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Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator

ico 1 Lift height: 28-32.7 m

ico 2 Throughput: 3-60 m³/h

Applied materials : coal, cement, stone, sand, clay and ore.

Logistics diagram

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The Main Types and Description of Bucket Elevator:

The bucket elevator is fixed on the gratuitous use of uniform traction on a range of hopper components, vertical continuous conveyor machinery to enhance the material. The elevator bucket can be divided into the chain, plate chain, and belt three types.

Bucket elevator application

Why Choose Us?

  • 1. Bucket elevator has small drive power, which adopts flow type. And the feeder and hopper with large capacity are intensively arranged to enhance the material back and dig the material with less reactive power.
  • 2. It has a wide range of upgrade with less performance requirements, which not only can improve the general powdery, granular materials, but also enhance the larger abrasive materials, with sealing and less environmental pollution.

    The structure of bucket elevator

  • 3. It has advantages of good operational reliability, advanced design principles and processing methods to ensure the reliability of the machine operation, the downtime less than 20,000 hours with high lifting height and smooth hoist operation, so you can upgrade to a higher level.
  • 4. It has a long feeding life, taking the elevator inflow style without using an excavating bucket to help to squeeze materials. The machine is designed to ensure that the few are scattered in the feed material, reducing mechanical wear.

Bucket elevator in stock

Working Process:

The hopper scoops up the materials from the following storage and upgrades to the top by belt and chain and turns downward by passing the top wheel. The bucket elevator pours materials into the tank. The belt of bucket elevator generally uses a rubber band which is attached to lower and upper to drive rollers and turn the drum. Bucket elevators with chain transmission are generally equipped with two parallel transmission chains, and there are a pair of transmission chain at the top and down with a pair of redirection sprocket. Bucket elevator is generally equipped with chassis to prevent the dust will from blowing in bucket elevator.


Technical parameters of ring chain bucket elevator

Specification Max.lifting height
Conveying capacity
TH160 25 7-12
TH200 28 8-15
TH250 30 10-25
TH300 30 25-35
TH315 40 30-40
TH400 40 45-60
TH500 40 65-80
TH630 40 100-120
TH800 40 130-150

Technical parameters of wire belt bucket elevator

Specification Max. lifting height
Convrying capacity
TDG160 80 34
TDG200 80 45
TDG250 80 71
TDG315 80 101
TDG400 80 158
TDG500 80 218
TDG630 80 345
TDG800 80 491

Plate chain bucket elevator

Specification Max.lifting height
Max. lifting capacity
NE15 40 16
NE30 59 31
NE50 62 60
NE100 58 110
NE150 65 170
NE200 73 220
NE300 61 320
NE400 47 420
NE500 58 500

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