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How to Build A Profitable Sand Washing Plant?

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When mining natural river sand or making artificial sand, also called machine-made sand, manufactured sand, M-sand, mud and other impurities are mixed into it, which can easily cause unwashed sand and gravel to condense together when stored, thereby reducing the performance of sand and gravel. While the well-washed sand has a good use effect and high market price. The sand washing plant is satisfied with the demand and became the darling of the market.

ssand washing plant

A sand washing plant with a scientific and reasonable configuration will effectively improve productivity, make customers recover costs in a shorter time, and reap more considerable economic interest.

Many people do not know how to improve the efficiency of the sand washing plant. So issues of concern will be discussed in this article.

1. How to reasonably configure the sand washing plant?

2. What equipment is required for sand washing plant?

3. What should be done before, during, and after the establishment of sand washing plant?

4. How does the sand washing plant pass the environmental protection evaluation?

1. How to reasonably configure the sand washing plant?

1.1 Complete production line

The prerequisite for the good economic benefits of the sand washing plant is that the sand washing production line must be scientific and complete. According to the type of raw material, it is mainly divided into two types:

If the raw material is natural sand such as river sand, mountain sand, or the unwashed sand you bought, there should be siloes,  vibrating screens,  sand washers, dewatering machines, and belt conveyors in the sand washing plant.

Screening: unwashed sand is transported from the silo to the vibrating screen for screening and classification;

Sand washing: after the screening, the sand will be washed in a sand washer;

Fine sand recovery: the sand washing slurry is precipitated in the sedimentation tank, and then the fine sand is separated and extracted from the precipitated sediment by the fine sand recycling machine (hydro cyclone separator);

Washed sand: The washed sand is clean enough to meet the national use standards, and the loss rate of fine sand is low.

sand washing plant for natural sand

If the raw materials are pebble, limestone, basalt, granite, construction waste, the sand washing station should be equipped with screen feeders, jaw crushers, impact crushers,  sand making machines, dewatering machines, vibrating screens, sand washing machines, belt conveyors and a washed sand silo.

sand washing plant for manufactured sand

1.2 What principles should the sand washing flow follow?

The sand washing production line should follow the principles of simplicity, low cost, and reasonable layout.
A reasonable layout should do the following:

Appropriate power supply lines shall be arranged on the site to guarantee the power-consuming security on site.

Set appropriate positions of raw material warehouse and finished product warehouse. The production capacity, model, and quantity of equipment on the production line shall be arranged according to the set output to ensure that it can meet the daily washing needs.

When planning the layout of the sand washing plant, places for equipment storage, transportation, and maintenance during equipment shutdown should be taken into consideration.

Reasonably arrange the pipes for water supply, sedimentation tank, backwater to keep the sand washing plant clean at all times.

2. What machines are needed in sand washing plant?

2.1 Wheel Sand Washing Machine/Bucket Sand Washing Machine

In the sand washing plant, the sand washing machine is the core equipment.

wheel sand washing machine

Since its establishment, Fote has been adhering to the spirit of innovation and has developed a variety of sand washing machines, such as wheel sand washing machines, screw sand washing machines, wheel type integrated sand washing and recycling machines, and screw-type integrated sand washing and recycling machines. In recent years, the wheel sand washing machines have been favored by many customers, so more and more new customers want to know more about it. Now, let's focus on the wheel sand washer.

Working principle of the wheel sand washing machine

When the sand washer works, the power unit drives the impeller to rotate slowly after deceleration through the V-belt, reducer, and gear. The impeller drives the sand and stones in the groove to roll. Friction occurs when they roll up, which helps remove the impurities on the surface of the sand and stone and destroys the water vapor layer wrapped in them. That makes dewatering easier. Adding water to form a strong water flow is to take away impurities and small foreign matters. Finally, washed sand is discharged from the outlet by the impeller.

Application scope of wheel sand washer

It is widely used in construction sites, sand and gravel plants,  concrete dam worksites, and electric pole factories.

