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Briquetting Machine

Briquetting Machine

Applied materials: iron powder, coal powder, urea powder, copper ore powder, aluminum powder, mill scale, manganese powder, fluorite powder, steel powder, ferrosilicon powder, nickel alloy powder, etc.

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Model: GY520-150


Power: 55 kw

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Model: GY1000-450


Power: 280 kw

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Model: GY1400-1000


Power: 400 kw×2

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What is a briquetting machine?

Briquetting machine is used to press powder materials into briquettes. It can make various valuable and waste materials into a new generation of green energy, and press powder metal materials into small briquettes for further transportation and smelting, or deal with tailings.

What material can briquetting machine process?

Briquetting machine applications

Briquetting machine applications

Industrial powder: coal powder, coking coal, powder carbon, slags, gypsum, sludge, kaolin, activated carbon, coke breeze, calcium carbonate.

Mineral powder: asphalt paste, bauxite powder, magnetite powder, hematite powder, manganese powder, mineral tailings.

Metallurgical powder: iron concentrate, aluminum concentrate, copper powder, zinc mineral powder, manganese mineral powder, gold concentrate powder, and other metallurgical wastes such as fly ash, sludge, sinter, scrap iron, steel slag, and silicon manganese ore powder, etc.

How do you make briquettes?

Briquetting process

Briquetting process

Step 1 Crushing: The materials are crushed into under the size of 8 mm, and the materials consisting of powder and particles are better to process.

Step 2 Drying: The material should be dried to that with the humidity of under 12%. The materials that are too wet or too dry are not processed easily.

Step 3 Mixing (optional): The suitable adhesive can be adopted according to the characteristics of materials to guarantee a good briquetting effect.

Step 4 Briquetting: The materials are consistently and uniformly sent into the briquette machine for pressing.

How does the briquetting machine work?

The briquetting machine is driven by the motor and reducer, and pass the pressure to the rollers. When the two rollers are rotating relatively, the materials are sent into the sockets in the rollers sequentially.

With the rotation of rollers, the pressure on the materials increases gradually. When the material rotates to the contact point of the two rollers, the pressure of the material reaches the peak.

Under the huge pressure, the materials are processed from powder to briquettes. With the pressure getting smaller, the materials are taken off from the rollers and sent to the product area.

Types of briquetting machines

Mini briquetting machine

Mini briquetting machine price: Get Latest Price

Main model FTMQ290 GY520-150
Roller diameter (mm) 290 550
Power (kw) 5.5-7.5 55
Capacity (t/h) 1-2.5 2.2-3.5

Advantages of mini briquetting machines:

  • Cheap and high-quality.
  • Compact structure, small floor space, and be suitable for small and medium industrial plants.
  • The mosaic rollers make replacement more convenient and maintenance cheaper.
  • High pressure supported by mini briquetting machine make a better pressing effect and higher briquetting ratio.

Hydraulic briquetting machine

Hydraulic briquetting machine price: Get Latest Price

Main models GY1000-540 GY1200-800
Roller diameter (mm) 1000 1200
Roller width (mm) 900 900
Total pressure (t) 540 800
Power (kw) 185*2 280*2
Capacity (t/h) 30-35 40

Advantages of hydraulic briquetting machines:

  • Large capacity which is suitable for large industrial plants.
  • High and adjustable pressure contributes to large briquetting strength.
  • Mosaic rollers make installation and replacement more convenient.
  • The hydraulic system prevents rollers from overload.
  • Long service life. For example, some briquetting machine parts can be used for 30 years.

High pressure briquetting machine

High pressure briquetting machine price: Get Latest Price

Main models FTMQ500 FTMQ850
Roller diameter (mm) 500 850
Finished form Round, oval, and pillow Round, oval, and pillow
Power (kw) 30 55
Capacity (t/h) 8-11 20-28

Advantages of high pressure briquetting machines:

  • Wide range of capacity, which is suitable for small, medium, and large industrial briquetting plants.
  • High pressure makes good briquetting effect, and suitable for enterprises with high requirements.
  • Customized product shape, which is more practical.

Charcoal briquetting machine

Cahrcoal briquetting machine price: Get Latest Price

Main models GY1000-350 GY1000-500
Roller diameter (mm) 1000 1000
Roller width (mm) 440 504
Total pressure (t) 350 315
Capacity (t/h) 14-17 15-20

Advantages of charcoal briquetting machines:

  • According to the characteristics of charcoal, the unique forced feeding device is adopted, which is convenient and quick to operate.
  • Large pressure, good briquetting effect, and high product density.
  • The double-shaft reducer is adopted to make roller more precise and briquetting performance more reliable.

