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High Efficiency Concentrator

High Efficiency Concentrator

ico 1 Processing ability: 5.6–6250 t/d

ico 2 Total weight: 1.8–204.6 t

Applied material : slime, waste water, waste slag, etc

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The Application and Function of High Efficiency Concentrator:

High-efficiency concentrator is suitable for dewatering concentrate and tailing in concentrator plant. It is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, coal, non-metallic mineral processing, environmental protection, and other industries. High-efficiency concentrator is not only a simple lamellar but a new type of dewatering equipment which combines with mud layer filtering features.

High efficiency concentrator


  • 1, Adding flocculant to increase the size of the setting solid particles, which accelerates the sedimentation rate;
  • 2, Installing inclined plate to shorten the distance of the setting mineral particles to increase the subsidence area;
  • 3, Playing a role of flocculating, filtrating, contracting the mud sedimentation thick layer and increasing the handling capacity.
  • 4, Equipping with fully automatic control facilities.

Working Process:

Increasing the size of the solid particle in pulp and subsidence area of concentrator can improve the working capacity of high-efficiency concentrator. Adding flocculation to cohere fine materials together can increase the size of solid particles. Installing a hanging plate in a common concentrator can increase its subsidence area. After that, decreasing the subsidence distance between particles and improving its efficiency. At the same processing capacity, the diameter of the high-efficiency concentrator is two thirds or one second times as long as the common concentrator's. The floor space that high-efficiency concentrator occupies is one-ninth or one-fourth times as big as the common ones. But the processing capacity can be improved several or dozens of times.


Specification Deposit square(m2) Processing capacity (t/d)
Model Specification Pond degree
NZS-1 Φ1.8m 2.54 5.6
NZS-3 Φ3.6m 10.2 22.4
NZS-6 Φ6m 28.3 62
NZSF-6 Φ6m 28.3 62
NZ-9 Φ9m 63.6 140
NZS-9 Φ9m 63.6 140
NZS-12 Φ12m 113 250
NZ-15 Φ15m 176 350
NZ-20 Φ20m 314 960
NZ-30 Φ30m 707 ----
NZS-45 Φ45m 1590 515
NT-15 Φ15m 177 390
NQ-18 Φ18m 255 560
NQ-24 Φ24m 452 1000
NQ-30 Φ30m 707 1570
NJ-38 Φ38m 1134 1600
NT-45 Φ45m 1590 2400
NTJ-53 Φ53m 2202 6250
NT-100 Φ100m 7846 3030
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