It can also be used in industries like sand quarry, mines, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing plants, etc.

Pros of the wheel sand washer

Scientific structure: The structure of the sand washing machine is simple, reasonable, and very compact, which makes the sand washing machine run smoothly and easy to maintain.

Excellent sealing feature: The power unit of the impeller is separated from water and sand, avoiding the damage of the bearing due to immersion in water and sand. Besides, the adoption of an oil bath-type power unit and adjustable overflow weir plate reduce the loss of fine sand and stone powder.

High-quality washed sand: The washed sand is qualified for high standard construction sand.

Large capacity: The special rotor design of the sand washer is well combined with an effective and accurately controlled feeding system, which improves the production capacity and product quality.

2.2 The Supporting Equipment

Some supporting devices are also indispensable. They help improve the working environment and realize green production.

Dust removal and noise reduction device: water spraying device shall be set at the crucial parts such as the inlet and outlet where dust generates. The bag filter that can reduce dust pollution, is a better choice. In addition, to reduce noise, it is recommended to use a low-speed and low-noise fan.

water spraying device to reduce dust

Sludge management: A sedimentation tank shall be set next to the sand washer. After a series of processes such as sedimentation, fine sand recovery, water, and mud separation, the treated water can be recycled. The sludge can be used as compost, transported to the sand field backfill area and mine landfill, or sold as raw material for brick-making factories. Sludge management reduces the investment cost of environmental protection, increases the profit of the sand washing sand.

A sedimentation tank

2.3 What principles should be followed when matching equipment?

Firstly, choose suitable crushing equipment,  sand making machine, sand washing machine, and vibrating screens according to the water content, hardness  of the raw material, and expected daily capacity.

Secondly, The perfect combination of equipment is the key to ensuring the stable and effective operation of the entire production line.

3. What should be done before, during, and after the establishment of sand washing plant?

3.1 Plan and prepare for sand washing plant operations:

  • Access, interpret and apply sand wash plant documentation, and ensure the work activity is compliant
  • Obtain, read, interpret, clarify and confirm work requirements
  • Identify and address potential risks, hazards and environmental issues, and implement control measures
  • Select and wear correct personal protective equipment appropriate for work activities
  • Inspect and prepare work area in coordination with others
  • Select, and check for faults, plant, tools and equipment to carry out tasks
  • Obtain and interpret emergency procedures, and be prepared for fire/accident/emergency

3.2 Operate the sand wash plant:

  • Coordinate activities with others before commencing and during work activities
  • Carry out pre-start, start-up and shutdown procedures
  • Select and modify the operating technique to appropriately meet changing work conditions
  • Conduct, control and monitor operations within the equipment limitations, maintaining sand wash efficiency and effectiveness
  • Act on or report monitoring systems and alarms
  • Continually monitor hazards and risks, and ensure the safety of self, other personnel, plant and equipment

monitoring system in sand washing plant

3.3 Carry out post-operational procedures

  • Inspect, fault find and report
  • Carry out operational maintenance, servicing, lubricating and housekeeping tasks
  • Maintain, process and pass on records and reports

Want to learn more about obtaining the qualification certificate for establishing a sand washing station, please CLICK HERE.

4. How does the sand washing plant pass the environmental protection evaluation?

4.1 Purchase environmental protection machines

The purchase of environmental protection machines can reduce pollution from the source. It is also recommended to purchase novel and advanced equipment with good airtightness, low noise.

4.2 Collocate environmental protection devices

Collocate sealing covers, high-pressure spray devices, bag filters, sedimentation tanks and other devices to reduce noise, dust, and water wate.

4.3 Carry out Environmental monitoring when the sand washing plant is in operation

After purchasing environmental protection equipment and devices, Strict environmental monitoring will be top priority.

Query the discharge standards of organized particulate matter and sewage stipulated by your state through EPA.

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Author : Jordan Jordan is the writer of the blog with a broad knowledge of this industry. Most importantly, he hopes to help you in your projects sincerely.


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