Powder briquetting machine

Powder briquetting machine price: Get Latest Price

Main models FTMGF-528 FTMGF-850
Roller diameter (mm) 528 850
Finished form Round, oval, and pillow Round, oval, and pillow
Roller material 9CY2Mn 9CY2Mn
Power (kw) 45 90
Capacity (t/h) 4-5 6-7

Advantages of powder briquetting machines:

  • High hardness of rollers makes it resistant and durable.
  • Good briquetting performance. It can briquette materials without water and adhesive.
  • More environmental protection.

Benefits can be brought from briquetting business

Benefits can be brought from briquetting business

Benefits can be brought from briquetting business

1. Higher combustion efficiency and more energy-saving

Due to the compactness of the briquetting product, its calorie is highly concentrated and it can generate more heat energy than other fuel of the same size.

Based on our years of experience and customers' feedback, charcoal briquette has a combustion efficiency of 40% higher than common charcoal.

2. Low dust emission and more environmental protection

With the development of manufacturing technologies and related fuel and energy standardization, the briquetting fuel is cleaner and has lower environmental pollution.

In the metallurgical industry, the briquetting process discharges less dust and is utilized more efficiently.

3. Wide raw material sources, low cost, and high profits

With the wide raw material sources, low price, easy usage, and stable quality, the briquette is worth expanding and application.

The materials such as charcoal, coal powder, charcoal powder, and coke powder can be compressed into briquettes and pellets for fuels used in household and industrial plants.

Why choose Fote briquetting machines?

Why choose Fote briquetting machine?

Why choose Fote briquetting machines?

Fote Heavy Machinery is the most popular manufacturer of briquetting in China and other countries that need us, and here are the following advantages:

1. Large production scale

With thirty-nine years of experience in the production of the briquetting machines, Fote has a large-scale factory, excellent technologies, and skillful production process for briquetting equipment and assembly parts with long service life.

2. The quality is guaranteed

Quality is the top priority for customers to purchase a briquetting machine. Fote has mature technology of briquette equipment production and will undergo strict quality inspection before shipment.

For different materials of customers, Fote launched a free test business, which can directly check the test results on-site and online.

3. Customized models

There are various models and specifications of the briquetting machines which can be chosen freely. Fote will recommend the most suitable briquetting equipment for customers according to the customer's project information.

Also, the briquetting equipment can be tailored according to the special requirements of customers.

4. Perfect after-sales service

Fote will help customers with equipment installation and maintenance and onsite guidance. A dedicated after-sales service team is waiting for your calling.

Fote always put the interests of customers in the first position, which brings many rave reviews from customers at home and abroad.

FAQ about briquetting machines

What are the requirements for briquettes production?

Generally, almost all materials can be pressed into briquettes. However, biomass materials need to be carbonized to get good performance before they are sent into the briquette equipment for further briquetting.

Besides, the particle size of the briquetting materials is preferably less than 8 mm and the humidity of materials should not exceed 12%.

How much is the briquette machine for sale?

The price of the briquette machine for sale depends on many factors, such as the raw materials of equipment, the capacity of the machine, the required density of briquetting products.

If you have the requirements about the machine and want to know the exact price of Fote briquette machine, please contact us without hesitation, Fote will give you the quotation immediately.

How to improve the briquetting strength of the machine?

The strength of the briquetting equipment is influenced by raw material processed and the quality of itself.

The particle size and humidity of material should meet the specification, and the feeding volume should be guaranteed.

The hydraulic system can be added to the briquetting machine to achieve a better briquetting effect.

What should be considered when building a briquetting plant?

① The briquetting plant should be built far away from residential areas, and at the same time, sufficient water resources should be guaranteed.

② Ensure that there is enough room to store raw materials and final products, and abundant raw materials nearby should be guaranteed.

③ When briquetting biomass raw materials, a carbonization device (kiln carbonization and carbonization furnace) must be built in advance. If the former kiln carbonization is used, its pre-construction is required.


Model Roll diameter
Roll width
Total pressure
Main motor power
GY520-150 520 196 150 55 2.2-3.5 13
GY650-220 650 200 220 110 4-6.5 19.2
GY750-300 750 280 300 185 6-8.5 34
GY1000-350 1000 440 350 250 10-15 50.8
GY1000-450 1000 504 450 280 14-17 58.5
GY1000-500 1000 504 500 315 15-20 58.5
GYS1000-500 1000 600 500 280 17-21 56.5
GY1000-540 1000 900 540 185Kw×2 30-35 60
GY1200-800 1200 900 800 280Kw×2 40 110
GY1400-1000 1400 1000 1000 400Kw×2 50 156
Model Roll width
GY520-150 196 2.2-3.5
GY650-220 200 4-6.5
GY750-300 280 6-8.5
GY1000-350 440 10-15
GY1000-450 504 14-17
GY1000-500 504 15-20
GYS1000-500 600 17-21
GY1000-540 900 30-35
GY1200-800 900 40
GY1400-1000 1000 50


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