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Artificial Sand Market – Global Industry Provides Lucrative Opportunities

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The global natural and artificial sand market was valued at US$44.4 billion in 2016 according to the latest TMR report, and is expected to grow at a competent CAGR of 12.7% from 2017 to 2025.

Technology innovation on facilities

According to a latest Market Research report, competition in the global natural and artificial sand market rides on the back of quality. Most players, especially providing artificial sand are growing in company size due to the high-quality of their products.

Besides this, companies in the global artificial sand market are adding technologically advanced devices in their manufacturing facilities to meet the environmental norms and international standards.

What’s more, expanding production facilities to meet growing demand and expand its global footprint are other common strategies adopted by the company.

Globally, the Asia-Pacific regions are expected to acquire the largest share of the global natural and artificial sand market in the coming years. TMR analysts predict that these regions will alone account for 54% of the entire global natural and artificial sand market.

Artificial sand

Artificial sand

Industrialization and real estate to boost demand

With the construction of large-scale infrastructure projects such as roads, high-speed rail, construction, and hydropower, the processing requirements for sand in the building materials market are becoming more and more strict.

Today, Development in economies like India, China, Malaysia, and Korea has resulted in the growth of individuals at the economic level. These countries are vigorously developing high-speed railways, roads, subways and new rural construction, thus rising demand in artificial sand.

Environmental protection promote artificial sand development

With the continuous advancement of technology, industrial production relies more and more on the efficiency and convenience brought by machinery, especially in the production of sand and gravel.

River sand is preferred for construction due to its exceptional ability to bond well with cement. However, many governments are vigorously promoting the environmental protection and ecological balance, and it has greatly stimulated the development of artificial sand, thus there is an increase of investors choose artificial sand.

In these respects, artificial sand can replace river sand, and current technologies and policies are conducive to the development of artificial sand, which brings increasingly development of artificial sand.

Artificial sand production line

Artificial sand production line

Strict regulations of government to artificial Sand

Despite strict laws to regulate the exploitation of natural sand, there is growing concern about the pollution caused by mining natural river sand, prompting policymakers to develop artificial sand laws. This is expected to limit the growth of the global natural and artificial sand market in the coming years.

The rising demand from the real estate and industrial sector will continue to infuse demand in the global natural and artificial sand market in the coming years.

Besides, the growing need for renovation in regions like North America and Europe to give buildings a modern look will stoke demand in the global natural and artificial sand market.

Artificial sand has absolute advantages

Artificial sand has gradually replaced the position of natural sandstone in the construction industry. The development of the construction industry is inseparable from the equipment for sand production lines.

It can be said that the sand production line has played a positive role in promoting the development of the construction industry.

The sand production line is the ideal equipment for the construction industry to provide quality raw materials. It can be used for artificial sand making of hard limestone, granite, basalt, river pebble and other materials.

The equipment is suitable for hydropower, building materials, highways, urban construction and other industries. Artificial sand has unique advantages and has become the main force in the sand and gravel industry.

HVI sand making machine

HVI sand making machine

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