about Ftmmachinery charcoal briquette machine

  • Price: The price can be as low as Php 55,000.
  • Production capacity: The capacity ranges from 2.2 t/h to 50 t/h, which can meet the needs of biomass charcoal plants of different scales.
  • Power: It is powered by electricity. The motors are all national standard products and are very durable.
  • Maintenance: It is easy to operate and maintain. Screw propellers, molds, and bearings are easy to replace.
  • Warranty: Our charcoal-making machines enjoy a one-year warranty and reliable after-sales service to efficiently solve any problems.
  • Shape and size: The size and shape of charcoal briquettes can be customized for different applications.
  • Refund: Quick refunds on orders under US $1,000

Note: We do not provide carbonization equipment, please make sure your biomass material has been carbonized before feeding into the charcoal briquette machine.


Biomass charcoal briquettes are increasingly popular in the Philippines due to their affordability, sustainability, and versatility. This makes it profitable for investors to set up biomass charcoal briquette plants to turn waste into energy.

Ftmmachinery provides solid and cheap charcoal briquettes machine to help you get dense coconut charcoal briquettess, bamboo charcoal briquettes, coco charcoal briquettes, corncob charcoal briquettes, etc.

Please note that we do not provide carbonization machines. Make sure your raw materials are carbonized corn cob, carbonized coconut shell, carbonized rice husk, carbonized sawdust, carbonized bamboo, etc.

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