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How to Control the Stone Powder Content in Artificial Sand?

Author : Fote | Published : Aug 15, 2019

Under the large trend of artificial sand instead of natural sand, the application of sand production line is becoming more and more prevalent. As the stone exploiting is convenient, the high content of stone powder in the mechanism sand can be ignored.

sand making plant

In the process of producing the artificial sand, because of a variety of problems in raw material or production technique process, the stone powder appears in the mechanism sand, if the stone powder content is not high, it can strengthen the cement strength, however, if the content of stone powder is excessive, we need to increase the dosage of water reducing agent to meet the pumping requirements which will affect the concrete strength. So when the content of stone powder is too high, we should remove them, and there are two main selection methods: dry-type dust collection and washing out the stone powder

1. Dry-type dust collection

Dry dust collection can eliminate the dust pollution in the process of sand production. Reasonably installing the dust collectors points and adjusting the air volume as well as wind pressure of the vacuum cleaner can remove the stone powder in the artificial sand. We should choose the dust collector with good dust collectting effect in actual production, and based on the specific requirements of stone powder content in mechanism sand to set up the duty parameter of dust collector. But this method has some limitations only applying to the third level mechanism sand.

2. Washing out the stone powder

It's the key step to wash out the stone powder in artificial sand in the fine sand production process, FTM experts recommend that when the stone powder content is exorbitant, the artificial sand manufacturer should use the sand washing machine to wash them out until the stone powder content meet the national standards and the finished artificial sand is qualified.

By using the above two methods combined with the pre-screening effect of screening equipment, artificial sand producers can control the stone powder content of mechanism sand effectively, so as to make their mechanism sand quality have large improvement.

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