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The World is Running out of Sand, Artificial Sand Becomes a Hot Spot

Author : Jordan | Last Updated :

Sand is very important in people's daily life, and people can't even live without sand. Generally, sand can be used to beautify the environment and build the road, bridge and house, and it is an indispensable material in our life.

Sand is so helpful that the amount of sand used every year is staggering. At present, it is announced that sand is in short supply, and the artificial sand as a substitute becomes a hot spot, so the sand making machine will usher in bright investment prospects in the coming future.

Recently, the British journal Nature has commented that the extraction of sand and gravel has exceeded its natural recovery. Meanwhile, the WWF and UNEP have reported that people have left a large scar in the sand. This trend in the world is not yet out of hand, and the regulation and rules should be issued immediately to protect the sand from scarcity.

Artificial sand

Artificial sand

How does natural sand form?

Sand comes from many places. As rocks crush over thousands or even millions of years due to weathering and erosion, large rocks crush into tiny particles. These tiny particles are carried away by wind, water and others to form different kinds of sand.

The composition of sand varies from rock to rock, and its main compositions include olivine, basalt, garnet crystals, limestone, and almost any other type of rocks or minerals.

Usually, sand used in the building and construction is described by its particle size. Sand is generally defined as a kind of sediment with the particle size between the larger granular sand grains and the smaller silty sand grains, a diameter between 0.0625 and 2 mm.

Sand pile

Sand pile

The traditional Wentworth classification further divides sand from "coarse" to "fine" into five grades: sand (>63 μm), coarse sand (32 to 63 μm), medium sand (16 to 32 μm), fine sand (2 to 16 μm) and clay (<2 μm).

The demand for natural sand is more than its supply

The sand and gravel are already the most mined raw materials, even more than fossil fuels. The reason for the surge in demand for sand is the urbanization and global population growth.

There are used about 32 to 50 billion tonnes of sand all over the world per year, which is mainly applied for making cement, glass and electronics.

Recent research suggests that the amount of its demand is greatly higher than natural regeneration. As a result, the demand for sand is more likely to exceed its supply by the middle of the century.

However, the estimates of global sand production are unreliable. As of early 2019, researchers and workers have searched 443 papers on sand mining, only 38 of which described the amount of its demand quantitatively.

Of course, technically, it is difficult to assess how the sand moves or how it is deposited along the rivers; and many large rivers flow through many countries and areas, making it harder to count.

The applications of natural and artificial sand

The applications of sand

The applications of natural and artificial sand

  • In concrete, it can be combined with cement to increase the diffusion area of cement molecules and enhance the hydration of cement after the formation of the cement slurry.
  • It can fill the space among the gravel particles, and work together with gravel to play the role of the skeleton in the buildings, so as to improve the compactness and strength of concrete.
  • It has a certain lubrication effect and improves the workability of the concrete mixture.
  • During the hydration process of cement, it can effectively reduce the hydration heat of cement and inhibit the formation of cracks when the volume of cement changes due to physical and chemical reactions.
  • It plays the role of aggregate in all kinds of mortar, and can effectively save cementing materials.
  • It can be used as a cushion layer in such bad soil layers as expansive soil and frozen soil to play a protective role.

Many people do not believe that there will be a shortage of sand. As we all know, sand accounts for 20% of the earth's land surface. Unfortunately, the sand in the desert is too smooth to use. Most of the sand suitable for the industry comes from rivers, which covers less than 1% of the earth's surface.

In this case, it is necessary to manually make sand by sand maker, and it can process the rocks such as granite, river pebble, basalt, bluestone and others into different sizes to satisfy different needs of customers. Under this condition, the selection of high-efficiency and high-yield sand machine should be considered first.

Artificial sand making machine for sale

Fixed sand making machine

FTM fixed sand making machine

FTM fixed sand making machine

There are three types of fixed sand making machines: FTM vertical shaft impact crusher, VSI sand making machine and HVI sand machinery.

The fixed sand making machine is the high-efficiency and high-yield because it adopts the working principle of "stone-hit-iron" and "stone-hit-stone". The "stone-hit-iron" sand machinery can crush the material directly and quickly, and the "stone-hit-stone" sand machine can crushes stones by the method of stone colliding with each other.

It is suitable for processing various types of materials and has a wide range of functions.

Generally speaking, the fixed sand making machine is more used for processing such as river pebble, granite, basalt and other rocks with higher hardness, but also used for processing such as coal gangue, slag, and other materials with lower hardness and better brittleness, and the types and scope of processing materials are very wide.

It has the shaping function, and the finished product grain shape is very good.

Also mentioned above, the fixed sand machine uses the "stone-hit-stone" working principle, and the material collides between each other. The finished particles are uniform and grain shapes are very good. So the sand making materials are especially suitable for the material for shaping and fine processing.

Sand making machine is made of wear-resistant materials, with the features of long service life, high efficiency and good performance.

According to the working principle of fixed sand making machine, the polishing head is the main part to wear. But according to the experience of the past, the polishing head is made from several small parts.

During the running process, just change the small wearing parts, which saving the maintenance costs, and the service life of the equipment is extended to a certain extent.

Mobile sand making machine

FTM Mobile sand making machine

FTM Mobile sand making machine

Mobile sand making machine is designed on the basis of fixed sand making machine to load the frame and chassis, so that it can move flexibly in each sand factory and working site, which is more convenient for the transition, and sand making efficiency is higher.

  • 1 Different specifications of sand are screened concurrently.
  • The whole machine is integrated with sand making and screening. After the production of sand, it can be quickly screened into different specifications and transported to different sand piles. The efficiency of sand making and screening is high.
  • 2 It is equipped with a well-known diesel generator set.
  • It is equipped with well-known diesel generator sets in the dual use of oil and electricity which is suitable for any production plant.
  • 3 It covers a small area, and can change the site flexibly.
  • The mobile sand making machine is small and delicate. No matter it is a crawler-type mobile sand making machine or a wheeled mobile sand maker, all of them can transport to the different working sites at any time which is flexible and convenient.


Compared with natural sand, artificial sand has more advantages. Natural sand has a very smooth surface after the long-term impact of the river, and its coagulation effect is not as good as that of artificial sand when used in buildings.

However, artificial sand is crushed by sand making machine with a rough surface and is polyhedron which is more conducive to the setting of cement, so the facilities built with artificial sand will be more solid.

Due to the large scale and long reach of unordered excessive sand mining, the riverbed morphology has a sharp change, the riverbed is seriously cut down, changing the river flow. hollowing out the embankment foot and bridge foundation, and affecting the safety of embankment and bridge and other wading buildings.

As the riverbed cuts down, the water level drops, affecting the normal operation of water intake projects such as water supply along the river. Therefore, manual sand mining must be restricted by laws and regulations, and manual sand production is urgent.

FTM sand making machine manufacturer

FTM sand making machine manufacturer

Fote Heavy Machinery has been committed to the production of green mining machinery for decades, and the production of sand machine is in line with the performance characteristics of low energy consumption, low dust, and low noise by customers at home and abroad. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us timely, we will answer you as soon as possible.

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