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5 Easy but Efficient Steps to Realize Manganese Ore Processing

Author : Jordan Last Updated :

Manganese is an important industrial metal, known as "no manganese will not make steel". After manganese ore processing, manganese products are widely used in steel, battery, non-ferrous metallurgy, electric automobile, chemistry, and other industries.

What is manganese ore used for

Why pay attention to manganese ore processing?

According to Research and Markets report, the global manganese alloy market will reach USD 21.23 billion by 2027. Its growth will be driven mainly by rising in steel use and increasing demand for new energy vehicles.

Due to the important uses of manganese in modern society, this metal is considered one of the investments with high returns. The increasing demand for manganese ore has greatly stimulated manganese ore beneficiation development and paid more attention to manganese ore processing flows and equipment.

Manganese ore processing steps

The complete processing flow of manganese ore mainly includes five steps: crushing, washing, grinding, dressing, and drying. Next, I will introduce the detailed manganese ore processing production line to you.

1. Manganese ore crushing process and equipment

Manganese ore crushing is the first step in the process, which involves conventional multi-stage crushing equipment.

Process flow: Vibrating feeder → jaw crusherhydraulic cone crusher → vibrating screen

① Jaw crusher — primary crushing

Jaw crusher

The raw manganese ore (≤350 mm) is transported to the silo by the loading equipment and evenly sent to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing.
Estimated cost: $1,000 / Set Get Quote

② Hydraulic cone crusher — secondary crushing

Hydraulic cone crusher

The belt conveyor sends the coarsely crushed manganese ore (≤30 mm) to the hydraulic cone crusher for medium and fine crushing, realizing the principle of more crushing and less grinding.
Estimated cost: $5,000 / Set Get Quote

③ Vibrating screen — sieving particle size

Vibrating screen

After sieving by vibrating screen, the manganese ore of 0-10 mm is transported to silo, waiting to be ground. For larger than 10 mm, ore returns to the cone crusher to be crushed again.
Estimated cost: $500 / Set Get Quote

2. Manganese ore washing process and equipment

If the manganese ore contains a lot of sediment, the washing process can be added to improve the process index of manganese beneficiation. The ore can be washed directly on the vibrating screen, or the trommel screen can be used for cleaning.

Trommel screen — washing and screening

Trommel screen

The trommel screen is a new type of cleaning and screening equipment, used for manganese ore washing. Its rotating speed is high, and the ore slime is washed and screened out.
Estimated Cost: $2,655 / Set Get Quote

3. Manganese ore grinding process and equipment

The crushed manganese ore is ground into finished products of required specifications in various fields by the mill, which lays the foundation for the next dressing process.

Process flow: Ball millspiral classifier

① Ball mill — further grinding

Ball mill

Ball mill can grind ore to relatively fine and uniform particle size. The manganese ore of 0-12 mm is sent to the ball mill for grinding, and it can be ground into manganese powder of 0-1 mm.
Estimated cost: $5,000 / Set Get Quote

② Spiral classifier — classifying

Spiral classifier

The spiral classifier is indispensable classification equipment. According to the different settling speeds of solid particles, it can classify manganese ore powder and also play the role of desliming.
Estimated cost: $5,000 / Set Get Quote

4. Manganese ore dressing process and equipment

According to the manganese ore plant, different types of manganese ore have the different process flows. To choose different beneficiation equipment:

  • Manganese oxide ore
    Such as psilomelane, pyrolusite, manganite, etc.
    Applicable to gravity separation method: Jig machine → shaking table
  • Manganese carbonate ore
    Such as rhodochrosite, calcium rhodochrosite, calcite with manganese, etc.
    Applicable to flotation or flotation-magnetic separation: Flotation machinemagnetic separator
  • Iron manganese ore
    Applicable to gravity-magnetic separation: Shaking table → magnetic separator

For polymetallic composite manganese ore , the ore composition is more complex. The manganese minerals are not easy to dissociate. To combine mineral components, methods such as washing, gravity separation, flotation, magnetic separation, and roasting shall be comprehensively adopted. You can read about 7 beneficiation methods for manganese ore to learn more.

① Shaking table — manganese ore gravity separation

Shaking table

The shaking table is suitable for selecting fine-grained manganese oxide ore, which can obtain high-grade concentrate and waste tailings. It is easy to operate and has high sorting efficiency.
Estimated cost: $1,000 / Set Get Quote

② Jig machine — manganese ore gravity separation

Jig machine

The jig is suitable for processing coarse-grained manganese ore, and it is a kind of equipment for sorting by using the density difference between minerals and gangue. The selected particle size is large.
Estimated cost: $1,800 / Set Get Quote

③ Flotation machine — manganese ore flotation

Flotation machine

The flexibility of flotation is relatively high. Reagents vary according to the type and grade of ore. Most manganese ore plants adopt an anionic reverse flotation process to obtain high-grade manganese concentrate.
Estimated cost: $1,170 / Set Get Quote

④ Magnetic separator — manganese ore magnetic separation

Magnetic separator

Manganese is a weak magnetic mineral, which can be effectively separated by strong magnetic separation. This machine is used for iron removal of manganese ore, which is beneficial to resource recovery.
Estimated cost: 1,100 / Set Get Quote

5. Manganese ore drying process and equipment

After beneficiation, the manganese ore concentrates and tailings are discharged out of the machine with a large amount of water. To be transported to the concentrate plant or tailing plant, they must be dehydrated.

Process flow: Concentratordryer → concentrates/tailings

① Concentrator — dehydrating treatment

High-efficiency concentrator

High-efficiency concentrator is a concentration and clarification machine, used for the dewatering of manganese concentrates and tailings. It can concentrate the pulp concentration from 20-30% to about 40-70%.
Estimated cost: $3,326 / Set Get Quote

② Rotary dryer — drying manganese powder

Rotary dryer

Drying is the last step in manganese ore processing and the rotary drum dryer is the best choice. It can remove excess water from manganese minerals and obtain dry manganese powder.
Estimated cost: $1,000 / Set Get Quote

Manganese ore processing conclusion

This flowchart is a common processing method for manganese ore, and it is very effective to obtain the maximum recovery rate at the lowest cost. What's more, according to your manganese ore project, Ftmmachinery can customize flows and machines, providing you with professional advice at reasonable prices.

Author : Jordan Jordan is the writer of the blog with a broad knowledge of this industry. Most importantly, he hopes to help you in your projects sincerely.

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