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Charcoal Briquetting Machine

Charcoal Briquetting Machine

ico 1 Briquette Ratio: Above 90%

ico 2 Theoretical yield: 2-28 (t/h)

Briquette size : 25-75 mm or customized

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What can charcoal balls do?

Smashed charcoal is inconvenient to transportation, thus its use is limited. The method of pressing charcoal balls can turn the smashed charcoal into a high-quality fuel. Charcoal balls have the advantages of low hygroscopicity and water absorption, high specific gravity and high calorific value, and have high mechanical strength during use.

The calcined charcoal balls are smokeless when burned and do not produce carbon dust. It can also be used in metallurgy, mobile gasifiers, and the like.

A brief introduction of charcoal briquette machine

The charcoal ball press machine can press materials like bamboo charcoal powder, carbon powder, coke powder, shisha charcoal, ect. It is an essential equipment for the production of charcoal.

It can extrude granulated materials with a water content of <12% (length ≤ 5 mm, diameter ≤ 3mm) objects into different shapes through high temperature and high pressure process without any binder.

Charcoal briquette machine

Charcoal briquette machine

Applications of charcoal briquette machine

Charcoal briquette machine is used to reduce dust, control unit weight, recycle and improve transportation in industries like charcoal powder briquette, etc.

The applications of the machine includes coal powder, iron powder, coking coal, aluminum powder, iron filings, iron oxide scale, carbon powder, carbon powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin, activated carbon, coke and so on.

The materials after being molded by the ball press machine are energy saving, environmentally-friendly and easy to transport, greatly improving the utilization of waste with good economic and social benefits.

Ball types of charcoal briquette machine

The mould whose material is 65Mn determines the shapes of the ball. As the main wearing part, the mould is assembled in combination and can be replaced after being worn. Besides, its hardness can reach more than 58 degrees after special heat treatment.

Common ball shapes are round, oval. It can also be customized according to the special needs of customers, such as square, goose-shaped, round, cylindrical, strip, pincushion, rectangle, heart shape and so on. The smaller the ball press, the smaller the minimum size of the ball whose minimum forming size is 2-2.5 cm.

Various ball types produced by charcoal briquette machine

Various ball types produced by charcoal briquette machine

Performance and characteristics of charcoal briquette machine

1. Stable operation

The charcoal briquette machinery adopts advanced PLC program control, stable hydraulic system and mature vibration molding technology to ensure the solidity and strength of the product.

2. Convenient feeding

The unique forced feeding device of charcoal briquette machinery can ensure that each product in the mold box is full, even and dense.

3. Rapid forming

The charcoal briquette machine adopts the mature and advanced forming mold combined vibration, which can fully exhaust the material within 3-5 seconds to ensure the high density and high strength of the product.

4. A wide range of raw materials

The charcoal briquette machinery can take various materials such as sand, stone, coal, fly ash, coal slag, coal gangue, tailings slag, ceramsite, slag and industrial wastes and construction slag as raw materials to produce new-type materials and briquette products.

5. A multi-purpose machine

Charcoal briquette machinery can produce a variety of shapes and specifications by changing the mold. It can also produce a variety of special-shaped molds according to the needs of users to meet the various needs of the market.

6. High-strength wear-resistant material

The mould surface is made of special synthetic manganese steel material, which has good effect, long service life and large selection of roller diameter. The roller diameter and the whole machine power can also be designed according to customer requirements.

7. The precision of the roller is high

The double-shaft reducer structure is adopted to improve the precision of the roller, and the gear adopts a hard-toothed type to improve the performance and life of the reducer.

Advantages of charcoal briquette machine

Advantages of charcoal briquette machine

Working principle of the charcoal briquette machine

When the machine works, the powder is quantificationally added to the pre-pressing device of the powder ball press machine at a steady material level. Then the pre-pressing spiral presses powder into the space between the rollers and transports them to the arc-shaped groove of the twin rollers.

The same roller concave spreads in average on the surface of the two rollers, meshed and driven to turn the rollers in the same speed and opposite direction. Then the chromium powder at the rabbet port is nipped into the rabbit and gets compressed.

As the rollers continue rotating, powder materials are separated under the effect of elastic force and gravity; as the motor turns constantly, the compression rollers do the periodic rotating and ball forming movement, thus completing the volume production.

Charcoal briquette machine manufacturer

Fote Heavy Machinery is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service with a large production base. Pressure pellets production line produced by FTM now widely used in metallurgy, building materials, briquette, refractory materials, power plants and other industries.

The company has been committed to the development of a new series of pressure ball molding products, the main products are dry powder pressure briquette machine, strong pressure briquette machine, low pressure briquette machine, mine powder briquette machine, hydraulic briquette machine, etc.

The company regards quality as life, users as God, and always takes the responsibility for each process, each product, and the quality policy of each user.

FTM Heavy Machinery

FTM Heavy Machinery

Customer case - Charcoal briquette machine for sale philippines

The Philippines is known for its major agricultural and forestry sectors and has a large amount of biomass. The Philippines is also a country that supplies agricultural residues to other countries that have increased the benefits of developing the country’s economy.

In May 2018, a Filipino customer found Fote through the 24/7 hot line to offer him a set of Charcoal briquette machine, and he planed to launch his charcoal ball press in the Philippines.

Project Overview

Equipment capacity: 28 T/H

Delivery date: July 15, 2018

Address: The Philippines

Project features: less equipment investment, quick returning results, comprehensive benefits

Application requirements: It is an excellent alternative to charcoal fossil fuels with low ash content and an environmentally friendly product. Briquettes produced by ball presses have high calorific value and high combustion efficiency and are often used for heating purposes in industry. In the Philippines, 92% of the industry's fuel is replaced by the highest quality charcoal briquette which is cheaper than coal.

Production and installation: It spends about 30 days from the signing of the contract, to the design of the entire production line process, to the production of a full set of production equipment, to the on-site installation, and then to the final production.

In the past year, the charcoal briquette machine production line has performed well and brought great benefits to our customers. Fote Heavy Machinery(FTM) has submitted a satisfactory and first rate job to the customer.


Model Roll diamter
Roll width
Total pressure
GY520-150 520 196 150
GY650-220 650 200 220
GY750-300 750 280 300
GY1000-350 1000 440 350
GY1000-450 1000 504 450
GY1000-500 1000 504 500
GYS1000-500 1000 600 500
GY1000-540 1000 900 540
GY1200-800 1200 900 800
GY1400-1000 1400 1000 1000
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